Nightlife in Vegas: Booze, Fake IDs, Hookers & Unforgettable fun


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The idea of a nightlife haven is a deep-seated desire of every night owl, adventure junkie, and fun seeker. For some, that haven lies a stone’s throw away at their local bar or club.

For others, it takes a multi-hour road trip to a neighboring state or city. If you want the ultimate nightlife experience, you need to pack up your party cravings and head down to sin city itself, that is, Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is nothing if not the ultimate party house on earth, but what makes it a nightlife haven is its ability to one-up itself at every turn.

No vice is too big for Vegas and no sin too unfitting. Even some of the biggest self-proclaimed party animals shy away at the prospect of Vegas’ “unique” offerings. No matter what you think you are capable of, I guarantee you Las Vegas has seen it all.

The best part is that your time in Vegas will reflect your taste. Do you want to stroke your self-inflated sense of ego? Perhaps you are looking to belch out at some of the city’s seediest bars? Or maybe you are looking to add some aesthetic clicks to your Instagram feed? Whatever it is, Vegas has got you covered.

If you want to abide by the ‘ol phrase, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” you need to have some lay of the land. Luckily, I’m your guy. I will list some of the best ways to spend your time in Vegas. More importantly, I will make sure your nightlife in Vegas doesn’t end up behind bars.

The Ideal Night Life in Vegas

Look, I get it. You’ve seen the movies and TV shows. You think a night in Vegas is about partying with no consequences until you get involved in some misadventures that eventually come to a neat resolution with a story or two to tell your friends in the future.

Well, sometimes it does go down like that, but if you cling to this idea of a “perfect” night, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

It should go without saying, but Vegas is an open invitation for anyone to have fun however they can. You could be a depressed alcoholic, a habitual partier, or someone with a crippling mid-life crisis and still find your footing in Las Vegas.

There are tons of ways to have fun around the city that don’t involve recreating the plot of The Hangover. Speaking of which…

Go Visit the Local Bars

Ah, alcohol – the nectar of the gods. What better way to indulge in some liquid regret than to hit Vegas’ local bars? You will find one at every turn. Some are better than others, but each offers a unique experience in itself.

These bars will offer anything from your old-time favorites to the classics and even some new concoctions.

The drinking culture is big in the city with bars looking to top themselves with new and exciting drinks. Some of these creations are bold enough to put seasoned alchemists to shame.

These bars remain open for a sizable duration of time. Some never even close. If you are the type of person to stick it out until the last call, this is the perfect thing for you. Oh…. and you if you are yet to turn 21, then have a look at our Top 10 fake ID makers & you’ll get a license to drink at will.

You can spend your nights in these bars as your second home without anyone so much as batting an eye. A lot of these bars don’t even see the real action until after 10, so sit back, order a drink, and get ready to get hammered like a bent nail.

Party It Out at the Clubs

If you are looking to do something a bit more exciting than downing beers at a booth, this is your best bet. Las Vegas has a decent number of clubs that you can go to and unleash your party animal.

Dancing, drinks, and music – there’s really not much else worth asking for. These local clubs are the go-to spot for all your socializing and party needs.

Ambiance is the key word here. The clubs in Vegas provide the best party environment that you could hope for. Dressed in ample strobe lighting along with glitter, confetti, and neon lighting all thrown into the mix, these clubs are the place to be.

It all comes with the head-thumping dance music pumping out of the club speakers.

If you are really lucky, you might manage to catch some of the talented local DJs and artists performing. Whether it’s the top 40 or some EDM playlist, the party mix does it job well.

Once you start feeling it, saddle up, down some drinks, and head to the dance floor to let loose. You can dance the hours away without any care in the world.

Your night will be one worth remembering if you are at one of these clubs, that is, if the liquor doesn’t completely wipe your memory clean.

Take a Tour Downtown

Las Vegas is built the way it is to excite your senses. It is a treat to all your senses that can have a lasting effect on you. What better way to experience Las Vegas’ glory than to take it all in at the risk of sensory overload? Whether you are in a drunken haze or wide awake and sober, the glamour of Las Vegas streets can make you feel real good things.

There are two good ways of strolling the streets of Vegas late at night. You can either walk around until you pass out or go in style with a rented limo. If I were you, I would go for the latter.

The Las Vegas limo experience is something altogether different. You can pile your entire party crew in the back for some good times. Just pop open a bottle of champagne, tell the chauffer to turn up the music, and peek out the sunroof as you enjoy the neon-ridden streets of the heart of Nevada.

Head to a Gambling Den or Two

Vegas is known for its gambling culture. In fact, it is literally one of the reasons the city is not just an empty desert with rolling tumbleweeds. As for the casinos, good luck trying not to find one.

Casinos in Vegas are like that pesky drink that explodes inside your bag; they are practically everywhere. They are on the Strip, they are in your hotel, and they are even at the airport. You just can’t escape them.

No matter how awesome your nightlife in Vegas is, it will not be complete if you don’t actually get down to gambling. Vegas’ casinos are the most decorated in the country, both literally and figuratively. This is the only place where your money flows faster than your drinks and the only spending limit is the one on your credit card.

The local casinos are the perfect end to your night of party-fueled fun. If you truly want to experience what Las Vegas is all about, then get some chips, find your favorite game, and tempt Lady Luck to the max until you have won or at least until you feel like you have won.

Korey Thomas Anderson

Korey Thomas Anderson was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has worked as a Bouncer & has valuable experience in spotting invalid identification cards. His work has been widely appreciated by Bar Owners & currently writes for our Blog.

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