How to Select the Best State for Fake IDs


Fake IDs 2023: Which State is The Best?

A fake ID serves as a pass to the underground lifestyle of booze for the underage like ourselves. Getting one is easy thanks to the verified fake ID websites list FakeID.Top.

Whether your counterfeit license works or not depends upon many factors. The first one is choosing the suitable state ID to fake.

How to choose an appropriate State for your Fake ID Purchase?

Here’s a list of instructions with full guidelines on how to select a license.

Among many questions that come into your mind once you think of buying an ID the most important one should be What State ID is the Best when it comes to using it?

This is a sort of question the answer to which is not straight-forward. There are many factors to consider before you decide which ID will suit your use.

The following elements & factors need to be analyzed which may contribute to the decision of choosing the state of your ID.

1. Location – Where Will You be Using Your Fake ID?

It contributes almost fifty percent to the purpose of using your ID. In an imaginary scenario, If you purchase an ID of Washington and use it in Alabama then you may come across the described situation below.

You might also find yourself being questioned if you claim to be from somewhere you’re not. You might be asked where you go to school or work.

You might be asked about any nearby restaurants, attractions, or famous landmarks. If you draw a blank or take too long to answer, that’s a telling clue that you might not be from where you claim to be. 

Bouncers can extract small hints from you that they can use to guess whether you’re from where you say you are. If you have a fake ID from Texas but have a thick Brooklyn accent, it will prompt a deeper investigation into your ID.

It is a fact that IDs will have different validity periods for different states. An ID from one state might expire earlier or later than the other state.

For example, getting an ID of Ohio that says you’re 24 is a bit of a gamble since IDs only last 4 years there. If you’re still using that ID after a year of use, it’s going to send lots of potential red flags. 

You can either get your ID confiscated because as we know that as a resident of Alabama you will not be aware of the security features that come with it.

Even if your ID is too good and scans fine there is always a risk that the Bouncer or Bartender usually inspects an out of state ID more than an in-state ID.

Although, they may not be familiar with the elements or features that come with it that may give them a strong reason to tag your ID as suspicious and verify it further with more validation.

If you are lucky and possess a fake SSN or Credit Card with the same information as your fake ID then you may getaway. Otherwise, it is highly likely that your fake license may get confiscated or worse; get arrested with charges of identity-altering.

2. Purpose – Why Do you Need The Fake ID?

Underage Drinking: It is reported by the American Institute of Alcoholic Drinking (AIAD) that almost ninety percent of Fake IDs are availed by people aged between 14 to 18. The legal drinking age in the US is “21” and which might be the number one reason why young fellows obtain fake IDs to buy drinks with alcoholic presence. There are also many other purposes which include.

Opening a Bank Account: Many people use these fraudulent licenses to open a Bank account. This may vary because some Banks in the US will want you to get them Address Proof, Social Security Card and other documentation. So it may work in that case or may not.

Online Verification: The last couple of years for social media giants like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram has been like a bumpy ride. Many things have changed since then. Celebrities, Lawyers & many other popular people became victims of “Fake News” or “Fake Accounts” in their names spreading false propaganda.

So, they introduced a new security rule under which each account has to be verified under a Government Issued State identification or document in digital form. Thus, the market of “Digital Fake IDs” has boomed since then and you will find many people looking to buy digital IDs of real people for a fair price.

Korey Thomas Anderson

To Take Your Girl on a Date to a Bar: When you’re underaged, there’s a limited number of places you can take your date without boring them out of their mind. You don’t want to ruin their impression of you by taking them to mini-golf or a movie for the umpteenth time. 

You want to be able to level up your game and show your girl you can do better than that. You want to switch things up and make them exciting. That’s why you need a fake ID. It can open the door to all kinds of different possibilities that you can then use for your dates.

The possibilities are endless. You can take your girl to sit down and enjoy a nice drink at a bar or even a club if you’re in the mood to drink and dance away. Not only will you make your night memorable, but you will also end up impressing your date.

For Watching a Movie in a Theatre: How many times have you been excited by the hottest new movie coming out only to find out it’s been rated R? Probably too many. It’s never a good feeling when you can’t watch the movie you want or have to watch a heavily cut version of it. All this because some censor board somewhere decided it was too inappropriate for you to see. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to put up with it too much as long as you have a fake ID in hand. A fake will give you an easy pass into a movie theatre without any age restrictions imposed on you. No more will you have to miss out on a movie you’ve been dying to see or force an adult to accompany you to the theatre. 

You’ll be in charge of your own movie choices. And the best part? You’ll also be able to get your friends or your dates in once you get access. 

Booking a Hotel Room for That Party: As fun as a house party is, sometimes it’s not the best place to hang out. You have to wait for ages for someone’s folks to go out of town to get that opportunity. And when you do, it’s a kind of a barebones experience. Not to mention the cleanup that you have to do once the party’s over. Sadly, hotels aren’t an option when you’re underaged. 

That’s where fake IDs can be a lifesaver. They will give you the power to book yourself a hotel room no matter how old you are. That means you can get yourself a dedicated location the next time you’re looking to host a basher. 

It’ll serve as a discreet place to gather your friends for a party. You won’t have to worry about making sure everyone leaves. You won’t have to worry about cleaning either and can let the house staff take care of that for you.

After considering these specifications you can then proceed to the next step. Things to consider before opting for ID fake of a state.

  • Which State has the most passing percentage?
  • What Driving license has the least modern security features?
  • Instate or out of State ID (You can choose your adjacent state)
  • Read reviews
  • Confiscation ratio of IDs
  • Pricing or Budget
  • Familiarity with the ID
  • Find out the Premium Provider or Choose from our list of fake ID websites.
  • See their perspective & find out the most frequently sold ID from your selected vendor.

If you need to read more information on how to go about Buying your fake ID then, you may read our full “How to Get a Fake ID” guide and learn more about other things to consider.

What States Do We Recommend As The Easiest & Best Option For In and out of State?


1. Maine

Maine Driver’s License Sample

Talks going on about the possible newer licenses for the state of Maine have ended. The template of the Maine Driving licenses and State identification remained the same for almost eight years. Last year, the state was granted an extension to meet with the Real ID Act (2005) requirements.

One thing that most fake ID making companies talk about is that this particular license only has a few easy-to-alter features. It only comes with a few holograms that you can obtain from almost any normal hologram sleeve maker.

The ID has no ultraviolet hidden features. It means that it is also cost-effective for the counterfeit industry to manufacture these since the price to obtain UV printing inks makes an ID expensive and less profitable for its makers.

Moreover, the PDF417 format of these “QR codes” on the back of Main IDs come generated by an ordinary software. It is printed using Teslin which is cheaper than the newer driving licenses of some states that require vendors to print them on Polycarbonate or PVC which are expensive substances.

After a long wait, Maine has finally made the jump to the new ID template made compulsory by the Real ID Act. You may think this means that using an ID from Maine won’t be like it used to be, but thankfully, that’s not the case.

It is still one of the most backed states for a fake ID. The security features are easy enough to replicate, so you won’t have too much trouble passing it off as real. 

It’s safe to say that this ID has a good enough chance to get through. That’s why it still holds the #1 spot on this list.

The passing and success of Maine counterfeit ID are leading as compared to the rest.

According to fake ID website IDBOSS:

We have never received any complaints regarding Maine IDs. There has rarely been a complaint reported to us by any of our customers about the quality. We deem it as one of the best options in the market with an easy printing job.


Who Makes the Best Maine Fake ID?



Currently, there is no way to compare both. IDGod sells outdated Maine (ME) licenses while has an excellent reputation for this state.

We also recommend as a the second option because their pricing is slightly cheaper than FYD. Learn more about full reviews of or read analysis of IDGOD.

2. Indiana

Indiana Driver’s license sample

The gradient pink color of this license makes it a challenging job for any forgery maker. It is one of the most popular licenses used widely by alcohol lovers.

The template received an overall revamp & the 2020 Indiana licenses are tougher to fake. Whether it be the quality or the unchanged design of this card; it remains a top choice among fake ID buyers.

Indiana & Kentucky licenses have a greyscale background for the photos. Since many fake ID vendors are using the laser-engraving technique to forge elements of licenses such as California, Florida, etc. Hence, it is easier for them to learn the technique & rebuild Indiana’s latest template for printing.

ID makers have long used Teslin to counterfeit this ID but now have adopted Polycarbonate as leading material. It is rigid but bendable in pure form.

The stats suggest that this particular fake license will work eight out of ten times if used to enter a bar or a gas station in Indiana. As easy as it sounds, there are also some obstacles in making Indiana licenses.

The hidden ghost portrait of the license owner is one of the daunting elements to replicate. Indiana comes with a UV printed duplicate photo of the cardholder on the front.

It becomes visible when the license is examined under a source of ultraviolet light. The state bird chickadee holograms & some other appearances are easy to handle for most makers.

Bars have declared this as one of the tougher ones to spot. One Bouncer suggests that he inspects this particular license multiple times because he has been fooled many times by kids carrying counterfeit Indiana licenses.

Where to Buy Indiana Fake ID?

Old IronSides Fakes (OIS) Vs


New format of the license is available on both sites. While OIS offers a replica for a decent price but lacks a major feature; inverted window.

The original ID comes with an inverted portrait of the card’s primary photo. nails this feature & even uses the greyscale ink to a perfection. However, their pricing is a on a higher side. So we are 50/50 on this one. Read full Old Ironsides fakes reviews here.

3. Iowa

Iowa licenses were once heavily ordered when they came in the simple design. In 2018, the shape and texture of these licenses have changed due to meeting the requirements with the Federal real ID act.

At the same time, the outdated licenses of Iowa are still valid.

If you are nervous as to which state ID would be the best for you? Then, this one should be on your list. As long as you provide a decent signature & photo of yourself to a reputable fake ID provider then, you shouldn’t worry about getting caught with it.

It is difficult to spot Iowa licenses with flaws. They do not have complex safeguards. Hence, most Bouncers will only validate the barcodes on the back or most likely scan it for UV. If you are good with those, then it will work in and out of state both.

Most counterfeit sellers of this state are still selling the outdated version of the card. However, premium ID providers have approved the newer template.

The ultraviolet backside of this card uses vibrant inks to reproduce hidden features. Hence, if you were to purchase the newer ID then, let’s not expect to get it for a cheaper price.

Who Makes the Best Iowa Fake ID?

Fakeyourid Vs IDGod Vs BogusBraxtor


Bogus Braxtor is probably the first vendor to launch the newer variation. Their license are not real ID compliant. Quality wise they beat IDGod.

The brightness of the first & lastname in UV on the back is missing in Bogusbraxtor’s Iowa IDs. Fakeyourid’s accuracy is spot on. IDGod has a decent Iowa ID as well. Read full review of on here.

4. Georgia

Georgia new driver’s license photo

The fake ID of Georgia is fourth on our list. Not naming it as “The Most Popular Fake ID State Online” would be an understatement. ID providers are usually flooded with orders of this novelty ID on weekends. The message is clear & that means that this ID works.

The “Peachtree” state ID has a high scanning chance. It comes with features that are not too troublesome for the forgery industry to keep up with. The shiny holograms are usually available in open markets of China. 

Georgia’s new template released in 2023. It took no longer than six months for top forgery makers to introduce this license.

Most are still using the early version but a few have moved on & are now printing licenses on the up-to-date form. The prior design for “GA” IDs remained the same for almost six years.

As of now, both IDs are easily available & commonly sold. Blacklight features & scannable magnetic stripe is an addition to the features. The real challenge is optimizing the linear glow feature on the back of this card. 

The main feature of the ID card: Georgia Capitol State Building illuminates under UV light. Most forgery makers surpass the required opacity of the shine on the edges. There are some with precise cloning of this feature.

Which Website Prints Georgia Fake IDs?

Fakeyourid Vs Top Fake ID


These three are probably the only ID making sites with Georgia’s new template on the shelves. Star embled feature is a challenging task for technicians in China. has a tremendous Georgia ID.

Their experience with the prior design was commendable as well. Lost Identification lacks vibrant holograms on their GA IDs. has a high percentage of scannable codes on this ID.

Learn more & read full review of other fake ID states by Lost-Identification here.

5. Florida

Florida new driver’s license 2020 design

With the release of the “Golden Window” feature in the Florida driving license; it became apparent that the printing company for this state & New York licenses is the same. 

The recent revamp of Arkansas license also has the ‘OVD’ feature which means that the hidden photo of the person’s actual photo would serve as a hologram of the ID. 

The Florida DMV uses Polycarbonate as a rigid substance to make this license.

It comes with elements that the counterfeit industry hasn’t seen before. Hence, we wouldn’t call the “2019 Florida License” the best option for you. However, the outdated “FL” IDs are still available and easy to use. They will remain valid for the next 2 years mainly till 2020.

Who Makes the Best Florida Fake ID?

Fakeyourid Vs Fakeyourdrank vs Topfakeid


Fakeyourdrank recently showcased their new FL IDs. The emphasis is on the main features such as the Golden window & UV hologram.

Fakeyourdrank’s Florida beats IDGod when it comes to these two features. Florida IDs come with a magnetic stripe as well.’s FL licenses are tested on BCS & are known for passing out of state.

Learn more & read full analysis of Fakeyourdrank here.

6. Connecticut

Connecticut driver’s license sample

Connecticut state has a feature-rich identity card. With the iconic figures printed on the cardstock; it remains a tough ID to revamp. However, if you do get your hands on a decent replication then, you are most likely to get in and out of state Bars. 

Judging from user reviews one can conclude that the demand for this state’s licenses has soared over the years. Counterfeit industry reports that from making to handling the shipping; Connecticut state is one of the easier & cheaper IDs to clone. 

The prior IDs used affordable laminate rolls. A cardstock of Teslin & any normal printing equipment should do the job. The recent “CT ids” issued by the DMV are tricky and costs more to replicate those.

The laser machine used to engrave the Whale figure on the card is no easy job. Microprinting throughout the ID is another feature that requires an expanded budget. The demand hasn’t decreased for these either.

Who Makes the Best Connecticut Replicas?

IDViking vs Fakeyourid vs


Comparing IDGod’s CT licenses with other makers is challenging. ID Viking charges $89.99 USD for a CT license with standard shipping.

However, it misses one vital feature; engraved whale. Fakeyourid’s Connecticut costs $125-200 USD but is an overall complete package.

IDGod’s CT lacks UV aeroplane & the microprinting is not printed directly onto the stock. The laminates of’s are also better than the rest.

Learn more & read full reviews of ID VIKING here.

7. Texas

Texas ID card sample

There’s no arguing that this state ID has many variations. Be it a yellow star or the invisible features; forgery makers rate the state as premium when it comes to demand.

This state ID is recommended for those who opt for normal pricing & high scanning chance. The QR codes are not as complex as other IDs have but now that we have a newer Texas template in 2020; things will change. 

The older version is still valid for a couple of years to come. However, most customers have already started anticipating the current template.

It may take a couple of months before this license rolls out & to take out the bugs. Hence, we recommend TX’s previous IDs as one of the suggested options to use.

Where to Get the Best Texas ID?

IDsBuddy Vs Vs IDTop


IDTop makes compliant TX IDs and comes with the star.’s is popular for their encoding. Overall, both vendors can be categorized into the same ranking position.

However, we can deduct points from IDTop because of their long shipping times. IDsBuddy has a problem of seized packages & complaint ratio is high.

You can learn more & read full analysis of IDs Buddy. The section also hosts IDTop Reviews in detail.

8. New York

New York License Sample

The recent pandemic might have created a bit of panic in the state. However, NY is one of the liveliest states in the US. The license of this ID has the iconic figures of NY. 

Window ghost imagery; one of the costlier & technically difficult things to copy. Vendors report that the profit percentage in terms of NY fake licenses is less.

There is also a high risk of confiscation. That doesn’t stop the flow of orders for this particular ID. 

Many users report that this ID works in other adjacent states to the NY state. If properly formatted; it might also work in NYC.

Where to Buy the Best New York IDs?

IDChief Vs IDGod Vs Topfakeid


A premium NY ID can be a huge asset. Transparent window & ghost OVI are New York ID’s main features. IDGod’s color scheme does not match the vibrant grey-scale background of NY IDs.

IDchief’s NY IDs have both back and UV features. Fakeyourdrank’s pricing is better than the rest of the vendors.’s comparatively beats IDGod by matching the exact scale of the texture & Polycarbonate’s rigidness as issued by the DMV.

Read full information & detailed review of IDCHIEF here.

9. Illinois

Illinois Driver’s License Sample Photo

Lincoln’s state has adopted Chicago’s skyline & other skyscrapers in the imagery of the template. The DMV rolled out a new look for the state’s IDs a couple of years ago. So far, the order book suggests that the state IDs are simple to cater to. 

Scanning has never been a problem. The complexity of Lincoln’s figure on the license makes it an unfavorable one. The hat on the front of the ID seems impossible to precisely craft.

Many vendors have failed to nail this feature. Our recommendation is not to purchase this if you are using this inside Illinois.

Which Maker has the Best Illinois Licenses?

BLACKID.PH Vs Fake Your ID Vs TopFakeID

BLACKID.PH 10-15 DAYS 59% 100 USD

We recommend getting this one from Topfakeid & using their express shipping you can avail this in a couple of days.

They probably have ready made templates just waiting for your information to be printed on them.

10. California

California Driver’s license sample

The best seller of all-time. The state’s IDs are sold out like groceries. One vendor reports that more than half of the IDs they ship are of this state.

That may be due to the vibrant drinking culture the state possess as a heritage. However, it is one of the most costlier IDs to copy.

CA’s new template not only requires expensive Polycarbonate but also has a magnetic stripe & two-dimensional barcode on the back.

Esteemed encoding software cost more to keep them updated. Hence, it generates less revenue because the pricing cannot cross the general threshold. 

Who Makes the Best California Licenses?

IDGod Vs FakeyourID Vs Top Fake ID

IDGOD.PH 100 USD 3-5 WEEKS 50%
TOPFAKEID.COM 100 USD 2-5 DAYS 60% makes accurate California IDs followed by Topfakeid & IDTop; period. We recommend vendors picked up by users & their reviews indirectly posted.

California fake ID can get you in.

The engraved bear in’s has Bouncers surprised upon inspection. It is so accurate that even the DMV staff cannot negotiate the authentic ones from the fake CA IDs.



We know that picking up the state for your first fake ID purchase is not-so-easy. But our guide will help you pick the best option available considering many factors that we have structured throughout. 

From scanning to pricing; we have enlisted all the possible reasons that you as a customer can think of before buying a fake driver’s license online.

To trust a company, you have to do a little research and to take a risk of this magnitude such as buying and using a fraudulent ID in person; one has to be vigilant.

Jason Kray

Jason Kray was born in Yakima, Washington. He has written more than 100 reviews on novelty IDs keeping a close eye on "Fake ID Services" & their year-to-year performance.

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  • Surprised to see you haven't added New York to this list, NY proper novelty ID will pass just anywhere in the US... My friend works for one of the top craft beer & cocktail making bars in the US and he says that the NY ID is their nightmare... It scans & is one of the most sold-out licenses domestically

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  • Which vendor would you suggest for a scannable Indiana license? Are there any requirements one should know before purchasing?? I need an Operator license of Indiana but I don't know how to create a license number or fake Address for it. Please help me out on this !

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  • I’ve had a Rhode Island game ID for almost 3 years and go to many clubs in ny and Miami and it has not gotten taken

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  • I wouldn't trust IDGOD! Those rippers took my money and never sent me any id

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    • can you send me this Idgods complete website link? there are many IDgod sites i may be able to get your money refunded back-

      you can email me.

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  • Should get california ID only from their CA scans everywhere is just like a real license

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  • Oregon ids work in the bordering area of California. Also the Hawaiian fake ids enable you to avail golf club discounts. Most of my friends use Hawaii state ids for instate. California is another good choice for tropical states.

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  • Imo, Hawaii and Illinois are the best options for fake ids right now. They have less sophisticated features, Illinois's most complicated feature is the Lincoln's hat in ultraviolet ink and Hawaii has a OVI and ghost photo in UV. Other than that both state ids lacks OVD, complex micro.

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  • Rainbow OVI on Oregon state id makes it the hardest id to fake by date. New Nevada & Nebraska ids are no easy to fake as well. The best state id right now is NJ. The new template is not complicated with just the NJ MVC logo renewed the id is still an easy job for fake id services

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  • Florida id is a give away. Nobody can clearly replicate the OVD feature. New York lacks font texture and circular credentials, Rhode Island seems to be the best bet for a fake id state imo. The cost is reasonable and has less features as compared to other states

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  • I liked to know about a Wisconsin i.d fake driver license, how good are they.please let me know.

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