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[V]acationing is something we all love, but our bosses do not love us enough to allow us to go on one. So, this article is not for a person like me because even if I get a day off from work, you will probably find me lying somewhere in my room like a dead body.

Yes, I said a dead body because when I am sleeping, I do look like one. However, if you are among those few fortunate people who can enjoy their lives, you should continue reading this.

Holiday in general means a time when you can enjoy a couple of stress-free days with no workload, but do such people really exist? Okay, I should not be hurting myself thinking about your good fortunes, so let’s jump back into the topic.

If you are searching for a place where you can relax and enjoy at the same time, you are reading the right article. I will tell you about a place which is known for a laidback life.

Every young person has new raging hormones prompting us to do something new in life. As a Kentucky resident, I know that life here can get boring at times. I have always been a fan of the nightlife here in this state. There is a whole new perspective to the downtown cities at nights. Especially, when the families get together at weekends.

Kentucky is the name of that heaven where all you fortunate people can go. A beautiful state located in the United States. It contains so much beauty that you cannot even imagine. From its beautiful museums to its adventurous locations, you must witness it all. After knowing everything about Kentucky, visiting this state will be at the top of your bucket list.

Nightlife: A fake ID is necessary? But which one works?

The best thing about visiting Kentucky is its nightlife. You can enjoy different places, even at night. After all, when you go on holidays, you would not spend your nights sleeping. Holidays are too short to wait for the next morning to start another adventurous day. You will not believe me if I tell you that I am crying while writing this because I work at nights too, but lucky you.

Using a fake ID in the state depends on you. There are places where you can enter in a friendly atmosphere with it but most clubs are coming down hard on kids using fake IDs. The state has recently changed the look of the Kentucky Driver’s license.

So far, not one out of our Top Fake ID Websites have been able to launch the new look of Kentucky ID. Last year was one of the toughest for teenager kids with counterfeit IDs. The Bars & alcohol-serving businesses reportedly confiscated thousands of Kentucky fake IDs in 2018 alone. Hence, it proves one thing that you cannot rely on an in-state ID. But, you can rely on an ID that is of another state.

Yes! Kentucky Bars & liquor stores will accept identification cards of other states. So, you can use a Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia or any other adjacent state ID and get away with it. The best success has been recorded for the Maryland license. It has worked for many people and I can describe instances and places where fake IDs will pass in Kentucky state as below.

Since you are now thinking of visiting Kentucky because of all that I said, you should know the places you can visit at night as well. Trust me, you will have the time of your life and if you don’t, remember that you cannot kill me after your vacations because you do not know me. You can also carry your fake ID and use it one of the places below.

#1. James Bomb Mission 90-Minute Escape Room

If you are visiting Kentucky with your friends, family or workmates, the James Bomb Mission 90-Minute Escape Room is the place you must visit. You will be given 1 hour and 30 minutes to solve the puzzle. Everyone with you (including you, of course!) will be divided into two teams.

You will be asked to find the hidden stuff and collect them all within 90 minutes. You must get out of the room before you run out of time. The ID validation technique used here will inspect the code and primary portrait of your Driving license.

#2. Craft Beer Tour and Tasting

This is for all the beer lovers who are reading this, not for people like me. The only drink with a fancy name that I have ever drank is a Virgin Mojito. I told you, I am poor. But if you love beer and want to  taste many beers that you have never drunk before, this 3-hour tour is your dream place. There are so many breweries, and you can spend 45 minutes at each brewery.

This gives you plenty of time to enjoy your drinks while experiencing Kentucky’s beer culture. You will also be provided a tour guide who will tell you about everything there. And don’t think you can’t go at night; the place really comes to life then.

Upon entry try to avoid “Bob,” A Doorman with an accurate sense of differentiating real IDs from the fake ones. The rest of the staff are very friendly. Bob usually works at night-shift. So, if you crave some good time then, visit this place during the day to avoid confrontation with one of the most experienced Bouncers in the town.

#3. Mr. Dupree Mission Escape Room

It is one of the toughest places in Kentucky to get in to. The younger people often stay away from here. The doormen are so stern that if they catch you with a fake ID they will likely press charges or impose a hefty fine. But if your fake ID works and you get in then I am sure this one will pique your interest if you are as intelligent as me.

It will get your inner spy out. In this game, you have to solve a mystery in only 90 minutes. If you are like me, you must have daydreamed many times about quitting your job and being a spy. Well, this escape room lets you live that dream.

#4. Hard Rock Café

Now, this is something I am very much interested in. The Hard Rock Café is a must-visit place if you are in Kentucky. At the end of the night, after performing all those activities and getting extremely tired, this is the place to go for delicious food while having an enjoyable experience. Order your 2- or 3-course American classic meal and wait for your food to arrive while exploring rock-and-roll memorabilia. But don’t blame me if you end up breaking your diet and overeating.

#5. Louisville Puzzling Adventure

I do not know why this state is so obsessed with having places that compels you to use your mind, but they are so fun that you would be remiss not to visit them. The most they will inspect is the magnetic stripe or barcode on the back of your license.

One of their Bartenders are known for carrying UV light; so regardless of what state ID you use, make sure it has UV feature. Once you get in, then this place offers you a puzzling adventure where there is no time limit for you to escape out of the room. You just have to spend 1 to 3 hours of yours here. A visit to this place will turn out to be an adventure for you.

#6. Coles 735 Main

This is another amazing place if you want to end your night with delicious food. It has been opened by Cole Arimes, who is known for his ability of creating a fusion dish between American cuisine and food from all over the world. So, if you want to take your girl on a date for tasting some fine wine or exotic drinks then this is one place you will never forget. If you are yet to be 21, then get your hands on a Virginia fake ID; it reportedly works flawless in there.

#7. The Grand Theater

If you wish to watch live theater shows, movies, art exhibitions or concerts, this place is a must-visit. You will find some of the most talented local artists displaying their work here. California and West Virginia fake IDs works best in theaters throughout Kentucky.

If you are a person who is into adventure and exploring, Kentucky is the place for you. You must visit this state at least once in your life. It will undoubtedly be an amazing trip for you that will last in your mind forever. The nightlife in Kentucky is full of fun, and you will never be bored.

Kentucky has everything. It has different art museums where artists from all over the world display their artworks for you to enjoy. It also has many places where you can relive your childhood. The kind of vacation you will have here is something you will not have anywhere else in the world.

Iulia Van

Born & grown up in Frankfort, Kentucky. Iulia works as a part-time Waitress in Stewarts Brewing Company. Having gathered valuable experience in serving cocktails, Iulia is a freelance writer focusing mainly on nightlife and related stuff.

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