Lost-Identification.com Legit OR Not?

The name says it all. Lost Identification is the continuation of the website which existed under the name “ScannableFakeIDs.com” in the past. It runs many other websites and a blog that provides reviews that are mostly in their favor at FakeIDList.net but you can’t rely on these.

Lost-Identification.Com Overview

1. Insecure Check out & Files.

In January, we submitted order form on the website of Lost Identification & wanted to try their fake id. As usual, all websites promise shorter time-frames for delivering your licenses but most will never fulfill it. Lost IDs is no different and took more time than they advertised.

By checking for a “Tracking Number” on their interface it was surprising to see that their interface and cart system lacked the necessary safeguards to protect information of their customers.

We found several files on their database which were easily accessible and if obtained by Law Enforcement could easily expose customer’s financial & personal information to them.

The files contained all cardholder information for each sale including invoice numbers and many others. We do not want to degrade this provider for it but it is vital that we believe that as a customer you need to be aware of the risks before buying from them.

2. Reprints

The reports regarding their ID cards are not very encouraging. Most customers ask them for reprints and they do provide them new cards as replacements.

It is fair enough for them to do so but that means further needless hassle for their customers. So, do not get carried away with the reviews that are on a spam-spree online.

These are mostly influenced by them and they also provide free IDs to people so that they can post positive views about them.

3. Payments Problem

Lost-Identification.com has often had problems processing payments. They accept Western Union & Money Gram but there are positive reports that they use Drop service available for rent on Reddit.

One customer reports:

I was given a name for Ukraine after submitting an order form of New Jersey. They replied a day after saying that I had to change the name and I was given new details for another person in China.

It is evident that they use drop service of Western Union. They hire people to pick payments for them. It is not a reliable and anonymous method and exposes customers privacy.

As we mentioned above, that their files are compressed in .rar format and that includes all your vital order information. Your shipping address, license number and all other data is at risk for exposure.

4. Promos

This service keeps a top spot for providing day to day promotions by giving different discount offers to their customers.

But we have received negative feedback against the quality of the fakes that they provide under these offers. As you can see in the screenshot One customer by the name ‘Rustyspoon’ reports:

I had their ID for almost a month and it is no use because it doesn’t work as stated by the customer after purchasing a New Hampshire license from Lost-IDentification.com

Their support staff is usually swift in getting back to the customers regarding any queries pertaining to their purchases.

However, they also lack the sharp Photoshop skills required to alter blurry or irregular background in your provided photos.

One such instance occurred with one of our members where he contacted them before placing an order and he was told to upload a photo with a white background.

After a few days when he received the Georgia ID, he noticed that they didn’t alter the background.

Do we Recommend Lost Identification As a Fake ID Provider?

If you were to ask us to rate them on a scale of 10. We would rank them with 5 points out of 10. Their security or server installation is a complete joke. Customer files are roaming free in their /wp-content/uploads folders and can be accessed by anyone at will.

Your information can be available to any Law Enforcement or a hacker by just using a few techniques. Hence, we do not recommend them at all. If they improve their security and become compliant with the standards of operating a cart-based Fake ID website then, we may consider raising their points but for now, it stays as it is.

We value your feedback and hence we want you to share your opinion with us regarding this review.

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by Simon on Lost-Identification.com
Terrible Service!

I had an ID from them during their new Ohio promo and it almost got me arrested... I mean they are legit yes! but their IDs do not seem to scan, they always have some sort of element missing.

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