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OIS or old ironside fakes is a fake ID vendor known in the community for offering a handy interface of forgeries to fancy. The vendor became popular in recent years due to their affordable pricing & newly added state templates. 

Old IronSides Fakes Overview

The overall performance has been somewhat average – customer complaints & packages seized throughout the US, has shown their struggle towards reliability. Old Ironsides fakes have received mixed reviews on various blogs. However, we have perceived their products from a neutral perspective. 

Confusion & Identity

OIS has a rating of 2.5/5 on our Top Fake ID Sites List. The factors that we take into account are also highlighted by their customers on several forums.

Their identity has been a mystery-club for years. Having changed their domain extensions multiple times, it is very difficult to decide which is the real Old Ironside Fakes for a newbie. 

The list of websites that are currently claiming to be the real one highlights below. 

  1. https://oldironsidesfake.com/
  2. 2. https://oldironsidesfakes.com/

These websites are not real & impersonating the real vendor. They are owned by a network of the scam-operated group. So, do not fall for this trap.

We suggest you use the real “OIS” and the website is “OldIronSidesfakes.ph” and once you do that you can also read our review below. We rate their products from a neutral eye & our fake ID ranking system makes no compromise what-so-ever in deciding several points. 

Our experience of using the new Iowa ID has not succeeded in covering the expectations. Last month, OIS announced that they will be offering the new Iowa license.

Apart from that, they currently offer North American ID cards & a couple of licenses for Canada. Since the customer interaction & our reviews mostly focus on US state IDs, we only focused on the Iowa license. 

Improvements are needed in several aspects. The Iowa ID card came with a stripped cover of the laminate.

As most new vendors now use Polycarbonate as the major material for printing; we expected OIS would do the same. It turns out that the ID we received from them was printed on Teslin. 

It also took them 2 weeks to deliver the package. Their support team did not respond to our tickets for almost a week.

One thing is clear, vendors in the fake ID business do not take the shipping interval seriously. They take pride in advertising & making fancy promises to their customers but on the contrary, your package will be delayed. 

Hence, if you ordered from this vendor; do not be surprised upon unexpected delays. Bars in the US are spending hefty amounts on security. Hence, installing scanners of sophisticated technology.

You cannot get in with a fake ID that has a printing error due to staff negligence. ID cards certainly have no room for even the slightest of mistakes. One user by the name alias “thishuman” appears to be a victim of an ID that did not scan.

User critical screenshot of the used ID.

The user further explains that the scanner was not an advanced piece of technology. Instead, it was a normal scanning device at a liquor store.

This highlights the fact that even though fakes from OIS are cheaper in price but they are certainly worth nothing without proper features.

The frustration of their customers is evident in several reviews. They make random mistakes which enlighten a fact that the communication of their staff with the sales department is not effective.  

Do we Recommend Old IronSides Fakes as a Vendor?

We leave that up to you. If you want an ID with a price range of 30-40 USD then, you can give them a try. There is a high-risk chance of their fakes getting confiscated. They come with many flaws. The out-of-state passing rate should be almost null. Their licenses can be used for pranks or given as a gift. They, however, are not the real players in this game. 

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