Identification Cards: Types & Purposes

Driver’s License: Most Popular Fake License

Identity cards have become crucial in the last few years. Today, wherever you go, you must have an ID card.

For instance, if you want to travel internationally, you must have your passport. To drive a motor vehicle, you need a driver’s license. If you’re going to avail government services, you need a social security card.

An identification card proves a person’s identity. It verifies that a person is who they claim to be. It offers information that has been proven from a reputable source.

There are many types of Identifications cards, each issued by a different institution for a specific purpose.

Here is a list of types of identification cards and their purpose.

Driver’s License

A driver’s license is given to an individual by the jurisdiction or state authority. The purpose of a driving license is to attest that a person is proficient enough to safely drive a vehicle on public roads. It is issued after an individual passes written and practical assessments.

Digital Driving Licenses

The driver’s license today is ‘electronic.’ The electronic driver’s license has an electronic chip embedded into it, and the chip has the card holder’s personal, biometric and biographical data stored inside it.

It is more reliable and accurate than the previous card and is often used as a substitute for a national identity card.

Operator’s license

  • This license certifies that an individual can drive a passenger vehicle or light-duty trucks that weigh less than 26,000 pounds on public roads or highways.
  • Every country has a different set of rules by which one can attain an operator’s license.

There are three types of operator’s licenses in the UK.

International License

Individuals who hold this card can carry their own or other people’s goods in the UK and internationally.

National License

The license allows the holder to carry their own goods and other people’s goods in the UK. However, when going internationally, they can only take the products they own themselves.

Restricted license

The license holder cannot offer services to transport goods. However, they can carry their own within the UK and EU.

Identity cards

Identity cards used to verify a person. They are given by the government to citizens so that they can identify themselves, exercise the fundamental rights given to them, and get access to government facilities offered by the government.

An identity card makes an individual as a counted part of the country or state they reside in. When all citizens have an id card, it helps the government create effective policies and correctly measure development with the help of the data.

National Alcohol Prevention Center

ID cards over the years have enhanced now they are ‘smart cards.’ The card with a magnetic strip on the back, stores a person’s data.

When the card is swiped, it will show all details of the individual. Some people believe that smart cards threaten their privacy and give the government ability to monitor their movements. Often a target of counterfeit industry; identification cards are easily faked & cloned.

Numerous replicated identity cards are sold online by fake ID websites. These are used by young teenagers. Drinking alcoholic beverage is an american culture for freshmen & they use fake replicated identity cards to accomplish this.

Commercial driving licenses

A commercial driver’s license allows an individual to drive heavy motor vehicles on public roads or highways.

The vehicles can be a passenger bus, a school bus, a heavy truck that carries hazardous material. The different types of commercial driver license are as follows

Class A

  • This license certifies that the individual can drive vehicles with a combined weight of 26,000 pounds or more. The holder of this license can operate tanks, livestock haulers, tractors, or flatbeds.
  • Class A license holders are also allowed to drive class B And C automobiles.

Class B

  • This license holder can operate passenger buses, dump trucks that have small trailers, box trucks, and segmented buses.

Class C

  • The individuals with this license can drive buses of 16 passengers and transport material, using small Hazmat vehicles, which have been classified as hazardous by federal law.

Social Security Card

Social security cards carry a nine-digit number called social security number. The social security administration issues this card.

The purpose of these cards was to track citizens, but it has, over time, become a national identification number.

There are three different types of social security cards

  1. Given to permanent US citizens and those who have permanent US citizenship
  2. Given to temporary citizens who have been granted a work permit DHS authorities.
  3. They are given to people from other countries that are not allowed to work but are eligible for a government benefit or service.

Passport Cards

A passport card is issued to a country citizen who intends to travel internationally. The passport identifies them as a specific country’s citizens.

The passport has details like name, age, gender, date of issue & expiry, signature and a photo.

There are four different types of passport.

Diplomatic passport

The government issues these passports to its diplomats, unlike other passport cards. This passport gives the holder certain privileges and freedom when they are in a host country.


They are electronic passports with a chip under the passport cover, which stores all information about the passport holder.

Official Passport

This passport holders government officials; the purpose of this passport card is to let the host country know that the person entering is representing his/her country in an official capacity.

Emergency Passport

This passport is a temporary passport, issued to individuals who have lost their passport, or it got stolen and he/she doesn’t have enough time to get a new one.

Liquor Permit Card

Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) gives liquor id to people who don’t have a Massachusetts driver’s license. It is similar to a driver’s license; however, it does not grant driving privileges.

Liquor Identity

This card is a form of identity in Massachusetts that can be obtained by individuals who are twenty-one years old but don’t have a driver’s license. Individuals who are not residents of Massachusetts can get this card, and it expires in five years.

Medical Marijuana Cards

This card is issued to patients whose medical condition or symptoms can only be treated by marijuana.

The patient needs a licensed doctor’s recommendation to acquire this card, and the state must approve their health status.

The Medical Marijuana Card allows the patient to enter cannabis clubs and purchase marijuana to treat their condition or its symptoms.

The patients with these cards can also grow marijuana in their homes.

However, this card is only available to patients who live in states that have legalized the use of marijuana for treatment purposes.

Library Cards

There are two types of libraries the one in schools/collages, which is exclusive to its students, and the other is a public library. A library card is similar to a membership card; however, unlike other club memberships, library cards are free.

The library card allows a person to access academic books, fiction, and non-fiction books, eBooks, magazine, and newspapers. They can also use library facilities like printing, scanning, and Wi-Fi.

With this card, you can go book shopping and get books for free. The only catch is that you have to return what you borrowed after a particular time. September is the National Library card signup day.

Identity cards issued by a school, College and University

Every student studying in a school, college, or university is issued a card called a student identity card. A unique ID card number is generated for each student. The number can be used to inquire about the student’s academic records.

The card contains information like the student’s name, age, class/campus, the date of issue and expiry date of the card, photograph, and other relevant information.

  • This card helps to ensure the security and safety of the institution by only letting those people entre who have the card.
  • Only students who have this card will be able to use campus facilities like gym and food services.
  • The card is also needed by students to register for exams and attendance logs.

Due to counterfeit identification cards thriving the markets; it is difficult for social media platforms to distinguish fake IDs from real ones. Secure ID cards are a need in today’s world to maintain order and ensure security.

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