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The document editing industry has been gaining significant growth since it became prominent in 2005, many people have been using fake IDs for numerous reasons, and most of these IDs are said to serve their purpose while some fake IDs have placed their users in trouble. There are numerous fake ID service providers in the world however, we are going to review one of the most popular ones– fake-id.com.

In this easy-to-digest article we are going to break down fake-id.com into this content:

  • What is fake-id.com?
  • A review of the service that fake-id.com renders.
  • Quality of the ID we obtained from fake-id.com.

About Fake-id.com

Fake-id.com is one of the most distinguished fake ID sources worldwide, Fake-id.com has been in business since 2007, and this business is currently classified as the major source of fake id cards in the UK, Germany, USA, Asia, and Europe.

Fake-id.com services include fake student id cards, fake press cards, fake State IDs, fake photo IDs, fake driving licenses, and many more fake ID cards. They offer an online service, which implies that anyone could buy fake ID online, and, after purchase, the fake identification cards are usually delivered to the buyer within 10 days to 14 days.

Detailed Review Fake-id.com

Our team visited fake-id.com on our journey through this review, when we entered the website; fake-id.com we heard a song, the website also had an attractive video of three girls walking out of the club, this video is quite ambiguous, but we suspect that these girls went into the club with fake IDs, ordered liquors and enjoyed all the illegal things they shouldn’t enjoy as an underage.

This is just our most reasonable perception of the video; we can’t state this as a fact so let us continue this review. The website promised us an affordable, beautiful design, high print quality, highly secure holograms, and fast, and discrete shipping ID.

Regarding affordability, we noticed the price to procure a fake ID from that website is 39.99 Euros. This price was satisfying for people in need of ‘freedom from restrictions. Back to our review, we checked the shop section on fake-id.com to check their offers, and we noticed eight different types of IDs namely:

  • Student ID card.
  • State ID card.
  • Driver license.
  • Citizen ID card.
  • Photo identification.
  • Press ID card.
  • Fishing ID card.
  • Boater license.

We followed the three steps to procure our fake ID, this helped our team to comprehend the extent of fake-id.com service. The three steps to procure a fake ID from fake-id.com are clarified below:

  1. Select a design:
    The first step the team went through was to select a design for the fake ID we wanted. Fake-id.com website named itself a CARD DESIGN STUDIO, so we entered the design studio and made our choice.
  2. Edit the card details:
    Next up, we edited the card details.
  3. Payment:
    The shipping price and printing cost us $45 which is relatively affordable when compared to other companies that would cost twice as much.

We paid our bills through Amazon payment though there are other different payment platforms– Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Amazon payments, PaysafeCard, Bank Wire, and SOFORT.com, Discover. We received an email notification, and we can affirm that fake-id.com is not a scam.

Quality of Fake-id.com Fake IDs

Let’s talk about the quality of the ID, but before that let us talk about our experience on the website.

The website had numerous designs however, we encountered difficulty in uploading our photographs likewise our signature, when we eventually uploaded our photo, the result was poor in quality.

We enjoyed the customized full content on fake-id.com and payment was easy. Our top fake ID card arrived in 10 days in a small envelope, immediately after we got our ID card, we ran a physical test to see if the cards would look real enough to bouncers, doormen, and sales representatives.

We checked five components of the ID unfortunately, the result eventually revealed that our fake ID was fake! The first element we checked was the magnetic strip, we went through a quick test of placing a flashlight beneath the magnetic strip, a fake ID magnetic strip is always transparent beneath light and just like it should be, the magnetic strip of the ID we ordered were transparent when we shone a flashlight beneath it.

Next up, we checked the fonts, fake IDs fonts are usually inconsistent, surprisingly, the fake-id.com ID card passed this test, and the fonts and colors had no noticeable variations so we moved to the next test.

The next test was to check if the name and information on the ID were aligned, good enough the fake ID passed this test. The name and information were not sloppy and every first letter aligned with the next. This was an impressive one from fake-id.com so we moved on to the next test which was to test the ID card for rough edges.

This is one of the easiest ways to inspect an ID card, most fake IDs are not printed in a similar uniform way as real IDs, real IDs have uniform and smooth edges, in contrast, fake IDs have varying smoothness, and rough edges. We inspected the card we ordered and the ID failed this test, we bent the card and it appeared to have rough edges.

The final test was to test the hologram, fake-id.com promised a highly secure hologram layer, but the truth is that no one but the authentic source can assure you a secure hologram.

Whenever you move a real ID card back and forth, the holograms appear, but if the holograms are always bright and look charming when the card is laying down flat there is a 99% likelihood that the ID card is fake. When we tried this test, we moved the fake card back and forth– the hologram didn’t appear but when we laid out the card, the holograms looked bright and fine.

At the end of our test, we had nothing else to say than that fake-id.com would never offer you an alternative to authentic cards but would put you in trouble at some point. It is better to avoid them also, we don’t recommend fake-id.com for buying fake IDs for clubbing, smoking, buying liquor, or drinking.

Jason Kray

Jason Kray was born in Yakima, Washington. He has written more than 100 reviews on novelty IDs keeping a close eye on "Fake ID Services" & their year-to-year performance.

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  • Third class ids. Lacks any clarity or holograms. No authentic features. Just a piece of plastic that is useless! Please avoid this seller!

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  • DO NOT BUY HERE! I bought 2 ids with “express delivery” and paid 250 dollars with bitcoin. After about 10 days, I started sending emails checking on the status of the ids. They gave me a couple generic responses before blocking my email. I just left the same review on other fake id review blogs. Fake-id.com must own that fake website also. I have learned the hard way believing these fake good reviews on this fraudulent so-called company. If you read any good reviews on this company, they are as fake as these cowards are. Don’t waste your money here. I am an educated person, and I am pissed I got scammed by these people!

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  • These sites are all ripoffs. Avoid id-hurry at all costs as well. If any of you know of a reputable, pls let me know. But I'm not holding my breath.

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