Dingo Fakes: Reviews Updated for 2023


Dingo Fakes: Is it a legit fake id website?

Many underage students are buying novelty IDs online these days and are always searching for the best fake ID maker or the best fake ID websites. There are dozens of suppliers that claim to provide ‘rock-solid’ IDs that can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

However, what you may not know is that many of these sellers are not just offering cheap quality IDs (ones that will never pass as a real one) but many of them are straight up scams as well.

If you end up buying from a scammer online, not only will you lose money but might also compromise your sensitive personal information.

Before you buy a novelty ID online from a supplier claiming to be the best fake ID maker, please, check the supplier’s credibility. Only buy from them if you can actually trust them to a certain degree to deliver what they have promised.

Let’s find out.

About Dingo Fakes

DingoFakes is a novelty ID selling website that came up recently in 2023. On their website, they claim to provide fake IDs and, even, driving licenses that are as good as the real ones. They also claim that their novelty IDs can easily bypass hologram, backlight (UV) and various barcode/scanning tests.

Their website further mentions that their IDs are high quality and they claim that the IDs are made on high-resolution film with unique fonts and colors. Their products also have patch holograms and opacity marks.

The website further mentions that they deliver their products in 48 hours once complete payment is made and authenticated. They also claim to deliver to almost all the states across the United States of America.

All this is what DingoFakes claims on their website.

Now let us find out how true these claims are and whether or not you can trust Dingo Fakes to purchase novelty IDs.

Dingo Fake IDs Reviews

We researched, analyzed and, even, experimented with DingoFakes by placing multiple purchase orders with different particulars and this is what we finally conclude in our DingoFakes review:

  • Cheap Quality – The quality of the IDs is so cheap that it could never pass as a genuine ID forget passing through scanners and other tests. If you are actually relying on the novelty ID to get you through some situation, don’t rely on DingoFakes because their IDs do not resemble the genuine ones and can be easily caught.


  • Selective Scams – We placed multiple orders on the site and for majority of them we didn’t even receive the IDs, let alone what their quality might have been. Despite trying to reach out to them time and again, there was no response. Our money on those orders was gone and we could do nothing. In a nutshell, they selectively scam people. Some might receive their products (and, they are not what you expect them to be in terms of quality and specification) while most will simply be scammed.


  • DingoFakes shipping issues – There are so many DingoFakes shipping horror stories that you can find everywhere online. There are occasions, more often than not, when the DingoFakes packages have been caught by customs. It is a surprise that even some of their packages get through customs because the way they pack their products is a total giveaway. It poses so much trouble for the buyers when a package gets caught. The buyers end up facing so much hassle and legal issues as well.


These are just some of the major issues that we found in our DingoFakes review. If you do a small search online, you can yourself find a whole lot of information about their operations and how thousands of people have been scammed and are unable to do anything about it now.

A simple look at their website will also reveal a lot about the business, such as –

  1. The DingoFakes website is a poorly constructed site that is not at all user friendly.
  2. There is no proper way for you to contact them.
  3. All you can find on their website is an email address (on which there is no response) and a social media handle.
  4. The site gives no proper information about DingoFakes, the business or the brand.
    The website doesn’t invoke the kind of trust that you need to make a purchase.


Is Dingo Fakes a scam?

Yes, most definitely, Dingo Fakes is a scam fake id website. They may be fulfilling a handful of orders, however, even those people are not receiving the type or quality of ID that had been promised in the first place.

Moreover, majority of the orders are left unfulfilled and there is no customer support system where these people can seek a response.

Most of them are scammed, they lose money and have nowhere to go and complain. It stresses people out and even leads to bigger hassles such as issues with the authorities if a package gets caught up in customs (which has happened way more often than one might think).

Our Verdict - Fakeid.top

So, from our DingoFakes review, here’s our verdict – the website is a total scam and buyers must stay away from it unless they want to get scammed and lose money.

If you are searching for the top fake ID or the best fake ID state, there are lots of other options that actually deliver what they promise. But, DingoFakes is not one of them.

Jason Kray

Jason Kray was born in Yakima, Washington. He has written more than 100 reviews on novelty IDs keeping a close eye on "Fake ID Services" & their year-to-year performance.

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  • Got 2 ids from Dingo fakes. almost feels the same as the poly version and sounds about the same when dropped with maybe a bit less clunk, colors are noticeably brighter than the poly version, the text seems very bold compared to the poly, the lens at some angles just looks like it’s a picture of me hot glued on. Glows yellow when shining a light through, So not too sure how it passes but it does.

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