Forbidden Fruits: Dark Markets


What the Seedy Peddlers of the Dark Web Have to Offer the Average Person?

The internet is often portrayed as a place where information exists without bounds. It’s a place where you’re warned about not ending up in the wrong place or meeting the wrong people.

But for the most part, the internet that the average person has access to is no more dangerous than a public library.

However, that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to it. Hidden in the crevices of the internet are spread out pockets where you can do just about anything that you aren’t supposed to be doing.

Not only can these dark alleys of the internet offer you forbidden knowledge they can also offer you some forbidden fruits which you can’t get access to otherwise.

If you’re curious about what you can get from the dark web then you should read on below to find out just what is peddled on the internet’s black market.

What is the Dark Web?

If you’ve never heard about the dark web, you might be curious about just what it is. To understand what the dark web is, you first have to understand how the internet itself is structured.

You can picture the internet like an onion, it has many different layers. The outer might be something like your front page content which might include news articles, social media, and blogs.

As you start going a bit deeper you might come across message boards and forums catering towards a specific interest. Going in a bit deeper, you might find some members only sites and message boards that deal with piracy and other things.

But even accessing all of these will give you a surface level idea of what the internet can do. Behind all of this exists a large layer of internet that is inaccessible to the greater public? This is called the Dark Web.

What is the Dark Web For?

Now understanding the dark web is one thing but actually understanding its use is another. You might find yourself wondering why there is a big need for such a hidden part of web to actually exist.

The answer to that is fairly simple. The dark web is a place for the things that aren’t on the normal version of the web.

Although the internet is a free place that isn’t largely bound by any restrictions, that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want.

All around the world, there are enforcement agencies and cybercrime units that are ready to bust anything suspicious that pops up on the internet. This is why some people retreat to shadier parts of the internet to conduct their dealings. And this is why the dark web exists.

This also makes finding it extremely hard. It’s not something that will show up on any search engines. In fact, it’s not even something that you can open with a normal web browser.

These sites are often shadowed behind some serious protection. They require a special browser with and a built in VPN service just to display the message.

This is why it’s a safe haven for those that are looking to engage in some seedy activities. The dark web safely protects the identities of the people on it as well as the people behind it.

The blog “DeepWeb” offers a deep insight into the networks & services of Dark Web. They have a collection of dedicated pages which serves as a directory.

Cryptocurrencies are often used for an easy way of sending money without having to meet in person or create a paper trail. Almost all the sellers use it to sell their good online. That’s why it’s often chosen as the perfect marketplace for illegal goods and activities.

What You Can Find For Sale on the Dark Web

There are a ton of different sellers that use the dark web to sell their products for various prices. You can find a ton of different products and services that can be had for a particular amount.

These mostly include things that you cannot find anywhere else and for the most part they are usually illegal or illicit in some way.

So if you happen to find yourself in the deep dark recesses of the dark web, you can expect to find the following things.

1. Drugs

Drugs are one of the most common things you can find being sold on the dark web. They range from anything as harmless as prescription medicine being sold for less or as dangerous as hardline drugs that are universally banned.

These are drugs are such a booming business online that they can get customers from all around the country or even internationally.

Many people end up buying their drugs from the dark web instead of their local dealer because they can end up getting lower prices and a wider selection.

Drug dealers on the other hand, enjoy the fact that they don’t have to go out of their way to sell their product.

They can just stay within the confines of their home while managing and shipping orders all without having the fear of there being a bust or a deal going sour.

Plenty of people have been caught selling drugs and it has led to more than one arrest on possession or distribution charges. Despite this, there are still a large number of drug dealers on the dark web catering to the needs of different kinds of people.

2. Dangerous Stuff

It wouldn’t be an illegal market without there being some guns in the mix. The dark web is full of places where you can easily purchase all manner of weapons and guns. So, before you permit your kid to use this market, think twice.

These guns can be anything from stolen property, illegally sourced weapons, weapons taken from the police inventory, or even homemade guns made from salvaged parts. However, that’s not all that the market is limited to.

You can even find other forms of weapons such as knives, Tasers, batons, swords, machetes. However, as of late there have been some restrictions on where you can find weapons in the dark web.

Ever since enforcement agencies have caught wind of this operation, the number of weapons sellers has gone down.

Most dark web marketplaces have forbidden the selling of weapons on their platform to prevent any authorities from looking into their practice.

As of now, there are only a few places where you can actually find them still being sold. That’s not to say that the practice of selling them has completely died off, however.

3. Personal Information

In addition to offering things that a traditional black market in real life might offer, the dark web also has some nuanced offerings that you might not find elsewhere.

Something unique that comes with the advent of the technological age is the ability to hack and harvest personal data. And the dark web is ready to sell it to the highest bidder.

You can easily find large logs full of personal information like addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, medical records, and much more.

Sometimes this can even include things like banking information that can be used to transfer and withdraw cash from a stolen bank account.

The sellers behind all of this are rarely caught because they stay hidden behind a computer screen. They either gain access to the information themselves by hacking databases and storage facilities of companies or they just buy it from former employees and inside sources.

Personal information like this is usually pooled and sold in massive amounts. They’re compiled into large lists and logs that are sold at a set price.

It’s usually hard to recover information like this once it’s out. Chances are, it’s already being sold on multiple different marketplaces.

4. Fake IDs

There’s no business quite so booming on the dark web than the practice of buying and selling fake IDs. And when you consider the degree of illegal goods and services being sold online, the idea of seeing a fake ID being sold sounds mild in comparison.

The dark web offers a plethora of different kinds of fake IDs to be sold to the right buyer. You can find IDs for different countries as well as different states and regions.

Obviously, our top list of fake id websites isn’t the only place where you can find fake ID makers. There are vendors selling these on the dark market as well.

IDs can include things like drivers licenses, employee cards, as well as passports. You can even cards made for specific professions such as ID cards for medical professionals, military personnel, and pilots.

Sellers are more than willing to make custom ID cards to orders and will deal both individual purchases and bulk buys.

Fake IDs that are sold on the dark web are almost always made in the most precision and attention to detail. Not only do they follow the layouts of the latest ID designs but they can even replicate the security features with eerie accuracy.

Everything from the general look of the cards to how they feel your hands is closely replicated. You can find that these sellers use the same materials and techniques used by actual ID manufacturers to make IDs that are virtually impossible to distinguish from the real thing.

Fake ID producers that make and sell these IDs aren’t usually busted as often as you would expect. On the law enforcement radar, they tend to pale in comparison to larger crimes being committed on the dark web. And while you can find a few fake ID related busts, they mostly operate online without much trouble.

5. Credit Cards and Money

Aside from goods and services, the dark web also offers people the chance to multiply their wealth. Sellers on the dark web offer money in both physical and digital forms for anyone brave enough to buy and use it.

You can find sellers putting up stolen credit card information for sale by the truckloads. This can be used to purchase items or withdraw money before the card is reported for fraud.

You can sometimes even find prepaid debit cards with a balance on them being sold for different prices. Both of these can be bought in either digital or physical forms.

But if you’re looking for a form of money that’s easy to liquidate, then you can find that too. Dark web sellers will offer counterfeit bills that are sold for less than their value.

These bills are often immaculate and it’s not easy to tell them apart from the real thing.

Sellers that put up credit cards and money for sale rarely end up behind bars. This kind of information is sourced and sold quickly to avoid anything tracing back to them. This is why you’ll often these kinds of things being sold at fairly low prices.

6. Accounts, Subscriptions, and Log In Info

For those that aren’t enticed into buying big ticket items and services, the dark web provides something less serious than getting drugs or weapons. You can buy something like different accounts to save yourself some money on your monthly expenses.

The dark web offers all kinds of things like paid accounts to services like Netflix, Spotify, VPNs, operating system keys, and paid licenses of different software. You can also find yearly and monthly subscriptions being sold at a fraction of the price.

The kinds of accounts and services are offered thanks to stolen credit card information or by abusing regional pricing. Sometimes they can also be accounts that were hacked.

This is why you can also find log in info for different accounts being sold. If you have an account on a website that was compromised recently, chances are that your info has been leaked.

Why Going Dark isn’t a Good Idea

If you’ve been reading on so far, you might find yourself curious about this hidden marketplace. But before you fire up your computer to go to any of these illicit sites there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Despite all the encryption and network protection, you can still be caught by the authorities if you buy anything off the dark web.
  • A lot of these sellers get busted if they slip up or get arrested. They might end up giving your information to the police if they do.
  • Products that you buy off the dark web are never tested or guaranteed to be safe. You could end up risking your life or the lives of others.
  • Since there’s no identifying information available on the sellers, there’s a high chance you could get scammed out of your money and receive nothing.
  • The dark web is full of shady people. The last thing you want to do is give them your personal information like your address.
  • If something goes wrong, there’s very little to protect you. Going to the police stops being an option too.

So if you weren’t sure before, you should be now. At the end of the day, going to the dark web is never a good idea. You should only let the dark web live and die as a passing interest and nothing more.

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