Review Process

Fake ID Top Review Process

Q: Who are we?

Just like any teenagers we are a group of friends whose extra-ordinary journey during the adulthood has been quite adventurous. In our first Freshmen gathering, we wanted to acquire binge-drinks but it wasn’t an easy task.

Purchasing “Novelty Fake ID” had become a must-to-do task for anyone wanting to purchase booze. Unlike, any other Fake ID Websites whose moderators or operating people are a bunch of scammers that post biased reviews, we take things seriously. Our website is non-profit & its sole purpose is to ensure that people looking to purchase a phony ID do not get ripped by fraudulent or scamming websites. In order to provide balanced views, we do the following steps to ensure a safe purchase on customer’s side.

  • Compare & analyze the pricing of a fake ID provider with other makers.
  • Decide which state ID to review.
  • Select a member from our moderators team from the particular state to place the order.
  • We buy fake id from the website that we want to review.
  • Wait for the “Driver’s license” or “State ID” to be delivered to us.
  • Examine the critical elements of the forged ID that includes (Hologram, Invisible Ink, Encoding of Codes, Scanning Ability, Brightness Levels, Photoshop Points, and Shipping Speed).
  • Use the Fake ID in-state first and out of state.
  • List the Pros & Cons on our website including rankings according to the produced results.

Q: What is your the purpose of this Blog?

We want you to know that you are not going to get fooled by false advertisements or promises from any company. Our reviews are not influenced by any bribe, donation or favors. In fact, our members are dedicated towards providing concrete evidence of their buying experience from any vendors that we review.

The ID market has remained anonymous for a longer period. Our reviews are not copied or posted just to promote a specific Vendor. Each of our post goes through a moderation period & process which ensures that the tone of our users and members does not make accusations or claims without concrete evidence.

Q: Can I submit a request to review a fake id website?

We try to cover every ID maker in our reviews which is currently active and providing services to customers. However, if you see us missing any that has a service which needs necessary examining or needs to be reviewed then, you can use our “Contact Form” to let us know about it. We will try to get back to you and if required, we will submit your request to our “Review Team” and get back to you.

Please make sure that your request includes the reasons that are required to review a specific website of forgeries. Relate your queries to the concerned subject only. If you suspect a foul play or have been scammed by the website please make sure that you include this in the category of “Fake ID Scam Websites” only. We also have another category that only lists “Verified Websites” and, hence you can also submit a request for a website that is legitimate.