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The website is currently ranked as the “Ideal Option” on Google’s Top Search Results for the keyword “Fake ID” & ranks for many others as well. Buying a phony license in the US is a must if you are considered legally unfit for drinking or consuming alcoholic drinks. As of right now, The Term “Fake ID” attracts more than 50,000 visitors per month as reported by the “Google Adwords” feature.

A purchase of this nature warrants a specific criterion into consideration before paying. As you know, it is not legal to purchase a fraudulent license. Hence, you are always at risk of losing out your money to a fraudster or scam artist looking to rip you off. You cannot even report this as a fraud because you are literally buying something which you cannot reclaim or dispute.

KingOfFakes.To Overview

This website ranks at top of “Google Search” results for almost every organic keyword that relates to the forgeries market or novelty ID. There are a number of reasons for that.

1. King OF Fakes Uses Web shells (Black Hat Seo)

While some of you might not be familiar with this technical term. We describe this as “The Illegal way to obtain search results at Google” & currently this phony ID maker is on the spree. Our members report that “King OF Fakes Fake ID” website is currently doing Backlinks or in other words “Advertisements” on hacked websites which helps it to maintain good marketing strategies on Google. It gives us one of the strongest indications that the website is not legitimate.

2. Fake Reviews

If you search for the terms “King of Fakes ID Review” or “King of Fakes Reviews” on Google you will find several results that shows a customer review on the social media platform Reddit. These reviews which we have described in the screenshot below are posted by the vendor or the same person that operates “” website. It is very easy to buy “Reddit Accounts” on dark markets & then create a “Reddit Channel” such as /r/FakeIDTalk & start posting reviews there in your favor. Scammers will often use this strategy because “Reddit” posts can become highly popular in a matter of days & rank for your “Website Reviews” in a few weeks.

We simply put it like this:

As a customer you are looking to purchase a novelty or fraudulent ID then, you will most likely write “King OF Fakes Reviews” or “ Review” on Google or any other search engine. As a result, you will come across the “Fake Or Self-Written Reviews by the Scammer under different Reddit Accounts in their Favor” & end up being fooled by these. So our second strongest point is to “IGNORE REVIEWS FROM REDDIT” & only read reviews on popular fake id blogs.

Technical Web Analysis

The domain is currently hosted on a bulletproof extension “.TO” & this can be due to a number of reasons.

The scam industry is thriving & is currently using offshore extensions such as “.TO,” “.TL,” “.IS,” & many others. These domains do not come under “ICANN” (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) jurisdiction which is the controlling organization for all domains. To register each domain that comes under (ICANN) you have to identify yourself to them.

These domain extensions are “.COM,” “.ORG,” “.NET,” etc. But in order to register a “.TO” or other Non-ICANN accredited extensions you do not have to identify yourself because these are not under the authority. Hence, Fraudulent businesses have a high likeness for these. They use the non-controlled domains so even if you file a complaint against them you cannot do any harm or report against them because there is no controlling authority to ask them.

Do We Recommend “King Of Fakes” Fake ID Website?

Our members do not recommend this website at all. In fact, they rate it as one of the worst “Scams” in the novelty ID market which has a ranking of “Premium ID Provider” in search results. But in reality, this website is operated by a Russian person who is also involved in making and running several other scam websites.

There is no compelling proof on their webpages which proves that they actually make fake IDs. Even if there is any, it is overshadowed by the fact that they have never sent any packages or IDs to our members. Our users report that they did not receive anything after paying their “So-Called Office in Ukraine” using Western Union. Some customers have even reported hefty amounts with the likes “1000 US Dollars” getting stolen by this webpage.

According to one member of our blog “Dean,” from Ohio, USA.

King of Fakes is an actual King of Scams. The real culprits are search engines; they should clarify & improve their backlink tracking criterion & take customer reports in consideration while ranking websites

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