Top Reasons Why Fake IDs in Michigan are Prevalent


Never mind the culture of learning and team spirit fostered at the University of Michigan. In the towns of MI, there is more than charm to behold. The streets of downtown Michigan are pedestrian-friendly and rated among ‘America’s Best Main Streets‘ with lots to explore. Drinking beyond limits is a way to live in Michigan & here are the 10 reasons why fake IDs are still relevant today.

1. Alcohol-friendly Establishments

When it comes to fake ids, Embracing the farm-to-table concept & the bars in Michigan offer celestial cocktails in traditional ways. There are exclusive jazz concerts, festivals and not to forget the wine tastings on Tuesdays where fraudulent driving licenses are used & accepted openly. Establishments in Michigan are popular for their binge-friendly atmosphere. It is one of the reasons why the state alcoholic businesses had their licenses revoked at a very high number in 2020.


2. Michigan Driving License: Too Easy to Fake

The template or design of the Michigan id has remained the same for a number of years. Flawless security features, ultraviolet elements, DMV-scale printing material (Polycarbonate, Teslin, Hi-tech PVC) are some of the components which contribute to making tamper-proof identification cards. Michigan driving license lacks the following security measurements in 2021:

  1. Minute printing security – A technique that uses micro-scale printers to print shapes & figures as a security feature.
  2. Polycarbonate – The current Michigan ID uses Teslin (which is cheap & easily availed by counterfeit identity services).
  3. OVD – Optically Variable Device (This feature has been imported on ids such as Arkansas, Florida & California) – It uses the cardholder’s photo as a primary hologram.
  4. The Deflated state-name – The first four letters ‘MICH‘ print on the front vertically. This element should glow on the back of the card under decreased lighting.

3. Template Too Easy to Replicate

Michigan licenses are among the easiest state identification to fake when it comes to the complexity of its security. The back of the ID begins with a duplicate photo of the person and the Date of Birth printed in ultraviolet ink.

These are not visible to the naked eye under normal lighting but will appear only when the ID gets exposed to UV light. The buyers of our verified vendors suggest that most gas stations and liquor shops let you get in if you pass this blacklight test.

4. Real ID Compliant: No Major Difference


By now, premium fake id websites are replicating the safeguards and elements of this license with high precision. The last revision to the template happened with the real ID act. In 2018, Michigan DMV unveiled real ID compliant cards for Michigans. The only difference to the design was a yellow star otherwise the major security features of the identity card has remained the same.

5. The Youth Likes It

Youngsters in Michigan are as yet drinking in abundance with White and Hispanic adolescents the most noteworthy at 28 and 26 percent, separately. There has likewise been a disturbing expansion in hitting the bottle hard among underage females in Michigan. At long last, it’s critical to recall that any drinking by those under 21 years is considered inordinate.

Would you lie about yourself and educate others manufactured stories concerning your life? Or then again, go about as though you were this other individual and attempt to pull off anything you needed to, as long as your actual character was never to be uncovered?


While this inquiry may move dreams that appear as though they won’t ever be accomplished, undergrads the nation over endeavor to be another person consistently. With the help of phony distinguishing proof, many are headed to enter the energizing universe of somebody not the same as themselves, regardless of whether the intention is to just purchase a beverage or two.


It looks as though beating the bars is seen by numerous understudies to be a game wherein they won’t ever lose or confront any punishments. However, enlightened store and bar workers and the police are learning the contrast between a genuine ID and a phony and it is getting more hard to swindle.


Jason Kray

Jason Kray was born in Yakima, Washington. He has written more than 100 reviews on novelty IDs keeping a close eye on "Fake ID Services" & their year-to-year performance.

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