Using A Fake ID in Florida: Which State ID is the Best Option?


As we know Florida is a flourished domestic and international tourist destination. It has a vast coastal area and the beaches attract people for daily sunshine.

The atmosphere is fascinating on weekends. Families and couples gather to have a good time. Young people are often seen wandering the Miami beach making videos, taking selfies and photos.

If you come from another state and do not have the legal age requirement to drink then, you will be deprived of “Booze” as a major asset.

Is it wise to use a Fake ID in Florida?

Getting to Florida state with the state’s fake Driver’s license might get you into serious trouble. Laws for underage drinking in Florida are not merciful. Fines up to $5,000 and prison time of almost 5 years isn’t something worth taking the risk for.

Having said that, we also know that every Young man out of ten will use a fake ID to quench the thirst with a cold Beer or glass of wine. Using a counterfeit ID in Miami or Tampa Bay depends on many things.

  • How well do you appear before a Doorman or Bar Security?
  • The State ID You will be using.
  • Quality of the fake license.
  • Features of your ID (Holograms, UV, OVD, OVG)
  • Scan codes.

How is a Florida ID Spotted or have they been confiscated?

There have been numerous raids and Bars who lost their business license in the past years. Serving a minor from a Business’s perspective is almost cutting off the nose to spite the face. Hence, they are quite strict and take precautionary measures to avoid getting closed because of an irresponsible kid.

In Tampa Bay and other cities, numerous Florida fake IDs have been seized and confiscated in the past. Statistics indicate that it might be a bad idea using the same state license for buying liquor or identifying yourself as 21 and over.

In the past week “FakeID.Top” conducted a small survey among the members. Eight members were selected as part of this survey coming from different counties of Florida state. Two purchased a fake ID each of Florida and the rest of the six used IDs of the adjacent states like Louisiana, California, Alabama, and Georgia.

The two people with the Florida state ID had a denial of access to Bars in Sarasota and Jacksonville. One of the main reasons for the rejection of their entry was that their IDs lacked the brightness levels required for the (OVG) Optically Variable Ghost Photo on the front.

While the rest of the six tried their IDs in different cities and worked fine. In fact, three members with the IDs of Alabama, Georgia, and California reportedly entered multiple Beer pubs with no problems.

This proves our point. Some of the Doormen on our website tell us that staff security in Bars mostly focus on the IDs of the same state that they operate within.

They are at the mercy of Bar Books for identifying other state IDs. Hence, our suggestion is to use a license of the adjacent state in Florida.


You can always check Our Top Fake ID Sites list to view the recommended vendor (based on user votes). Please get back to us with your respective feedback. We value your opinion. If you have used an ID in Florida and got confiscated then, do report to us in here. You can also share your success stories with us.

Korey Thomas Anderson

Korey Thomas Anderson was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has worked as a Bouncer & has valuable experience in spotting invalid identification cards. His work has been widely appreciated by Bar Owners & currently writes for our Blog.

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  • My friend has been using Hawaii ids to get gold club discounts. Since not many vendors make Hawaii ids which are legit, he now uses California id as an out of state choice for that and it works.

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