The involvement of this website to a well-known Scam site named ‘King of Fakes‘ cannot be ignored. In the last couple of years, a group of moderators from the Reddit Fake ID channel founded a community ‘Fake ID Vendors‘ and EvolvedIDs.com has made it to the verified vendor’s list as prepared by them. Anyhow, it does not rule out a contrary belief by their customers who have had quite a fraudulent experience using them.

EvolvedIDs.COM Overview

EvolvedIDs features a blog which steals posts from other websites and is currently involved in popularizing the website King Of Fakes.

We believe that the listing of this company as a verified vendor (VVL) is influenced financially or personally by Evolved IDs.

Hence, you have to watch out for different factors before deciding to buy a fake ID from Evolved IDs. As you can see the screenshot below; their Blog by the name ‘join.evolvedfakeids.club’ is advocating for a fake ID scam site.

1. Stern State IDs

Washington, Connecticut, and New Jersey are states known for confiscating ID cards from young teens. In fact, NJ has ranked second in the past year for making record arrests against people using fraudulent identification under different circumstances.

Evolved IDs is a company that makes fake licenses of these states and as the career of young people is usually emerging; it should be noted that if caught with a fraudulent license of these states, you might end up getting your career destroyed.

So, unless you are ready to take a risk of that magnitude; we will advise against opting for Evolved IDs.

2. Outdated Templates

The CT that they make is outdated and was last updated in 2006. It is not real ID compliant and which makes it riskier to use it in or out of state.

The only license that they make up-to-date is that of Pennsylvania. It is one of the hardest state IDs to replicate. We have received several complaints regarding their laminates getting worn-out with a little use.

The UV printed patterns on their new Pennsylvania lacks the bright effect when exposed to sensitive light. What is more surprising is that they charge almost (100 USD) for such an inferior product. They do not even offer free duplicates for that much price.

While on the other hand, as you can see a list of our Best Fake ID Sites, where most of them will hand you a better fake ID for the same price. So, there are no good reasons as to why a person will acquire their product.

It is more like an overpriced ID with no practical skills or professional safeguards embedded.

3. Low-quality Elements

Evolved’s fake ID products come with obvious fake elements.

One ‘customer’ reports: The laser-perforations are the worst he has seen on a Missouri license. I compared it with the Barbook Guidelines and it looked fake straight away let alone compared with a real Missouri license.

One of the other major setbacks regarding their IDs is that they come printed on different material than required. For instance, if you order a new Washington ID; you will get one printed on Teslin while we know that the (2023) DMV issued WA licenses come crafted on Polycarbonate. Even for the sake of argument; if they do it because Teslin bends better than Polycarbonate it still doesn’t make sense.

4. Erroneous Encoding

Jason Kray, our member at Fake ID Top, reports purchasing an ID from them last month. It comes with an invalid Soundex code & a valid 2D barcode. The surprising factor was that the Inventory control number on the back was also invalid.

A person that validates your fake ID will check the 2D barcode on the back 8 times out of 10. But suppose someone validates the 1D barcode (Inventory control number) and if it turns up invalid then, they will most likely spot your ID as false.

In case of a fraudulent license making it look like a real one; everything has to be spot on. There is no room for even the slightest of mistakes. Most ID makers are busy in minting money by providing you with less-secure novelty IDs. It is essential that as a youngster you only look for cards that are vital to your security.

Do we Recommend Evolved Fake IDs?

No, we do not believe that you shall waste your money by using them. They make false IDs on outdated templates. These are available for pretty lower prices in the market. You could even get a bunch of IDs for the same price domestically. Unless you are dumb enough to be fooled by their strategies; you shouldn’t buy from Evolved IDs at all.

Korey Thomas Anderson

Korey Thomas Anderson was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has worked as a Bouncer & has valuable experience in spotting invalid identification cards. His work has been widely appreciated by Bar Owners & currently writes for our Blog.

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  • Not reliable when it comes to shipping , they mostly use standard shipping & make excuses that FedEx or priority shipping methods cannot pass through Customs because of fake id packages. So why make people pay for it? or false advertise in the first place?

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  • Are Evolved ids still in business? Last time I checked they took a Brief pause in resuming. i can vouch for your NJ ids

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  • Evolvedids is weird. They reply faster upon contacting for sales but they will not explain why my fake id has a wrong signature and date of birth? If the staff can read my review you can contact me to fix this. I don't need an id saying that I was born in 2010 that is an easy tell and would get me in trouble. i will pay for the reprint shipping if you fix this up for me.

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