What Makes a Fake ID Scan in 2023?


What is Scannable Fake ID? Guide for Beginners.

Have you ever heard about scannable and non-scannable fake IDs? In the ID card forgery world, those two are the general types of fake ID you can get. So, here, you will learn more about those two types of fake ID types. Let’s start!

It is as the name implies. The scannable fake ID is the ID card that can bypass the ID scanner used by the bouncer. It has a similar appearance to the real ID card. These ids are mostly manufactured by the best fake id websites 2023 using some elements that the ID scanner needs to determine its validity. On the other hand, the non-scannable type is only a fake ID with a similar appearance. It has no other safety feature that an ID scanner uses to check its validity.

Features That Makes a Fake ID Scannable

Most ID scanner devices detect barcode and magnetic stripes on an ID card. It will translate the code into information on the screen. It will display various things, from name, and ID number, to the valid date of the ID card. In most cases, an ID scanner device can detect the validity of the card almost immediately. It will notice the scanner user when it detects the expired ID card.

Therefore, a fake ID maker also must provide all those elements on the ID card they made. Those are necessary to create a scannable property for the fake ID. How do they make it scannable? As we all know, the barcode is a series of codes that are issued by the government.

It looks impossible to replicate unless you have access to the citizen database owned by the government. It is not impossible to create a barcode that the ID scanner can detect. The fake ID maker uses the barcode generated software to produce a really-worked barcode. They can enter the information that the clients need into the barcode.

So, it will display the information from the fake ID maker when the ID scanner device scans it. As for magnetic stripes, it is also purchasable. You can find many companies that sell this part, which many fake ID makers use on their service.

It works similarly to the real magnetic stripes on the real ID card. It also can activate the scanner when you swipe on it. Even though it seems illegal, it is a legal business. The magnetic stripes maker also provides their service for other organizations and governments. So, it is not wrong to buy it from them.

Scannable Fake ID Elements

As mentioned before, there are several elements that an ID card should have, so the ID scanner device can scan and confirm its validity. Here, we have a more detailed explanation of each of those elements. The fake ID maker also will use and add these elements into their creation to make it works like a real ID card and is scannable.

1. Encoded Codes

The standard security element on an ID card is a barcode. It is a series of lines with different thicknesses. It represents a unique sequence of code. When the ID scanner scans this part, the information inside the code will be displayed. It can record information about the ID card owner.

This element is easy to replicate. The fake ID maker uses the barcode software to generate the barcode with information that they want. It is also scannable. Moreover, by matching the information in the barcode with the one printed on the card, good quality and hard to detect fake ID could be made.

2. Hidden Features

There are two standard hidden elements that many ID cards use. They are holograms and UV signs. The hologram is made of plastic film with a reflective aluminum coating. When the light shines on this surface, it will create unique effects.

The hologram is also one of the most complicated elements to copy. Most fake ID makers use the emboss style image to create the hologram-like effect. However, that was in the past. Today, many fake ID makers order the hologram layer from other companies. That improves the quality of the fake ID they made.

As for the UV sign, it is also hidden like a hologram. However, it doesn’t show up without a specific scanner. You need the scanner with the UV light feature to see the UV sign. It will magically appear from nothing. This effect also makes it seem impossible to replicate.
However, many fake ID makers can do it easily with specific UV printing ink.

This ink is also known as one of the most expensive printing ink. Therefore, if you order a fake ID with a UV sign, most likely, you will need to pay more than the standard price of making a fake ID.

3. Photos & Signs

A photo or picture of the owner of the card is the basic scannable element of a card ID. It displays the image of the owner’s face, so the bouncer can easily match them up. Therefore, if you want to make a fake ID, you should use a clear photo that can show your face. That helps you to get passed from the inspection when you use that fake ID.

4. Magnetic Bars

This part is a PVC ID badge made of magnetic material. The card maker places it on the back of the ID card using resin. The magnetic stripe contains updatable information. The card reader will detect that information when you swipe the card on the scanner.

The magnetic stripe mostly uses the high coercivity (hico) property material. However, many of them use low coercivity (lo-co). The security application in the scanner detects that material to provide the information. This part is easy to copy because many companies can make it for fake ID makers.

5. Laser Technology

It is a method to create unique monochrome card etches features. This method creates a card that is difficult and almost impossible to counterfeit. However, fake ID companies have found the solution to this problem. They bought the laser equipment for making this laser engraving feature. Thus, the fake ID they made is very close and similar to the real one.

Microtext is also one of the scannable elements of an ID card. This element appears as a simple line. However, if you magnify the line several times, you can see a series of code and text in a very small (micro-sized) font that forms a line when you see it with naked eyes. It is located, mostly, on the ID badge.

To create the Microtext, one needs to use industrial class equipment. Therefore, this element is one of the elements with the highest level of difficulty to replicate. Many fake ID makers don’t have that equipment. So, they should use third-party help, which also can increase the cost you need to pay.

Features Used by the DMV in 2023

The answer is obvious. You should only use the scannable fake ID. Why does non-scannable fake ID not work anymore today? Most establishments or businesses with age limitation have already equipped themselves with various high-tech devices to detect fake ID.

They also have a team of bouncers that is ready with the ID scanner in their hands. Therefore, if you keep using the non-scannable fake ID, you will get caught in a second. 

However, you also need to remember one thing. Even though you use the scannable fake ID, it doesn’t mean you will get away all the time. Depending on the bouncer experience and the ID scanner quality, you also could get caught when you use a perfect fake ID. Therefore, prepare yourself for the big consequences before you use the fake ID.

Should I Use Real or Fake Information for a Fake ID?

The type of information that you use on your fake ID. Which one is the best choice, real or fake information? Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. If you use the real information, you can get away with your fake ID most of the time.

The bouncer is not only using a scanner to check your ID. But, they also match the photo with your physical appearance. So, using real information will give you those benefits.

However, if you get caught, you will face a risk of breaking the law, which is forging the official document. That fake ID problem could ruin your life and career.

On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about facing the law because you use fake information. However, the risk of getting detected is much higher than real information type fake ID. So, you might also consider this part when making a fake ID.

Those are everything that you need to know about scannable and non-scannable fake IDs. We recommend you think a thousand times before you decide to make a fake ID. It is an illegal act, by the way. Otherwise, the effect of getting caught using a fake ID will give you more problems than you imagine.

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  • You can't get an id to scan unless the codes on the back scan. Most establishments & store clerks use Bar & Clubs stats scanners for id checking and bar guides. While bar guides cannot do much, the BCS app has been recently updated and catches almost every fake id. Unless your fake id has a workable code it is not going to validate on a scanner app

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    • Are you referring to the barcode on the back? Yes, that barcode can be quite a challenge. However, it is VERY doable. You just have to reverse-engineer the barcode and study AAMVA's PDF417 standards. You gotta make sure that the encoding options such as the cols,rows,ecc are the same as the real card's barcode, and ensure that the data that's encoded in the barcode is formatted EXACTLY like the real card, including the syntax of the data (eg. are the first and last names separate fields, or is it one fullname field? etc).

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  • You lost me at "almost impossible". Also, not all microtext requires expensive equipment. For example, the microtext on the back of the old Florida could be replicated using a photo printer (Epson R2000 specifically). Using gutenprint RIP to print the microtext, it's possible to print black dots at 2880dpi, which is more than enough to replicate that microtext.

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