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Drinking your booze with the help of a fake license cannot be amusing more than a website openly admitting to making these for the exact purpose. Justin, 21, is one of my buddies located in Oregon. He explains how he used “FakeYourDrank” a fake id vendor, in 2010, to obtain the very first “Oregon driver’s license” replica from this website back then.

FakeyourDrank (FYD) Overview

1. One of the Oldest Fake ID Service

In 2019, now we are seeing many changes to the same company. This fake id service also provides Washington state licenses of the newer version. Apart from this, they have expanded their identification templates from just a couple of state IDs to majorly demanded ones. Most people do not know where to get a fake id but if you use your common thinking the process is quite easy.

Running a fake ID service with reliability, profound communication & providing Scannable Driving licenses to customers is an expensive process with recurring costs. While some claims by most novelty ID makers are obviously dubious but “FakeyourDrank.com” is one website which leads in making full-proof ID cards for some states like Washington, Oregon and, a few others.

2. Customer Satisfaction Ranks High

If you look around and find concrete reviews then, you can find some tremendous feedback regarding their products. Their buyers are extremely satisfied with the kind of service that “Fakeyourdrank” aka “FYD” provides to them. They do not ignore problems or queries and, even answer pre-sales question(s) in a profound manner. Most of the ID making websites will often ignore their buyers after a sale has been made. If you open a ticket with them for a “Tracking Number” or ask them about the whereabouts of your package then, you are likely going to get an arrogant reply from the support staff. However, this particular website does lead the rest in this element.

According to one user, he was provided with a new fake ID after he complained of issues with his photoshop edited background in the photo. All he had to do was open a ticket & provide a new image. They did not even charge him a dime which means they do care about building a good reputation and trust among their customers.

Technical Web Analysis

1. Reddit Connection

One of the most important trust seals that this provider carries is that it lists as one of the oldest sites in the Reddit’s “/R/FakeID” directory or channel. The registrar information for the domain “Fakeyourdrank.com” will show you that it is one of the oldest websites in this industry which has remained open. Many of the other counterparts such as “Really Good Fakes” did run away with exit scams.

2. Support Tickets & Fast Processing

Our members have highly praised the ordering process for this particular website. It is fast & fluent and explains what you need to do in order to get your order completed. Buying fake ids from them will only take you a few minutes. In fact, the group ordering system is faster than most ID makers. You can also notice customized “CART SYSTEM” which means that they are professional at organizing your forms & information.

Do We Recommend “Fake Your Drank” Fake ID Website?

We will definitely recommend it to you in case, you are tired of getting novelty ID(s) of Washington and, Oregon state that does not scan. This vendor has a classic record of giving you perfect replicas of these two states. We are unsure about the rest of the Driver’s licenses that they recently started offering. In fact, One of our members recently ordered their “New Illinois” design and, he hasn’t rated it below 6 out of 10. However, if you want to stay on the safer side use then, you can surely use this website to deliver you fakes that has a zero confiscation ratio so far.


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