ID Chief is a notorious fake ID website in an industry with skepticism. The maker is known for being the center of attention for providing premium IDs at a bulk scale. Known for fierce competition with IDGod, a website that offers Scannable IDs at a rate lesser than the very popular providers like IDGod,,, fakeyourdrank or IDVIKING.


On average, ID Chief sells & ships over 1000 IDs per day. The printing & shipment location still seems to be in China. While most vendors operating in China have been impacted by the COVID-19 scenario, ID Chief seems to be running normally. Recent package trackings have proved that they are still somehow managing to ship IDs within a couple of weeks’ timeframe.

At FakeID.Top, we promote balanced reviews but at the same time, we do rate premium quality replica makers of US state licenses at a higher ranking.

Operations of this vendor have changed over the years. ID Chief was shut down following a stern warning to Chinese authorities by US Senators back in 2011. However, the domain was auctioned in 2018, and we believe that new management is now operating it.

EFFICIENT STAFF & QUALITY IDS’s reviews prove that any Fake ID that scans out of state is not surprising. As a buyer, you must be aware that a Bartender or a Business that validates your identification is supposed to know who you are. User-friendly interface and policy of issuing reprints seems to be their regular business.

Specifically, in an alcohol-serving business, they must know your real age. So, if you were to trick them you can use an identification card from any other state then, you will have a higher chance of bypassing the scrutiny of the ID validation process.

But there are some restrictions in this process. These restrictions require you to know that most businesses in states like Louisiana, Oklahoma & New York will not accept an out of state driving license or identity card.


Many other places like gas stations & convenience stores are also adopting these laws & restricting people from using ID cards from adjacent or nearby states. Hence, your strategy of tricking Bouncers with other state ID cards is not going to work.

This is why we want you to know that you will need an in-state card to be able to overcome these restrictions. In the past few months, we have never been able to distinguish Fake ID services that provide durable and flawless IDs from the same states.


Large-scale counterfeit makers use dubious methods to slip their packages through the US Customs. However, in recent years, thousands of fake IDs packages have been seized. Often, these makers resort to new shipping methods over time. ID Chief seems to have managed this problem.

The research team at our blog has included as one of the best fake id website in our list. With the emerging vendor “ID CHIEF” we can now say that you will find it as one of the only providers of its kind that will be able to provide you with a driving license from the same state you are living or going to use it. It will work because it has no complacency in crafting the security elements.

Washington is one of their popular state ID. IDChief’s laminates are different than the rest of the makers in the markets. They use premium suppliers to deliver printing material, machinery & holograms for finishing the final version of their counterfeits.

Do We Recommend

Yes, they are currently selling a limited number of states. Some are new and others are outdated. One thing is for sure, their IDs will scan anywhere.

The advertised features are not just on paper but can be witnessed in their finished products. ID Chief has higher pricing than their predecessor, considering the previous management did not print any Polycarbonate cards.

In short, ID Chief can compete with other popular & established vendors like in the coming future.

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