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The availability of Gift cards as a payment option, Bendable Fakes, Limitless state IDs to choose from and a customer base of over 10,000,000 users makes Fakeyourid.com a leading player in the Fake IDs game.

Founded in 2016, It has captured the market with its updated designs for each driving license that complies with the Real ID.

Just a few days before the publishing of this review, we noticed that ‘Fake Your ID’ has introduced the updated look of their Minnesota, Delaware, & Arkansas IDs.

These licenses are not even available in the market except with them. They also assure customers that they will be the first vendor to release (2019) Kentucky and Iowa designs for state IDs and driving licenses.

Fakeyourid.com Overview

The expectations regarding the products of ‘Fakeyourid’ as a novelty ID provider are immense. The following factors diversify this vendor from the rest.

1. Popularity

If you are yet to be 21 and passionate about getting a sip of alcoholic beer then you must have heard about ‘Fake ID’ as a means to bypass the identification scrutiny.

As per our stats, the vendor “Fakeyourid.com” is utterly popular in Colleges & Schools of states like California, Maryland, Washington, Texas, and many others.

Students often refer to them as ‘FYD’ & pass on promotional/discount codes to each other during their promos.

It hasn’t become popular in a short-term; and has fascinated users for a brief period. In 2018, it wasn’t that popular but with the starting of the new year in January 2019, they revamped the whole design and added 15+ (New State IDs) to their cart system.

2. Features

Holographic of their IDs are spot-on. The users report that most of their IDs have lamination that does not peel with bending.

According to one user by the name “Andy,”

Fakeyourid’s California has a fair brightness level for its invisible features. The boat and the bridge safeguards resemble a real California driver’s license upto 95% precision. Spare a thought about the Polycarbonate’s enhanced version which makes it bend-proof.

Andy says that is ID scanned successfully at eight different locations. Six of these locations are inside California which includes San Diego, Oakland, Los Angeles, and a few others.

He furthers stresses on the point that this ID worked twice at two different locations inside Arkansas. Hence, this makes it an ID which will work in and out of state.

The in-state California identity verifying techniques are reported to be austere. Bartenders usually twist your ID to apply bend pressure and if the laminated part comes off then your fake license will be confiscated or thrown into the garbage.

If you are lucky you might get away but they can press some serious charges. The website ‘Fake Your ID’ provides replicas which have a complete set of features embedded inside.

3. Pricing

The normal price of a novelty ID varies from vendor-to-vendor. For example; Premiumfakes.com offers an ID for 100 USD while another vendor ID Viking may offer the same license for 89 USD. In the case of ‘FYD’ or ‘Fakeyourid.com’ their pricing is the most expensive of all.

It starts at 125-200 USD depending upon your shipping type. Some customers deem this as overpriced while others believe that an ID with low-quality isn’t worth the risk. Regardless of their pricing, for people who wouldn’t compromise on the security elements of a fake ID card; Fakeyourid will be a priority.

They have packages for group orders where you can avail a normal license for $50-60 but that requires you to be a part of your group. On the other hand, 75 USD for express shipping is not something very uncommon. Known fake ID makers have always charged 50-60$ for delivering packages overnight. Hence, this can be justified.

4. Convenient Payment Options

They accept various payment options which are convenient as a buyer. Most people are afraid to expose their financial details online.

Whether it be a legitimate business or payment to a fake ID maker; people refrain from handing their personal credentials online. This could be due to many reasons.

  1. Identity Theft
  2. Trust
  3. Data Leak

Fakeyourid.com advertises leak-proof system which guarantees the encryption of your data. They delete order details once your information is processed and dispatched for printing.

They accept payment options which do not expose your vital information. Hence, your purchase cannot be tracked and there will be a minimal chance of it getting leaked.

They use Google Play Gift Cards as a payment option. As we have discussed this on our How to Pay for a Fake ID Page, It is one of the most secure and best options for a purchase of this magnitude.

Do We Recommend FakeYourid.com?

Yes, It is currently one of the top ranked websites for providing fake IDs to customers in the US. The success mantra of their ID cards has a high appraisal ratio. Their ID cards come with Scannable codes & shiny holograms. Most review & fake ID blogs rate them as the best provider in the market. Hence, they gain our trust and word.

We value your feedback & await your response. Please get back to us with your comments.

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 3 reviews
by DECATUR on Fake IDs
New Georgia Epic

Georgian license comes with sophisticated elements. The yellow star of Real ID compliancy now comes with a black color & your photo is transparent with a greyish background. When this ID was unveiled, I thought no freaking fake ID website would be able to match a card to this sophistication but I was wrong because Fake Your ID the leader of the forgeries has made it possible to convert this template in to a workable ID.

My license not only scans but when a bartender looks at it they feel confident that it is the real deal. There was only one instance where I was asked for additional verification but I still managed to get in with my friends & now I usually take this to bars with takeaway for cold beer Its fun & you should try this new license if you want.

P.S: I got this ID for a review! They will release it in the coming week!

by Rider on Fake IDs
Fakeyourid.com Arkansas

I purchased my first beer last Friday thanks to Fakeyourid.com and their Arkansas license. After surfing the internet and ID sites for hours saw an Arkansas (2019) updated license sample on their website.

Ordered from them in the next step. As usual their communication is fast and it doesn't get better than this. They are as legitimate as it gets. Helped me creating license number and the rest. And now I can use their license for a few years to come. Heads up!


by Ronnie on Fake IDs
Accurate ID

Template: Great resemblance to an actual AZ ID. Micro and perforations are spot on.

Holograms: AZ has a laser-engraved reptile its included in this.

UV: My photo on the back has DOB and is visible under UV. It is the toughest feature to recreate.

Pricing: As usual FYD is not cheap but I had to try them as every other website that I ordered from fails to satisfy Bouncers instate.

Scanning: Magnetic stripe works good. The QR code has little grains over it but passes PDF417 tests.

Overall: Good work and I am satisfied with the performance so far. I have rated them 4 out of 5.



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