Ultraviolet Features of All USA Identification Cards 2020

Forgeries are very common and a massive problem for age-restricted service providers. They often end up being defrauded or stuck in a sticky situation.

The government has already developed foresight for this situation and added security features that help notary differentiate between a real id and a fake one.

UV image are a governmental safety feature that is primarily used in helping people authenticate licenses. The UV image appears on card once the license card is put under UV light rays.

Let’s talk about some of the different UV images that appear on each USA license.

1. Alabama ID (2020)

The licenses in this area have a prominent front seal.

Alabama driver’s license uses tri-color ink & hence it is impossible to alter this license.

2. Alaska ID (2017-2020)

In the Alaska driving license card, you will see many delicate line patterns under UV light. Towards the corners of the document, you will also see Alaska printed on it.

Alaska DMV unveiled new design for id cards in 2020. The card uses Polycarbonate & has technologically advanced enhancements to avoid tampering.

Read a complete list of Alaska Driver’s License Security Features.

3. Arizona ID (2018-2020)

Arizona Fake ID Template With a Real ID Star

Arizona ID shows a ghost image of the license holder and also shows the birthdate of the license holder.

Arizona Back & Front UV

Both these things are visible on the backside of the license. On the front side of the Arizona license, you see the state seal.

4. Arkansas ID (2019-2020)

Multiple Ghost Photos

The Arkansas license is slightly different, it too has a ghost image, but in the Arkansas license, the ghost image overlaps the original image.

There is also a pattern of shapes like gems and leaves towards the corners of the card. learn more about Arkansas ID features.

5. California ID (2019-2020)

The Californian driver’s license also has a unique UV light pattern where if you flash a UV light on the card, you will get to see a vertical birthdate across the card, and you will also see a ghost image of the license holder.

California ID has multiple UV elements but it also features a laser-engraved bear as in the previous design. The backlit features ensures the ID stays tamper-free.

6. Colorado ID (2018-2020)

The Colorado driving license has different snippets, and you can see an outline of MT sneffels with Colorado written out in blue. Both features serve as Ultraviolet hidden elements.

Colorado driver’s license no longer asks for a blue background. It is one of the first US licenses to introduce transparent cardholder photo. You will also see a donor’s heart surrounded by a triangle and a flashing green sign in the shape of a C towards the bottom right corner.

7. Connecticut ID (2018-2020)

This license has a specific wavy pattern drawn on it with an image of a whale and a plane drawn on it on the bottom right.

The backside of the card contains a ghost image and also the birthdate.

8. Delaware ID (2019-2021)

The Delaware license has a ghost image that overlaps the original photo and shows the persons first and also last initials.

On the top right corner, there is an image of a rider on a horse.

The older Delaware license version in this particular card has a ghost image of the picture and also overlaps the image.

9. District of Columbia ID (2012-2021)

There is a pattern of UV lights drawn on the front side of the card on repeat. The backside has a pattern on glowing stars.

You will also be able to see DC written on the top front of the photo.

10. Florida ID (2019-2023)

This card shows unique bands of Florida running across the top and bottom corners of the card.

There is also an alphanumeric digit present on the card broken down into ” FD ” and two digits signifying the year of birth.

11. Georgia ID (2020-2024)

No UV on Prior Georgia licenses

The old Georgian ids don’t have any UV features; however, the new versions do have the state seal and contain the text Georgia.

12. Hawaii ID (2017-2021)

The backside of the card has a line of repeating flowers, and in the older versions of the license, Hawaii repeats itself across the left and right edges of the license’s front side.

13. Idaho ID (2019-2024)

The license of Idaho has a bluebird in the center surrounded by outlines of circles throughout the card. On the back side, there is a pattern of the word Idaho show.

14. Illinois ID (2018-2022)

The Illinois card has wavy ribbons spread out throughout the card, the backside of the card has a ghost image of the picture and also has the birthdate spelled out.

In previous versions of the Illinois card, you will simply get to see a wavy pattern.

15. Indiana ID (2019-2025)

The Indiana license has the owner’s name on top and the birthdate towards the bottom of the picture. The people with older licenses will have a pattern of stars showing on the card.

16. Iowa ID (2018-2023)

This card has intricate patterns on it and has a state flag with Iowa written on top of it when flashed under a UV light.

The flag has 1846 written beneath it, and the backside of the card has a ghost image of the individual, including the date of birth.

Fake ID Top

17. Kansas ID (2019-2024)

The front has multiple wavy lines repeating themselves with “KANSAS” lettering. There is also a large golden dome present on the card. The back of the card has a ghost image of the holder and contains the date of birth.

Iconic Kansas Symbols

A Kansas state flower shows up when it is flashed under UV light in the old card version. The backside contains a small host image of the cardholder and also contains their birthdate.

18. Kentucky ID (2019-2024)

There is a repeating straight blue line that says, “the bluegrass state.”

19. Louisiana ID (2015-2021)

The city name shows up under UV light, and the previous versions have a state seal that appears under UV.

20. Maryland ID (2018-2024)

There is a large state seal present in front of the card with a state of Maryland text that appears on the front.

The previous version of the license has a state map and a ghost image of the cardholder.

21. Massachusetts ID (2018-2022)

Under the UV light rays, you will see a state seal, a state outline, and also a fishnet across the photo. The older licenses just have the state seal repeated throughout the card.

22. Michigan ID (2015-2021)

Under UV, there is an image of a state seal, and the older versions have repeating state seals instead of singular state seals.

23. Minnesota ID (2019-2024)

Minnesota ID has an ultraviolet state seal printed visible the UV light. The older templates have snowflakes and the state name visible.

24. Mississippi ID (2017-2024)

The state seal, year from the date of birth and the logo of Mississippi’s Department Of Public Safety are visible in this card type.

25. Missouri ID (2015-2021)

Missouri ID has three ultraviolet features. The initials “M” “O” and also see a large number of stars. 

The state motto & symbols on front visible under invisible light.

26. Montana ID ( 2015-2021)

There is an outline of mountains and an image of a moonrise with intricate floral patterns on the top of the holder’s picture. The older licenses have a repeated pick and shovel on them.

27. Nebraska ID (2015-2021)

This card has a glowing fishnet pattern and also shows rays of sunlight behind the capitol building.

The back has a UV ghost image of the cardholder, and the older versions of the license come in with a state seal and star.

28. Nevada ID (2015-2021)

There is a repeat appearance of the state seal on the front of the card.

29. New Hampshire ID (2018-2022)

The card has multiple wavy lines and also has many random patterns and state outlines.

30. New Jersey ID (2012-2021)

The front of the card has a repeating state outline and the words new jersey appearing on the card as a strip.

31. New Mexico

The words New Mexico appear diagonally across the card, and you also get to see a line of small squares towards the bottom. 

Prior New Mexico licenses have the state symbol present on the back of the card.

32. New York ID (2016-2021)

You get to see glowing sunbursts and New York state lettering along with various other features. The back has waving banners, stars, and stripes.

33. North Carolina ID (2018-2022)

There is a ribbon pattern with one strip containing the north Carolina pattern. The back has a ghost image and the last name of the cardholder.

34. North Dakota ID (2017-2021)

There is a repeating pattern of the state bird and the North Dakota peace garden state wording.

35. Ohio ID (2019-2025)

Under the UV light, you get to see the state seal and also the OHIO-1803 wording.

36. Oklahoma ID (2018-2021)

The cards contain a repeating state seal all over the surface.

37. Oregon ID (2020-2025)

The state name Oregon is diagonally repeated on the top section of the card.

38. Pennsylvania ID (2017-2021)

There are intricate lines on top and bottom of the card and a keystone pattern in the middle of the card.

39. Rhode Island ID (2017-2021)

There are a bridge structure and a fishnet pattern on the front side of the card. Older cards have the state flag emblem instead.

Previous Rhode Island licenses had no UV features.

40. South Carolina ID (2016-2022)

There is a state outline surrounded by an oval and spiral line pattern. Older licenses show a tree and a crescent shape.

41. South Dakota ID (2013-2021)

There will be a repeat strip of South Dakota and an illuminated date of birth.

42. Tennessee ID (2017-2021)

There was a repeating pattern on the front of the license and also a state seal. The foregoing licenses had no UV features in them.

43. Texas ID (2017-2022)

There are fine line wavy ribbons and also stars on the front side of the card. The previous card was similar but also has the state seal and ghost images on the back of the card.

44. Utah ID (2017-2022)

The center of the card is concentrated with fine lines and spiraling lines. In the older licenses, the initials UT repeat throughout the card.

45. Vermont ID (2011-2020)

The word Vermont appears in two strips throughout the length on the card. In 2020, DMV unveiled a new Vermont driver’s license design. However, the current ones are still valid for a few more years to come.

46. Virginia ID (2017-2021)

The front of Virginia license has a state seal and a DMV logo embedded using ultraviolet ink. The back is laser engraved with the birthdate.

47. Washington ID (2017-2021)

The card has a Washington hologram appearing on its front, and the state seal appears across its back.

48. West Virginia ID (2015-2020)

West Virginia and the state seal are present on the backside of the license.

49. Wisconsin ID (2018-2021)

The card contains the state seal and also contains the outline of the state with fine lines and multiple print patterns.

50. Wyoming ID (2013-2020)

The card contains a ghost image of the holder and also provides the name and birthdate in slightly different positions as pictured.

What is the best fake ID state?

Depending upon many factors a fake ID can work if you know how to go about it. Location, state you are going to use the ID in or other factors such as age, features of the license contribute to the success or failure of your fake ID. Read our full “Best Fake ID State Guide” to learn more about this.

What fake ID website is the best for California or Florida IDs?

There are many vendors sending properly formatted Florida & California fake licenses to customers.

Most of them use Polycarbonate to print these. To learn more about fake IDs overall performance, we have prepared the “Best fake ID Websites 2020” list which includes performance of each fake ID maker in detail.

What are the newest fake ID templates in the market?

Oregon, Delaware, Kansas, Minnesota, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Texas, Vermont, Alaska, Kentucky, New Hampshire are the list of states where the DMV unveiled new designs of identification cards in 2020.

Fake ID services are still working on replicating full-featured templates of these states. However, only a few have managed to do so. You can read our “Fake ID Websites Review” section for a detailed analysis.

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