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Is making a fake id card as easy as demonstrated in the Netflix series ‘Fakes’ ?

The last year of High School is always eventful, but for Zoe and Becca, it was an experience no teenager would ever have.

The series opens with the words ‘Some of this actually happened, but we made it up legally', creating mystery and hinting at criminal activity. It is followed by shots of a busy party in a house, fake id manufacturing equipment and the FBI bursting through the doors.

The series revolves around two best friends, Zoe and Becca, who accidentally end up building one of the most extensive fake-id selling empires in North America at the tender age of eighteen.

Both girls come from opposite backgrounds and have contrasting thought processes. However, they somehow managed to be friends since sixth grade.

Zoe is a bookish nerd who aims to get into a good college after high school, has the grades for it and loves learning new things. She has a mother who works an 18-hour shift as a nurse and a brother who steals the emergency money stash of their home to buy drinks.

Becca is a rich girl with a father who openly cheats on his wife and a mother who is always travelling. Like all teenagers, she rebels by going to parties and using a fake id to get access to clubs and alcohol.

The series starts with Zoe's point of view, i.e. ‘Before things got fucked’. She made a bogus scannable student id card so that she could study in the library and borrow books.

On that particular day, when she was leaving the library, Becca called her, telling her to pick her up from a party. Zoe is a good friend; she picks her up. In the car, Becca discovers Zoe's counterfeit student id card. Surprised that Zoe made the card herself,

Becca asks her friend to make her a fake id card because she lost the one, she already had. To motivate her, she gives $400.

Here Zoe breaks the fourth wall to tell the audience it was 'Becca's idea.' Zoe hesitantly agrees and heads home. She tells the audience that 'she just wanted to see how hard it would be and types on a browser 'novelty ids photoshop templates’.

The following day, she gives her friend a fake id card, which looks good, but the backside of the card is blank. Becca insists that Zoe teaches her how to make these cards, to which Zoe states, 'that is not something a five-year-old couldn't learn from the internet'.

She goes on to explain how to make a fake id card

  • Download the torr browser to cover your tracks.
  • Find templates for the top fake id.
  • Use the word 'novelty' before you search, as everything related to fake IDs has been banned or taken down.
  • Open the template you have; it is all about clicking on the lines, filling in the blanks and putting in your favorite selfie.
  • You will need a printer with a 'Pixels Per Inch', a CR30 PVC and blank PVC cards.
  • The PVC is available on Alibaba for pennies, while the tray is on Amazon for $20.
  • Just hit print, and you are done.

The girls feel that they have a legit id. They go off shopping, where Becca shows Tryst, a salesman at a boutique if he can sell these fake ids. He asks if the girls had them scanned somewhere and if the bogus id passed that test.

The girls head off to a liquor store where a salesman recognizes their fake id, and they have to run before they get caught.

The series then switch to Becca's point of view; the story is more or less the same, except for Zoe's insistence on doing the wrong things.

The girls plan to stop, forget, and return to their everyday lives. Things change when Tryst calls Becca and Zoe to threaten them to deliver 200 fake id cards because he has pre-sold them.

Left with no choice, the girls decide to produce the counterfeit driver's license in 72 hours.
Zoe jumps onto her computer, searching for backlight ink, holography, hologram, professional printers and other things.

The girls head to a department store to buy the products; however, it costs over $1040, which they don't have. The salesman suggests they use the public printer. Here Zoe gives her ‘Mini Hologram Lesson

  • A hologram is a parallax of two images which tricks your brain into thinking it is 3-D.
  • Print one layer in white backlight ink and the other in black.
  • Together they are two halves of one image.
  • Use backlight ink for the mini hologram and regular ink for everything else.
  • Backlight ink is available on Ali Express.

Is this possible?

No, these are the reasons why

  • Backlight ink available on Ali Express will not be able to produce a hologram required on a fake id.
  • You can't put card trays in public or school printers and go undetected.
  • Regular printer and regular printer ink won’t work on PVC cards
  • ID card holograms are not as simply made as explained.

Zoe later discovers that the ids they printed were not on the proper dimensions and starts freaking out.

On the other hand, Rebecca tracks down the middle school kids who were threatening the girls to shut down their operation of fraudulent id cards.

She threatens to expose them and ends up signing a deal with them. The middle school kids would photoshop and print the cards per the deal. With Zoe overlooking them, so they're of quality. The 200 ids are made and delivered to Tryst in time.

The girls, now confident, give Tryst a business proposal. Tryst initially declines the proposal but accepts it after plans for his other business go awry.

The first step is to hire vendors who would sell the fake id cards produced. Becca chooses Sophie, part of the famous club, who is a people person and is loved by everyone. Zoe chooses Sally, part of the social outcasts and awkward at keeping conversations.

Tryst, as per the plan, arranges a space where the girls can make fake ids. However, the flat comes through a third-party investor.

The business kicks off with Zoe explaining the steps:

  • Approach people who want to be seen.
  • Gather their photos and passport photos with neutral expressions.
  • No selfies, no filters – Nobody looks good on their driver’s license.
  • The vendor gives photos to the handlers, who then get them from the third person who stays in the shadows.
  • Deliver, receive and split.

Simple Enough?

However, ordering from a vendor you meet in real life is risky, and you can get caught.
The business goes well, and the girls expand their operation to the next level by investing in technology that improves their fakes.

Things are going smoothly until Sally loses a consignment, a bag that has 120 counterfeit fake id cards on a bus.

The girls scramble to find the ids because if someone else finds them and reports it to the police, it could mean immense trouble for the team.

The girls find the bus where Sally lost the bag. However, the bag was found and was under investigation. However, Zoe had to show her fake id at a place with cameras. Zoe changes her outlook to avoid any suspicion.

However, while the counterfeit driver's licenses are still at large, the girls convince Sally not to sell them out. In case the police trace her to the fake ids.

In all this, Becca's private life takes a hit. Seeing her uninterest in the business, she discovers her mom has started preparing her younger sister to take over the family business.

Meanwhile, Zoe tries to make her mother realize that her older brother is becoming the alcoholic her father used to be.

Tryst orders the girls to empty the space and forget about this business. The girls realize they don't need Tryst to be the middleman and could easily handle the operations together. To move the printer that is in the penthouse of the building.

The girls host a party where things go awry, and the FBI enters the party. The season ends here – hinting that a second one is in process.

Key Takeaways

  • The series is a piece of fiction and should only be taken as such
  • Making a fake id is a complex process; Zoe only explains two aspects of a fake card. It has many more such as a ghost image, scannable barcode, etc.
  • Do not buy from a vendor who might be able to recognize you or would link up to you. Online fake id vendors are the best choice.
  • The counterfeit id cards made at home are as good as the mclovin fake id.
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