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ID Top is a Fake ID maker which uses ‘PH‘ extension which does not come under ICANN authority. It is a forgeries provider that makes & ships fraudulent licenses of the United States (Driving licenses & IDs) from China & Korea. The question regarding their legitimacy & quality of these documents remains a mystery because of a number of reasons.

  • There is no analysis of their products on any forum or blog.
  • once used to be, and has often changed their alias.
  • The website uses an old theme & only accepts payment options which are not very convenient for customers.
  • There are a number of websites using the same structure & aliases. To list a few would be IDsBuddy, IDBook and so on.

Since some of these have left the scene and exit scammed. There can not be a guarantee that will not do the same. This Fake ID Website has completed a 10-year cycle of its existence in 2019. As of now, It remains the undisputed leading provider of forgeries from China. Let’s take a minute and make a full review of ID Top based on customer & our Blog’s view.

IDTOP.PH Overview

Many people call it the “The Notorious Forger” because of their ability to fake almost thirty state IDs. Whether their products are able to sneak through the scrutiny of Customs or not is not clear.

1. Seized Packages

Due to an increase of an influx of fraudulent licenses coming from China; the US Law Enforcement has ramped up the security & checking of packages last year.

According to “Fox News,” More than 500 fake IDs (Allegedly from were seized by the Customs & Border Protection.

During this time many of their customers received phone calls from the concerned departments & had to explain that the packages were not theirs. It is not clear whether the United States has any laws regarding ordering ‘Fake Licenses‘ online, but we are sure that it is certainly not legal.

So, before you opt to use this provider, you have to be certain that there is always a risk of getting in trouble if your package reveals that it has a fake ID on your name and information. One member of our Blog has a story of his own.

As reported by Cruzzer:

I had a suspicious call from the Customs which said there is a package on my name seized by them. My heart started pounding because I knew that I had ordered a fake ID the week before. I was lucky enough not to get into any trouble but it wasn’t a comforting experience using at all.

2. Fresh & Updated Designs

ID Top is far behind when it comes to competing with its forerunners. They lack the ability to produce new templates (ones released in 2019) & hence it is never your go-to-vendor if you want a copy of an updated license. It has been over a year since the DMV released a new theme of the California Driver’s License but on the contrary, is still using the design which is no longer valid.

Comparing this scenario, they want you to spend a hundred dollars on a license that is no longer valid while you can acquire a 2019 California fake ID with the same price from another company. Just a few months back, they were still using the older templates for states like Utah, Colorado, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida and many more. However, last month we came to know that they unveiled 10 state IDs with the newer template designs. They probably did so, because the ones they were promoting wouldn’t make any sales.

3. License Experience

Upon investigating several customer reviews the most complained factor is that their ID cards do not scan. Some of their licenses, for example, Colorado does not come with laminated sleeves that look real. The person that contributes to this review is popular for providing us with unbiased views of their products. As reported:

The California license that you get from them comes with an inferior magnetic stripe. Upon flashing light on it, you can sense the fakeness of their ID. The QR formatted 2D barcode does not pop up your card information on the screen. Upon concluding, this sort of ID will not work anywhere unless the person that validates it is blind or does not scan it.

Bouncers often state that the physical appearance of an identification card does not make much of a difference if it does not scan. The scanning ability of any fake ID is what makes it lethal & useful for young people. If It does not have this feature then, it is just not good enough for use.

4. On-site Reviews (Not So Trusted)

The ID Top website carries a huge list of customer feedback on its website. As we previously reported several times, we do not consider on-site reviews of customers as legitimate. In fact, most websites use plugins and posts content in their favor. As a buyer of a product, you should never trust such content.

According to a recent report by a firm named “Marketing Land,” almost 61 percent of self-hosted reviews are fake.

So, if you really want to know whether ‘IDTop‘ has good products or not then, you need to explore reviews on sites which are not related to them. For example, we at ‘FakeID.Top‘ only publish articles written by third-party sources which are irrelevant to the vendors or the business.

Do We Recommend as a Fake ID Maker?

Yes & No. By making a judgment of what we personally perceived as a buyer of their ID, their products do not have the ability to pass scanning. The best factor regarding their licenses is that they have good Photo editing skills. Just in case, your photo needs a larger blue background or if you want to remove flash effect then, they can come in handy. Otherwise, there is not much to talk about their products.

Upon examining in multiple locations, the older California ID (Which they should upgrade by now) never really worked anywhere. Unless you want to use your ID for the physical appearance you should never risk spending money on their products. There are many other vendors as listed on our “FakeID.Top Blog Sidebar” to choose from. They are highly valued and tested by hundreds of customers. We value your feedback to get back to us & let us know your experience with ‘’ in your terms.

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No Scanning

Tried their service for NJ ID but did not work as intended. do not use unless you want to waste your money!


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