IDHurry Legit OR Scam

IDHurry Legit OR Scam?

Getting a Fake ID Scam Website online is easy. A website, some programming skills, Images of Fake IDs illegally taken from copyrighted websites is all you need to start a fraudulent website claiming to sell novelty IDs. IDHurry is no different & seems to be using the same modus operandi.


1. The Scammers Connection

We have mentioned several times in our “Review Process Guide” that we are a group of people familiar with many methods which contribute to our knowledge and lets us recognize a legitimate “Fake IDs Maker” against a fraudulent one. These include several factors as mentioned below.

  • Fake ID Website Registration Date
  • Location
  • On-site Proof or Evidence
  • The effort that is put onto the pages of the state IDs
  • A Video or Animated Film that showcases novelty IDs
  • Connection to other Websites
  • Reviews (Unbiased & reasonable)

If you view the forgeries provider “IDHurry” on these terms you will not be impressed at all. We have reports of many members getting scammed by them & some were reluctant to openly talk about. You have to understand that even though buying a counterfeit license is not legal but at the same time, they do not have the right to scam school kids for their hard-earned money. So if you’ve been a victim of their “Fraud” then, it is the right time to step up and share your views with us.

2. Red Flags

Reflecting on the past you will know that many teenagers will be looking to get on a date with his girlfriend. We all have been through the same stages. Most of our friends had Fake IDs to buy craft beers & cocktails for their girlfriends and we wanted some too. As a teenager desperate to acquire liquor, you are prone and vulnerable to online Scams. You just want a quick gateway to the clubhouses & can pay any price to be able to do that. IDHurry exploits that & places stickers of Beer, Wine tastings & other cocktail lounges on their website. They won’t even shy away from posting nude photos of girls on their websites. But you can always get a nude girl to write your stuff on her body for a few dollars on places like “Fiverr” so that is another strategy to deceive customers.

3. Not-So-Legit Reviews

So, we all know that is a scam website that steals money from college kids… But how do they still deceive people and are up & running?

There are a number of reasons why “Fake ID Scam Websites” exist. There are two types of scamming websites in the novelty ID market.

4.  No Backing, No Reviews

In here, we are talking about an apparent fraudulent website in the market which has no popularity and loses customer-base from the minute they are reported. This kind of company cannot make a profit because they do not have any backing of good faith & as we know positive reviews in the current digital times are an asset for any business to thrive. Customers mainly depend on reviews so if you run a website that is not legitimate you will be maligned by negative reviews & hence end up getting any sales.

5. Fake User Reviews, Paid Marketing

It is a sort of strategy where fraudsters focus on operating a scam website and then promote it using paid reviews or by owning another website for the purpose of posting favored reviews about their scam company. By comparing “IDHurry” to this exact situation you will find out that they use “ Forum” & another website “” to bash their fellow competitors which are legitimate and to praise their two websites “IDHurry” & one other one. Finding & spotting such a complex scam is going to be a daunting task for a beginner buyer. Hence, our Blog has taken the responsibility to clear the market & prepare a list of “Verified Fake ID Makers” so that the customers at least do not have to get nothing in return for their money.

Do We Recommend IDHurry as a novelty Fake ID maker?

No, we do not. Our Blog condemns fraudulent websites such as “” which are on a scamming spree and robs innocent customers of their money.
One of our visitors reports being scammed for over five hundred dollars.

Here is what Dan Said:

The support staff at “IDHurry” will stop responding once you pay them & if you use a different Email Address to ask how to buy a fake ID from them then, you will get an instant reply.

The most disturbing thing is that they actually use white hat methods of posting reviews on blogs that indicates in an artificial manner that the website is a legitimate business. We tested them for an Ohio state license & received no response. They quickly respond to you if you ask them their pricing & if you are having difficulty in paying. The conclusion is simple and we ask you to joins us & raise awareness to expose the dubious methods that these websites use.

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