The Most Popular Applications Used to Detect Fake IDs


Even in the presence of modern technological solutions for identity verification, it is worth paying special attention to training personnel not only in the technical features of the procedure but also on the importance of traditional verification methods. That is, you need to at least compare the photo on the documents with the applicant and not just rely on the scanner.

Choosing an ID scanner for your business may seem like a daunting task. Especially aren’t much versed in modern technologies and the ways one technology differs from another. In this article, you will find information about different ID verification solutions, and how the best fake ID websites use these applications to make their counterfeit ids scan at will.

What Types of Scanners Are The Most Popular?

Before delving into the study of the latest technological solutions in this area, it is worth talking about what scanners exist and how they differ from each other.

1. Barcode Scanners

These scanners are capable of reading information from two-dimensional codes that are usually found on the back of an ID document. There are several types of scanners on the market that are presented in the form of mobile applications, handheld devices, and stationary devices. Many may think that such technology in a kind of mobile device is the most convenient and optimal solution. 

However, there are several significant disadvantages that may not be obvious to the business owner:

  • Using a smartphone to verify identity can create distrust for the user. Not all customers want to pass the verification procedure through the smartphone.
  • Users can refuse both the verification procedure and your service due to distrust of the smartphone.
  • Fraudsters use such apps when creating fake documents to determine whether the technology is able to recognize a document as legit or not.

As for the advantages of such a solution, it is that you can instantly get information about the age of the consumer. Often, such technologies work on the principle of displaying a green icon, which means that the user has reached a certain age and a red indicator that means the opposite.

The counterfeit id websites have embraced the barcode technology to install scannable barcodes into their fraudulent id cards. It should be noted that such a solution is not the most optimal for a large business, where the age of the consumer is very important. Since such technology may not recognize fraud in the case of high-quality execution of a fake document.

2. Forensic Scanners

These types of scanners are large, but their functionality is sufficient to exclude all underage users. These types of devices are capable of recognizing fake documents of any quality, ranging from low to high-quality counterfeits. These technologies work on the principle of scanning a document and then searching for it in a document library. Here, not only barcodes are taken into account, but also holograms, microprint, optical character recognition, and so on.

What’s the Problem with All Scanners?

Before deciding on the ID detection app for your business, it is worth talking about the problem that arises when using any device and document verification technology. It is always worth remembering the importance of the human factor, despite all the autonomy of modern technologies.

Teenagers can use not only fake identity documents that are possible to get with the help of counterfeit ID websites services but also other people’s documents. Accordingly, the problem lies in the latter. No modern technology will be useful if the person who will control this procedure will blindly rely on the device or app.

Popular Identity Scanning Apps And Technologies

Today there are a lot of mobile solutions for ID scanning. There are fake ID applications on the market that help to check the document and determine the age of the consumer. Below are three popular ones to choose from. 

1. Anyline Scanner

This is the most primitive application available to anyone. There is no specialized equipment or complex set-up procedure required. All you need to do is download the tool like any other for your smartphones.

The application works in such a way that you use the camera to verify the document. But the advantage of this application is that, unlike other similar ones, it scans documents based on a barcode. Therefore, such an app can become a lifesaver when the identity verification procedure is important, but there is no way to use expensive and advanced technologies.

2. AssureID

This application is popular in the market and, like the previous one, does not require any complicated installation and launch processes of the app. This application is advertised as a one-stop solution that can identify various documents. The app reads simple barcodes, reads microprint, holograms, and so on.

Also, this tool is equipped with the function of recognizing faces on documents. As for the real use cases, this tool will allow you to identify the age, but for more serious areas of business where there may be a high risk of the existence of counterfeit documents, it may not be suitable.

3. BCS

This application is popular among the owners of small bars and clubs. As for its functionality, it has a similar algorithm to the above apps. But since the app is intended for professional use, it works slightly better than other tools.

By the way, this application allows you to read information from the magnetic stripe of the card using an additional device. Therefore, if you need a more advanced tool than the ones described above, then you should consider this option in more detail.

Modern Technological Solutions for Identity Verification

If we talk about more serious technologies in the context of identification, then there are some innovative solutions that are popular around the world. Such solutions are suitable for those who want to be 100 percent sure of the authenticity of documents and avoid the risk of providing services to teenagers.

1. Canmax

This company has long been known in this industry and today it becomes even more popular for its new Swan development. This is a series of multifunctional scanners with contactless scanning capability. Modern technology from this company makes the alternative for contact scanning, which is common in many countries but is not optimal considering the pandemic. The company also focuses on the global pandemic and offers a solution as unmanned services.

Canmax scanners are equipped with a CMOS sensor capable of 60 frames per second. Thanks to its compact design, it is easy to use even when there are a lot of people whose identity needs to be quickly verified. Now this developer is taking over such areas as hotel and restaurant business, currency exchange, tax application in Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

2. Microblink

Microblink offers the whole world the technology of scanning any ID documents. The scanner extracts information automatically, eliminating the need for manual data entry for the scanning procedure. According to the company statement, this scanner complies with the requirements of the GDPR taking all the measures regarding data confidentiality and safety. That is, when scanning data, it will not be saved anywhere and transferred to third parties.

The company claims that this software is compatible with any WASM. In practice, this software works best with the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

3. Smart Engines

This company offers the world a high-quality technology that will eliminate the risk of verifying a fake ID. This is all thanks to the ability to detect and recognize holographic security features on a document. Today, there are fakes on the fraudulent market that distinguish a document from the original with just a few pixels, and that software that does not scan holographic elements can miss such a document. Therefore, Smart Engines decided to focus on this particular feature of verification checks in addition to traditional verification protocols.

The algorithm from this company works on the basis of artificial intelligence and is able to verify documents for authenticity from 193 countries. It is worth noting that this technology is a passive test. That is, the user does not need to take any action. This technology is compatible with Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, macOS, and Solaris.

What to Expect from Fake ID Verification Technology in the Future?

It can be predicted that soon mobile apps for ID verification will be in demand. It is vital to understand that the use of mobile applications at the moment does not allow checking the document with 100% accuracy but this technology may be quite enough for verifying visitors to bars and hotels. It is also expected that the newest solutions will also be able to check whether the person is vaccinated or not to help businesses provide their services in a safer way for the customers. 

If we talk about more risky areas, such as paying taxes, then, of course, the fake ID scanners with innovative technologies will guarantee accurate verification of the document’s authenticity will be in demand as well, helping the authorities avoid routine and manual work. 

The Bottom Line

To choose the right tool for checking ID, you need to determine the goals of your business and the risks that underage consumers bear for your company. Every state in the US has a different encoding procedure of their state-issued identification cards. It is worth giving preference to innovative technologies that make it possible to determine documents for authenticity with maximum accuracy. If you just need to make sure of the age of the consumer with minimal risks of encountering fraud, then mobile applications may be enough to meet these goals.

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  • The Show-Me ID app is used on our Marijuana Store but it crashes and hangs entirely and cannot handle rush of id verifications. It also needs to improve lighting and sometimes goes nuts. On two possible instances it even gave me a false positive by terming my real id as fake. Unless they fix and update it, it won't work on modern devices.

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