is a provider with a limited but genuine fake license. The credibility of this maker cannot be doubted because they have been in the fake ID game for a brief period.

With fake IDs, there is no accountability, so you have no idea who is trustworthy and who isn’t. With Premium Fakes, you don’t need to worry about that. They are a verified fake ID provider, and you will see in our reviews that they have a stellar track record.

Premium Fakes Overview

The substandard quality & lengthy shipping times have frustrated the buyers of counterfeit licenses over time. The market has become saturated and worthless companies are spamming the online results.

The confusion has created a mess and as a buyer, you are not sure which vendor is a good option for your purchase. Our review of Premium fakes takes a number of substantial factors into account before deciding to rank them. These are listed below but not limited to.

  • Time in the market
  • Experience in the forgeries business. ( has existed for over 8 years).
  • State IDs (Unlike other websites they only make state IDs or licenses for particular states)
  • Social Media Presence (Premium fakes has a vast fanbase on social communication platforms).
  • The appearance of their fake ID cards.

Upon research, you will find that has several satisfied reviews online. These review fake ID blogs which are highly respectable for the guests and members in different channels.

High Pricing But Reliable Provider

While you may not be convinced for paying a hundred dollars for a fake ID but there are people who will pay just about anything for a hi-tech fake ID. What makes Premium Fakes different from others is their fake licenses practically passing exceptional tests as applied by experts.

The Professional workers of the Premium Fakes had a tough time constructing the elements of each state ID. But their new licenses are pretty much your go-to fake id if you crave your nights out.

The intricate features in their fake IDs are a challenge for ID makers in the market. We conclude that the best way to acquire a fake from them would be going with their 2019 version. Many vendors have mastered the replication of the older look of the state licenses but only offers the updated designs of every state ID.

Their licenses have an incredible two portions of Scannable parts. It has a magnetic stripe and comes with 1D and 2D barcodes. The trick for fake id websites is that they need to encode the license holder data both into the magstripe and as well as the Scannable barcodes on the back.

The replicas of the vendor “” have to go through numerous pre-ship tests on a BCS and PDF417 scanning device. The visitors of our blog suggest that the fakes they purchased from this vendor will swipe through the encoded data in the magstripe and also go through any barcode scanner throughout the US.

Moreover, their fake IDs has positive reports of getting high appraise from out-of-state customers because it works in the same manner as that of in-state.

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 2 reviews
by Perez on
FL, CA, MA New Fakes

Support staff is one the most active & if you are a fan of reading extensive information regarding your purchase then this website offers premium features and information regarding each of their ID. Massachusetts license number creation is not easy so you let them do this for you by leaving the License Number field empty.

I'm from Miami & so I know how Florida Driver's license has the most sophisticated feature which is creating an Optically variable illustration of the cardholder. This itself serves as a Hologram that in the previous IDs was a Florida DOT monogram & "FL" repeating pattern. Premium Fakes has advanced in creating OVD. Literally, every new Driver's license like Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas would now be having OVD. I have a feeling that the company that creates FL license will also be doing this for many other states.

Given that CA is a tough one to create I'll be a bit moderate on the vendor here. I was given a fair price for three different state IDs (other vendors will make you stick to one state if you are ordering for a group) But to be honest, if you compare this to the other crap that's available in the market; Premium fake ids are some of the best in here & I wouldn't hesitate buying from them again in the future! many thanks.


by Stewart Jr. on
Legit Vendor

To conclude an unbiased review you have to examine your fake ID as if it were a real one. I used their platform to get a North Carolina fake license with (Rush Shipping) & free duplicate.

I am not a fan of using cryptocurrency as a payment option but I live in Korea hence there is no way you can get a US-based gift card in here. So I asked them first, and they suggested me to use Bitcoin. That's the only thing that they accept from international customers.

For me the experience was worth it. They did deliver! and you can't ask for a better fake ID card than this. This has everything that you will need in a real North Carolina license. The real ID star, UV, Holograms including NC Independence date and the bright OVI; in my opinion this will work almost everywhere. 4 Ranks!


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