How To Pay For a Fake ID


Buying a Fake ID Online in 2023: How to Pay?

Purchasing items online is easy thanks to revolutionary payment options in the current digital world. Gone are the days when people used to mail cash, now you can send your payment in seconds.

Cryptocurrency has replaced major payment methods for most of the Europe & Western Countries in the last 5 years. According to the stats; these digital payment options will be doing practical business in the mainstream daily use. For example; the largest coffee chain in the world Starbucks is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment option. 

Which is the most convenient method to pay with for a Fake ID?

However, paying with Cryptocurrency still remains a hurdle for most. As a beginner, it is almost a new concept altogether to understand how payments with digital currencies work. The “Blockchain” method of doing business requires a ‘Wallet’ & and your chain address.

One customer sends the required currency such as ‘Bitcoin’ ‘Litecoin’ and many others to another customer’s Wallet on Block Chain. To understand this system you must be familiar with how they operate.

As a newbie, you might not know how to send and receive funds using these and there is always a risk that you might end up sending your money to the wrong address. So, it is best to avoid using them.

The question then remains…

How to acquire a product such as a Fake ID online?

Well… The best option is crypto but as we explained above it might not work in all cases because.

  1. You might not understand how to buy Crypto or how to create a wallet.
  2. The risk of sending funds to a wrong address means your money is lost.

There are other solutions to buy stuff online without compromising your personal information. You must have a Paypal account but is it possible to buy a Fake ID with it?

Pay from your home

The answer is Yes. You can do so easily. There is one website that attracts customers for this reason. Indeed, it is still possible to buy products from “” with the help of Paypal. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. We explain the process in detail below.

How to Buy a Fake ID with Paypal?


The website “” accepts E-codes of Google Play. Well, that means you have to go to the Paypal’s Website where they are now allowing you to obtain a “Google Play Gift Card Code” using your Paypal account. You can also use a Debit or Credit Card to purchase this card.

The “Google Play Gift Card Code” is a 14-18 Digit Code in numerical and alphabetical letters. You can then send this Code to for the value of your Fake ID(s) purchase and they will accept that on this URL as explained. There maybe a few drawbacks to this as well. This includes a few restrictions of values of minimum and maximum.

  1. Paypal only allows you to purchase a gift card of “Google Play” online with a maximum value of 100 USD.
  2. You may have to purchase multiple (E-Codes) of Google Play to complete the total amount you will be paying for your purchase.

How to Pay Using Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital form of currency based on blockchain technology. Introduced in early 2011, It has emerged a global payment solution in recent years. It has been globally accepted as a regular form of currency.

There are many reasons why fake ID buyers prefer Bitcoin or other form of cryptocurrency.

  1. It is Anonymous: Traditional payment systems force users to expose your financial data such as name, bank account numbers, routing numbers. You only need a digital Bitcoin Wallet (which consists of numbers and letters) to pay for your purchase.
  2. It can not be traced: Fake ID vendors & community prefers Bitcoin because it can not be traced back easily hence giving them a sigh of relief.
  3. It is a predecessor of payment options like Liberty Reserve or Alertpay.

Buying a fake ID with Bitcoin

  • Go to a currency exchange of Bitcoin like Paxful, Coinbase, or CoinMama & open account with a Bitcoin Wallet.
  • Order your Bitcoin using any options like Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, or use a gift card. The exchangers like Paxful allow you to buy Bitcoins using iTunes, Subway, Target and many other retail gift cards.
  • Return back to the “FAKE ID WEBSITE” & place your order. Get a wallet address from them using invoice.
  • Send your Bitcoin to their wallet & complete the transaction.

The Cons

The process excepts the buyer from exposing his real information to the Fake ID Buyers. This is one of the most important aspect that people ignore while buying bogus identity cards online. When you expose your financial information to a “stranger website” there is always a risk that they may steal it and use it on other platforms for illegal crimes.

Avoid Getting Scammed

Paying with Gift cards and Crypto Currency is always risky. If you are scammed by a Fake ID website you cannot much other than complain. But, if you pay them with “Google Play E-Codes” purchased online using paypal; then you can always chargeback the transaction. Here’s an Example:

  • As a buyer you are looking to buy California Fake ID(s) for 5 people.
  • The Fake ID Website asks you to give them 500 USD for this purchase.
  • As a Buyer, you go to the Paypal’s Gift Card Website and purchase 5 Gift cards of Google Play. Each code will have 100 USD value meaning 500 USD in total.
  • The Buyer pays the Fake ID Website by providing them the 5 Codes (100 USD EACH). If the Buyer does not receive the product (California Fake IDs) then he can chargeback the transaction which he used to purchase the Google Play gift cards.


It means, that no Scammer Scannable Fake IDs Provider will ever make the mistake of accepting Google Play Gift cards unless, they are legitimate.

Hence, it is clear that the website “” accepts a payment method that gives the customer the freedom of disputing a transaction if their purchase does not go as planned. You can always claim a refund if your ID does not arrive on time or lacks the safeguards of the required license.

Korey Thomas Anderson

Korey Thomas Anderson was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has worked as a Bouncer & has valuable experience in spotting invalid identification cards. His work has been widely appreciated by Bar Owners & currently writes for our Blog.

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  • can you guide me with a list of websites that accept google play or paypal for a fake ID purchase? most vendors only take crypto and I don't know how to use that Pls?

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    • Try they take google play .. ain't gonna find any vendor that takes paypal doesn't make sense cause that will get their paypal acc banned if reported

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  • Remember paying with Vanilla gift cards in the good ol days :) now nobody accepts them & that was a payment option as convenient as it gets you know.......

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  • ID top still takes and accepts vanilla gift cards. Not sure about FYD they used to accept them as well. Fakeyourid always complained about chargebacks so they probably stopped taking them. Give your luck on idtop and they provide group discounts on it.

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