Skillful fake IDs of almost every US state & modern order processing makes one of the best.

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The rival vendors have no answers or competitive measures to counter the products of this website. Re-launched in 2020; Topfakeid has gathered our attention in the COVID-hit counterfeit market.

When the COVID-19 hit China; most fake ID websites ran out of business. That’s not because they were operating in Wuhan. However, there was a shortage of essential supplies to the phony ID makers.

For instance; laminate rolls, ultraviolet ink, hologram sleeves were almost impossible to buy in the market.



Then; was the only fake ID website to be able to cater fakes to US buyers. Using DHL Express, FedEx & USPS; they are known for having manufacturing capabilities of fake licenses in almost four different countries.

This came into our attention; when two members from our staff Jason Kray & Korey Thomas Anderson ordered two licenses.


The templates used by Top fake ID are new & updated to the designs released by the DMV in 2020. You get to choose from 40+ state IDs.

Jason received his Illinois ID from within the US while Korey had ordered the new Kansas driver’s license. Korey had his package received via DHL & from Iceland.

Moreover, the starting cost of their fake licenses is very reasonable as compared to other high-reputed counterfeit ID websites.

You can get a Delaware ID for $80 followed by a free duplicate. You can also order overnight shipping of your fake for an additional 60-70 USD.


Shipping times are excellent when you compare this to other vendors. For instance; Jason Kray’s standard shipped ID took 3-5 days to arrive. On the other hand, Thomas ordered Kansas ID with Express delivery & received it in 3 days which is unbelievable.

Right now, the fake ID market is scattered. You can not differentiate the legitimate vendors from the fraudulent ones.

Our fake ID list will help you somewhat, but there is another problem. Competitors are using platforms like TrustPilot to add fake reviews for themselves while disreputing other legitimate vendors by posting paid or fake reviews. has a large video on their Reviews page. It shows every new ID Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Oregon & many more going through UV, bending & back-lit tests.

We have never seen such a professional approach & this is only to satisfy their customers before purchasing. showcasing Video proof

We have been striving hard to keep the community unbiased. Every maker here is verified & goes through an extensive testing period before we list them on our vendors’ page.


The state selection of is easy. A wholesale dealer of fake licenses has videos & detailed pages for each ID. You can view images taken under different angles and light sources. They have a review page where you can view the product samples in a real scenario.

We recommend as the #1 vendor in the fake ID market with their IDs exceeding expectations.

Customer feedback suggests they are popular in no time. Overall, we rate them 9 out of 10 based on our staff’s experience. Hence, we suggest you buy their IDs at any given time.

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The Best Fake ID Services for 2020 - FakeID.Top
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
by Mika on The Best Fake ID Services for 2020 - FakeID.Top
Group Order by Topfakeid

I ranked them 5 stars on because my group order was sent to me in two separate shipments via FedEx. The staff sent us photos of the ids before shipping them to us. They also offered a free duplicate with each ID. It doesn't get better than this. Quit using lame fake ID websites and letting them rip you. Just use and get your ID as fast as you can with a scannable barcode.

Purchase & Review Verified by FakeID.Top

by Melendrez on The Best Fake ID Services for 2020 - FakeID.Top
California Fake ID by

I purchased this ID for my girl... The photo is hers however the name, California driver's license number & the rest of the license credentials are fake & generated by's information generating software.

To sum up this license has worked in two different states for her. Tested in a gas station outside California & Takeaway Bars in Sacramento.

Well-crafted holograms, precise thickness of the card & weight. Accurate brightness of Inks & durable polycarbonate this should be your first choice. reviews are generally positive that's what prompted us to purchase Ids from them & will do so in future. Great Job!


by Rider DE on The Best Fake ID Services for 2020 - FakeID.Top
Delaware ID by

Shipping: Shipping took 3 days payment in advance to the vendor using google play gift card.
Quality: Works for me tested only instate and looks better than idinstate
Template: micro is cool some places have proper brightness and a few dirt spots otherwise all good
Stealth: overly cautious. Wrapped inside 5 boxes. Currently one of the best ID in the market 🙂
Overall: 9 out of 10. amazing work



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