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Not all Fake ID Websites are popular among the young students & buyers of counterfeit IDs. The website “” on the other hand is a well-known company which has lasted for over seven years. In fact, the phrase “Fake ID God” is a very popular code-name for this provider which is often used in School Campuses & Colleges.


1. In Service Since 2010

It wouldn’t be exaggerating if you see some “Fake ID Review” websites giving them five out of five points for producing replicas of Driving licenses for not only the US but many others. They have often changed their domain extensions but has remained online for the longest period of time that no other ID vendor has been online for. Apart from websites like or, there is not a single company in the entire niche that can match their ancientness in this market. Back in 2010, IDGod allegedly operated under the name “ID Chief” but with the passage of time & the website under scrutiny, they reportedly changed their business name to “IDGOD” & now operates under this name.

2. Convenient & Transparent Process

You will be impressed at how simply they guide you with the whole ordering process. The pricing, on the other hand, is a little steep & that is why some people do not go ordering from them. We have tested their website personally & it suggests that their “Fake ID Generating” & “ID Data Collection” system does not log your information properly. This creates problems for you in encoding your (2-D Bar Codes) which are vital for making your ID scan with your credentials. Moreover, their support staff might be active but they do not communicate properly.

Customers often complain of getting abrupt answers to their support tickets. According to one customer by the name “Josh,” from Louisiana, USA;

If you ask them whether your photo is good enough for a novelty ID or not, you will often get an answer which will be completely irrelevant to your query. It means that they are either complacent or lack the ability to communicate in any other language than “Chinese” which is a problem.

IDGod needs to work on this because most of their customer-base belongs to the US. They are reportedly operating from “China” which is why many believe that they couldn’t hire professional “Western Speaking” staff for a fake ID Business. But we do believe that they make quite hefty sums of profits from providing Driver’s licenses of the UK & other countries let alone the ones from the USA.

Technical Web Analysis

1. Well-Known Published Articles

Most of the counterfeit-related articles on the news have been about them. These articles are not on how good their licenses are rated. Most of them are about their “Fake ID Packages” seized by the Customs. In fact, many customers have received phone calls from the Law Enforcement on how to explain the package that contains a fraudulent license is being shipped to their address. So, the complaints against them are always there. IDGod boasts how good their licenses are & that many publishers like “The New York Times” or others have mentioned them. It is true, but they did not praise their quality but only reminded “IDGod” to know that their discreet methods are not as good as they advertise them to be.

2. Alert: No Proof or Samples On their Website

The “” website is very outdated. They seriously need to work on that design & maybe update the theme. One of the other major problems is that many other “Fake ID God” websites have appeared from time-to-time & started claiming that they are the “Real ID GOD” and that is not-so-difficult. The poorly constructed webpages & the lack of any “Fake ID Sample” or the Photo collection of their IDs contribute to this factor. Hence, we believe that they should necessarily update the pages to the modern specifications.

Do We Recommend IDGod?

It depends on a number of factors.

  • Pricing (Your Budget)
  • Desired Use (Pranks or Scannable ID in Real Use)
  • Risk Factor (You can get scammed if you use the wrong “IDGod Website”)
  • Knowledge Of Cryptocurrency (You can lose your funds if you are not familiar with crypto & IDGod’s main payment system is Bitcoin).

In short, if you have limited use of your novelty ID which means you want to surprise your friends or probably use it in some out of state gas station to purchase liquor then, you can certainly go for this website. On the other hand, if you have a reasonable budget & want an ID that scans everywhere then, stay away from them. You can also use another “Fake ID Maker” which will give you many other options of payment that are convenient and provide a sense of safety before purchasing by allowing you to view their samples. IDGod lacks these features & hence we cannot be certain whether it is worth buying your ID from them or not.

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