Top 10 Fake ID Websites

Fake ID Websites 2021: Which Is the Best?

Buying a fake ID in 2021 has become an essential criteria of adulthood for freshmen. It’s the ultimate pass to get in & have fun with no age-restricted boundaries.

Our participation in social events is often hindered by age restrictions and by the time adulthood rolls around, we’re all looking for another adult to help get us through this thing called life.

A fake ID can open the gates to freedom for many of us. If you want to experience all the good stuff in life, sign up to a fake ID website now.  If you don’t know where to begin your search, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s our detailed review of ten popular fake ID makers (Updated January 2022) online.


IDTop is the #1 Fake ID Website in 2021


Alexa Rank # (US: 479,747)
Location: Korea
Years Active: 9
Shipping Options: Unknown
Pricing: Starts from 80 USD
Products: US

IDTop Popular States



ID Top is reportedly another branch of the popular Fake ID Sites network which includes ID Chief, ID Book & IDs Buddy. There are reports that they are also working on providing IDs on the Tor network.

It may be the best maker for your ID purchase. It is a legitimate provider and verified by many customers. The quality of their products can not be disputed because many verified reviews regarding their licenses have surfaced online.

They have a Reseller program which enhances customers to spread the word & get rewards in return for the number of customers that they bring. IDTop has existed for 10 years & a decade of fake ID services.

You may want to give them a try if you are looking for high-quality ID. Use IDTop only if your budget is on the high-end. These IDs are not cheap & only for people who want to avoid risks of getting caught with one.

Most customers have appraised their hologram sleeves. It is obvious enough that ID Top uses custom material for every fake ID. They are the first vendor to be selling the new Texas fake ID in 2020.

IDTop On-site Reviews are legit

Their reviews on platforms like Trustpilot shows the majority of customers are satisfied with the services. Their IDs have the ability to absorb to the printing material such as the rigid Polycarbonate. Their laminated ID cards do make it to the top.

Some of their licenses have Optivally variable & ultraviolet ink which is DMV competitive. It does have the required brightness and if you compare it to a real ID, it is going to look identical.

Read complete analysis of IDTOP Reviews.


Popular Korea-based IDs Provider


Alexa Rank # (US: 3081,726) (Overall: 1,701,0294)
Location: KOREA & US
Years Active: 2
Shipping Options: Express (3-4 days) & Normal (5-8 days)
Pricing: Starts from 100-125 USD
Products: Mainly US

TopFakeID Popular States



The company has not been in the market for too long, but in this short amount of time, it has managed to gather quite a reputation. is known for its quality. Clients have little or no complaints regarding its fake IDs. Their emphasis stays committed on an important factor; you will get the exact state ID with your required credentials instead of another one.

Currently, most ID makers in China are out of business due to Coronavirus outbreak. TopFakeID is based in Korea & is shipping 90% of the IDs in the market.

The name of the company is a perfect description of its work. However, you need to be careful as you may find some people who are copying its name with a small (almost unnoticeable difference) in the name or domain name.

To ensure that you order form the right vendor, you need to double check the name and domain name so that you order from the right place and do not get scammed.

Since the website plays a big role in any vendor’s reputation, has made sure that it has a user-friendly website which you can go through easily.

You will need to place your order by filling out a small form and uploading your photo and signature. It even offers a couple different types of payment options to make your life convenient.

There’s also a small section where all your queries will be answered (the FAQs). They cover almost all the topics that a person can think of. The overall look and feel of the website is very professional.

You can be sure that the company will not scam you. In fact, it makes sure that all the IDs it dispatches are up to date with the actual ones in the state.

The templates are updated every time the government updates them, which ensures that you do not face any trouble while presenting your fake ID. also makes sure that all the holograms, UV and other features are properly placed and pass all tests. However, the pricing can change.

For full information & detailed analysis read Reviews.


Ranked as the #3 vendor in 2020


Alexa Rank # (US: 287,711) (Overall: 1,519,134)
Location: KOREA & US.
Years Active: 6
Shipping Options: Express (2-3 days) & Standard (7-10 days).
Pricing: Starts from 125 USD.
Products: Mainly US.

Fakeyourid Popular States



This is probably the most popular website we’re reviewing in this piece. Teens love mainly because of how tech-savvy it is.

The first thing that stands out about its ID cards is that they’re made of PVC and Teslin, so they look and feel authentic. A security official can mess with them as much as they like; the cards don’t break or dent. They’re as solid as the ground you stand on. And that’s saying something.

Secondly, all cards here are guaranteed to pass security scans. A standard driver’s license is going to be equipped with fake information generators, 2D barcodes and high-quality holograms so that there’s very little chance of getting caught. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a major city or some backwater county, they have you covered.

Besides, these guys are known to pre-test all the security features before they hand over the card to you.

According to Foss, customer of from Ohio; does not use pre-made templates to make the ID cards and is very precise with each state’s security specifications. On the website, you’ll notice there’s a page dedicated to each state, so you can rest assured that it is familiar with the ID requirements you’re looking for.

While we were reviewing this website, we noted that it has got several dummy pictures as samples for customers to see.

It is actually pretty scrupulous with the images and takes multiple shots from various angles to get it just right.

However, what really struck us was the transparency of it all. You can catch some videos of its team showing you how your ID card is put together in the printing facility.

That’s rare for anyone to do in this market. The process of getting your ID made is fairly simple. All you need to do is provide a reliable picture of yourself, and that’s it! You don’t even need to worry about the background color.

Most fake ID websites will make a big fuss about the background color and your appearance in the photo, but doesn’t stress you out too much.

It has got an entire instructions page on how you should take your picture properly, and that’s just about it. It will whip up an authentic looking card for you in no time.

You can clearly see all the little details up front. This makes it really easy to tell if the ID will made to spec. Some new state templates introduced by makes them true professionals through & through.

You won’t ever feel lost trying to get your head around getting everything set for the ID. That’s because this site does its work trying to make sure everything is as simple and headache free as it can be.

The only potential drawback that we could see was the cost. It is definitely on the pricier side, but we say it’s worth it. The quality and artisanship of its work is unmatched.

No Risks Involved

Why would you want to risk your safety over a couple of bucks? We suggest you go ahead and sign up with

For more information & full review, Read Analysis.


Ranked #3 Overall


Alexa Rank # (US: 4,842,799)
Location: CHINA
Years Active: 3-6
Domain Changes: 2
Shipping Options: 3-4 days With Express & 8-10 for Standard
Pricing: Starts from 80 USD
Products: UK, US, CA, AU

IDChief Popular States



The mystery behind ID Chief has always been fascinating. It is clearly evident that their products in the past, have been a problem for the Authorities in the US.

During the term in which they operated, the US authorities deemed the fake IDs of ‘ID CHIEF’ as a threat. One of the reasons was that their products looked too real as compared to the actual driving licenses printed by the DMV.

IDChief ShutDown

The Law Enforcement took action and some of the US Senators wrote to the Chinese counterparts regarding the operations of ID Chief in China. As a result, The operations had to shut down amid a threat to their activities.

In 2019, we are now seeing that they have slowly started operating again. Their interface might look outdated but is easy to use. It may always carry a risk because their Business is high-risk and they may go off anytime soon.

It’s not something that you hear about every day. And that’s says a lot about the business especially when forged IDs aren’t too high on the list of priorities for the government.

However, they definitely make it to our “Top 10 Fake ID Sites List” because of their valuable reputation that they have built over the years.


The first fake ID provider


Alexa Rank # (US: 50,440) (Overall: 208,178)
Location: China
Years Active: 5
Shipping Options: 1-2 Weeks.
Pricing: Starts from 100 USD.
Products: US, AU, CA, UK.

IDGod Popular States


3.8 is also fairly popular in the fake ID game. Its website is simple and easy to navigate, and it seems like it can provide you with some legitimate looking ID cards.

The biggest advantage of using is that it serves all states in the US and even some parts in Canada. Thus, you can travel through most of North America with its cards. You won’t have to go to two different providers and risk a difference in quality.

However, the security of the card might be a little underwhelming. It does offer backlight and UV protection, but the material that it uses to develop the card doesn’t look too authentic.

No Risks

With fake IDs, you can’t risk the appearance of the card because sometimes, that’s all you can count on. Hence, buyers might want to think about that. Plus, only specializes in driver’s and operator’s license cards.

Thus, if you’re looking for a bit of variety, you’re going to have to look elsewhere. The good thing is that cards from are affordable and it has got some decent price plans for each state it serves.

We noticed that there was an option to get older format cards as well, especially if you are from Ohio or Wisconsin, but the drawback is that you can’t choose to be older than 23 years.

It can end up limiting your options a little bit. This is true for those that want to avoid suspicions by picking an older age. is kind of strict with its picture specifications. It has detailed everything on the order section of its website, but readers should know that along with their images, they’ll have to provide their signatures as well.

Rest assured, using some old pages off your notebook and borrowed school supplies won’t work either. This can only be done via a black sharpie on a crisp, white computer paper, so best be prepared for that.

Furthermore, hologram overlays and perforations will not come with your card and you’ll have to send in a separate email to order that.

IDGod doesn’t do anything like state IDs. Some places can be a bit picky with their IDs so this can be a bit of deal breaker.

IDGod was once shutdown

There isn’t much reason why you would just opt for a driver’s license instead of a state ID anyway. Even if the bar doesn’t refuse them, they might be a bit biased towards accepting them.

They’re clearly catching up to their preceded reputation but only time will tell if they actually manage to live up to it. Its rocky past makes it a little harder to recommend these days.

This is why you’ll also find that they have a bit of a mixed reputation when it comes to online reviews.

Hence, there’s a handful of things you will have to keep in mind before you sign up. On the bright side, once your order is complete, you’ll get an extra fake ID card as well in case you lose it.

Check our take on IDGod Reviews.

6. FakeYourDrank.Com

Best IDs for Beginners


Alexa Rank # (US: 50,771) (Overall: 233,534)
Location: China & US.
Years Active: 6
Shipping Options: 1-2 weeks.
Pricing: 60 to 80 USD.
Products: US.

FakeYourDrank Popular States



Fake Your Drank is one website that originates from “Reddit” channel which relates to “/r/fakeid” popular market. So you know it’s been tried and tested by the online community. Obviously, this is important in the kind of market where it’s likely for fake ID sites to run exit scams.

Oregon was their first license and the website mainly promoted this license to start expanding their business. As of now, they make various other US states with a special reputation in crafting replicas of the new ‘Enhanced Washington License‘ and the ‘New Mexico‘ ID.

With a professional attitude & interface; you can open a support ticket with them that provides information to customers regarding their tracking numbers. They also promise to provide replacements in case your ID gets confiscated.

This level of professional support and great service essentials makes Fake Your Drank a pretty solid deal for a lot of your fake ID needs. And it makes for a good package if you don’t like hearing about any hang ups.


The company has reportedly faced issues from “US Borders & Customs Control” over the last few years. There have been reports of their packages getting seized. But despite having a lot of this interference run on, it still remains a popular brand.

The keyword “Fake Your Drank” attracts more than five hundred searches on search engines per month. It is second only to “Fake Your ID” and both sites sound almost the same. They may be related but that is unknown.

Check our Full FakeYourDrank Reviews.


Average but cheaper IDs


Alexa Rank # (US: 76,590) (Overall: 414,802)
Location: Unknown
Name & Domain Changes: 1
Years Active: 4
Shipping Options: Free & Fast Both
Pricing: Starts from 80 USD
Products: US, UK, AU, CA.

IB Popular States



These guys cover solid ground and make fake IDs for almost all American states. They also serve some parts in Canada and Western Australia. What stands out with is the speed of its delivery services.

Normally, it will have your card delivered to you within a week, but faster times are also possible.

It also offers a wide range of shipping options, so those looking for a quick fix and an emergency solution can opt for a faster option.

You have greater control about how you want your ID and when you want it. That’s always something that can be appreciated.

The quality of the cards is pretty good and just like, you’ll find that they can pass the bend test. The pricing is reasonable as well, and it offers plenty of different price plans for each region that it serves.

You’ll have to use a high-resolution camera for your photo to make the cut, so if your phone doesn’t have a good camera, you’ll need to find alternatives.

That makes it much more versatile with the kind of IDs that you can make from their site. It definitely adds to the customer experience by giving you much choicer than you would expect normally.

Navigation is not simple, and you’ll find very little help from the FAQ section too. It’s very easy to get lost in their site and makes it that much harder to find your way to a specific section

Customer service seems a little lax as well and after you sign up on the website, you’ll have to live with the anxiety of them reaching out to you in time.

Ordering while you’re in a hurry stops being an option when custom support takes a while to get back to your in time.

Nonetheless, you’ll get free duplicates and a tracking number to make sure your card is safely being delivered to you. Payment will be upfront, though, so any errors on the card can be hard to rectify.


Popular Student fake IDs Maker


Alexa Rank # (US: 106,547) (Overall: 589,579)
Location: Unknown
Years Active: 7
Shipping Options: 2-3 weeks.
Pricing: Starts from 60 to 89 USD
Products: US, UK, AU, CA & Student Cards.

IDViking Popular States

Student ID Cards, MICHIGAN DL.


Fake ID sites pop up and disappear. ID Viking has remained active for many years. It is not clear as to where do they operate from. But it is certain they are a legitimate provider of ID cards.

The complains regarding their IDs are countless. They have failed to make it to the top of the sites in the market due to a number of reasons.

  • Inability to accept convenient payment methods.
  • Mainly focuses on Student Fake ID Cards.
  • Lacks modern & Updated (2019) Templates for most US states.
  • Their Packages do not make it to the US.

Looking at that list of potential issues, it’s clear that they might not tick the right boxes for a lot of people out there.

These days you can never be careful about using the right counterfeit ID vendor to get things done.

Gone are the days when Bars in the US would accept a student card for identification. Since then, they have become useless.

Now you have to be one hundred percent above board with proper identification if you want to have as close of a chance of not getting caught.

That’s why ID Viking seriously needs to consider improving the US state driving licenses instead of focusing mainly on student IDs.

Check out IDVIKING REVIEWS for more info.


USA IDs Provider


Alexa Rank # (US: 337,162) (Overall: 2,753,298)
Location: China
Years Active: 2
Domain Changes: 3
Shipping Options: 1-2 weeks.
Pricing: Starts from 75 USD.
Products: US, UK, CA, AU.

BogusBraxtor Popular States



Previously known as “Block Buster Fakes” or “MisterReplicator“this company now operates under a new name “Bogus Braxtor” for its fake ids. It is almost a clone of and uses the same interface as them.

They are known for making replicas of popular US states which includes Illinois, California, Colorado and some AU, UK licenses.

The website uses a live cart system through which customers can purchase multiple IDs in one transaction.

Though their licenses are not the best in the business. It still makes it to the top ten for being a legitimate and credible service.

It has remained unchanged for years. There are many reports which indicates that their licenses are seized by the US Border & Custom Control.

Users have reported  instances where they have been approached by the Authorities to explain packages containing fake IDs being shipped to them.

It means that is not as reliable as it claims. Hence, you cannot risk your clean reputation by using them.


The New Addition to Fake IDs Provider


Alexa Rank # (US: 337,162) (Overall: 2,753,298)
Location: USA
Years Active: 1
Shipping Options: 1-3 weeks.
Pricing: Starts from 50 USD.
Products: US, UK, CA, AU.

Magicfakeid Popular States



Check out full Reviews.

This vendor is known as ‘Magic Fakes‘ in popular fake ID culture. A network of websites that includes,, and are all interconnected somehow.

They offer free duplicates and video of each ID that they make. They offer a handy system for multiple orders or buying bulk for your friends.

It’s a helpful way to show that they’re willing to live up to their name & the quality they promise the customer. The drawback is that their licenses do not have proper magnetic stripe encoding.

Fake IDs will only make it to a restricted place if it has proper encoded QR codes. Upon Scanning, licenses of this vendor do not pass accurate information to the scanning devices.

The PDF417 software is known to have major problems with the products of

It is a fact that most ordinary novelty ID makers use one software for all barcode generation. This doesn’t work in proper ways. Because every state ID has a different formatted QR code.

For example the license number on Washington uses a complex system which includes numbers of the date of birth, age, and license issuing date. This makes up a unique number for each Washington DL.

Magic fake ids do not have the capability to make up such codes. Because their generating software lacks this ability.


The Boss of Counterfeit IDs

Alexa Rank # (US: 8,557,133)
Location: India & China.
Shipping Options: Rush (1-2 days) & Standard (7-9 days).
Years Active: 8
Pricing: Starts from 80 USD.
Products: US. Plans to launch UK licenses.

Premium Fakes Popular States



Premium Fake ID is a term that was invented by them. During the 2010-2015 period, the quality of novelty ID documents wasn’t satisfactory from a customer’s point of view. on Reddit launched their company and started charging a little higher than the companies that had a huge customer base.

In a few years time, the company had grown enough to capture most of the fake ID business. This is the ‘Fake ID Website‘ that you’ve been waiting for. You will see the clear and detailed pages of their product pages.

One thing to notice is that they have compiled a Video of the Fake IDs that they sell. The uptime of this provider is impressive.

Most sites in this niche will go down for days and maybe weeks. In case of Premium Fakes, the uptime has always been on the impressive side.

The English-language interface of their State IDs and driving licenses makes you wonder whether the website is owned by a US-based person. You will also notice that they use a premium cart system to process your orders.

The guidelines on “Taking Photos for Your Fake ID” in their interface are very detailed. You’re also addressed on how to choose a state for your ID. They have a Review page which lists the most demanded and sold out fake IDs ordered with them.


If card quality and security is your main concern, you can bank on because it is arguably the most technologically advanced company in the fake ID realm.











3-5 DAYS

100-125 USD



2-4 DAYS

80-100 USD




80-125 USD



10-15 DAYS

75-90 USD




70-80 USD



15-20 DAYS

80-100 USD




89.99-100 USD



20-25 DAYS

75-100 USD




80-90 USD



10-15 DAYS

100 USD

If you’re looking for speedy delivery and variety in shipping and payment options, is your best friend.

However, it is not very communicative, so if you’re a first-time user, you might feel a little lost using its services.

A better alternative could be, since the website is easy to navigate and you’ll find it serves a large geographical region.

However, be warned: you’ll have to do a fair amount of work on your own to get the ID card to come out right.

Its service is also quite hassle-free, and you’ll be in the loop throughout the making of your card.

The choice is yours, have fun and get back to us with your personal experience with any of these.


The status of the vendor is inactive since March 2021. More than thousand customers are waiting for their fake IDs. The vendor is not responsive & most of the community believes the vendor had a planned exit scam. We removed them from our list of Top vendors. The replacement site is a new vendor & is currently under review process.

Important: The images and logos are registered trademarks of the respective websites which are reviewed. The content is owned by the respective Brands and does not represent us.

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