Review 2021 or Magic fakes is an emerging player in the fake id industry. The vendor formally launched counterfeit ids in 2021 and now offers more than 20 state ids. Whether their quality stands out or submerges with their reputation is another question.

What states does Magicfakeid.Ph Offer?

The maker sells every new template as offered in 2021. They are DMV matchable and continue to design templates. Magicfakeid asserts that they don’t have to make replicas in Photoshop. Instead, they use real licenses to copy security elements.

What is Magicfakeid’s Pricing?

The pricing is reasonable for group orders but for single ones it might be on a higher scale. The starting price for their fraudulent ids is $80 but it might be reduced down to $60 if you were to order 10 or more ids. They also offer free duplicates so you won’t be extra charged.

What makes MagicfakeID Trustable?

The presence of the vendor on Reddit is a strong vouch for its legitimacy. Magicfakeid has operated on Reddit’s channel /r/fakeid and other related subs even before they started selling individually on

The user operates under the name Magicfakez and is verifiable and has many mixed reviews on Reddit. They also use a discord account for customer service & are active on fake id vendors.



Magic fake id accepts Paypal, Bitcoin & other major Cryptocurrencies. However, we advise against using Paypal with this vendor due to the nature of fake id business. Customers have alleged getting their Paypal accounts limited or suspended by Paypal customer service after engaging with Magicfakeid’s Paypal account. Shipping Options

They use FedEx and standard Chinese shipping. Their packages are believed to be shipped from Hong Kong. They do not ship packages directly from China due to the scrutiny by the US Customs. It does take a while for the packages to arrive. 

  • Fast Shipping: You will be charged an extra $30 for this. These are believed to arrive in 10-15 days.
  • Standard Shipping: This is included in the fake id price but will take 15-25 days to reach.

Quality of Magic Fake IDs

The reviews are a mix. Although, we’ve listed them on our Best fake ID websites list but they do have a few positive reviews about ids that are outdated. For instance, they make good New Jersey & Nevada ids. Both of these ids are outdated so they are not relevant in the current market.

The craftsmanship of their Maine ids is questionable. The fake id lacks complex features. One of the users who verified the purchase suggests overbright shadows & dirt marks throughout the entire card.


Magicfakeid also uses inferior-grade PVC to print its ids. Most of the 2021 templates of the licenses are printed on Polycarbonate. Due to the expensive pricing of this material; they may not have access to it.

They also lack the technicians to alter ear shadows or background of the person’s photo using Photoshop. The scanning codes on their ids do not contain encoding. So it does not fit into the scannable fake id category anymore.

Overall the vendor may be selling novelty ids good enough for pranks but they cannot be relied upon to pass sophisticated scanners installed at grocery stores or gas stations. You cannot fool a trained Bouncer or doormen with the fakes. They seem to be unable to fix vital flaws in their fake ids. We do not recommend them for real-use purposes but their ids can be good for fooling around with your gang or Doppelganger pranks.

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