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Fake IDs: Which State is The Best?


Getting a fake ID has become a rite of passage in the United States. It’s the only way us young people can get things done. Our participation in social events is often hindered by age restrictions and by the time adulthood rolls around, we’re all looking for another adult to help get us through this thing called life.

A fake ID can open the gates to freedom for many of us. If you want to experience all the good stuff in life, sign up to a fake ID website now. If you don’t know where to begin your search, we’ve got you covered.

How to choose an appropriate State for your Fake ID Purchase?

Among many questions that come into your mind once you think of buying an ID the most important one should be What State ID is the Best when it comes to using it? This is a sort of question the answer to which is not straight-forward. There are many factors to consider before you decide which ID will suit your use.

The following elements & factors need to be analyzed which may contribute to the decision of choosing the state of your ID.

1. Location – Where Will You be Using Your Fake ID?

It contributes almost fifty percent to the purpose of using your ID. In an imaginary scenario, If you purchase an ID of Washington and use it in Alabama then you may come across the described situation below.

You can either get your ID confiscated because as we know that as a resident of Alabama you will not be aware of the security features that come with it. Even if your ID is too good and scans fine there is always a risk that the Bouncer or Bartender usually inspects an out of state ID more than an in-state ID.

Although, they may not be familiar with the elements or features that come with it that may give them a strong reason to tag your ID as suspicious and verify it further with more validation. If you are lucky and possess a fake SSN or Credit Card with the same information as your fake ID then you may get away. Otherwise, it is highly likely that your fake license may get confiscated or worse; get arrested with charges of identity-altering.

2. Purpose – Why Do you Need The Fake ID?

Underage Drinking: It is reported by American Institute of Alcoholic Drinking (AIAD) that almost ninety percent of Fake IDs are availed by people aged between 14 to 18. The legal drinking age in the US is “21” and which might be the number one reason why young fellows obtain fake IDs to buy drinks with alcoholic presence. There are also a number of other purposes which includes.

Opening a Bank Account: Many people use these fraudulent licenses to open a Bank account. This may vary because some Banks in the US will want you to get them Address Proof, Social Security Card and other documentation. So it may work in that case or may not.

Online Verification: The last couple of years for social media giants like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram has been like a bumpy ride. Many things have changed since then. Celebrities, Lawyers & many other popular people became victims of “Fake News” or “Fake Accounts” in their names spreading false propaganda. So, they introduced a new security rule under which each account has to be verified under a Government Issued State identification or document in digital form. Thus, the market of “Digital Fake IDs” has boomed since then and you will find many people looking to buy digital IDs of real people for a fair price.

After considering these specifications you can then proceed to the next step. So, then you have to do a little research.

  • Which State Has The most Passing Percentage
  • What Driving License Has the Least Modern Security Features
  • Instate or Out of State ID (You can Choose your adjacent state)
  • Read Reviews
  • Confiscation Ratio of IDs
  • Pricing or Budget
  • Familiarity with the ID

What States Do We Recommend As The Easiest To Replicate & The Best Option For In and out of State?

1. Maine

There are talks going on about the possible newer licenses for the state of Maine. The template has remained the same for Maine Driving licenses and State identification for almost eight years. Last year, the state was granted an extension in order to meet with the Real ID Act (2005) requirements.

One thing that most fake ID making companies talk about is that this particular license only has a few easy-to-alter features. It only comes with a few holograms that you can obtain from almost any normal hologram sleeve maker.

The ID has no ultraviolet hidden features. It means that it is also cost effective for the counterfeit industry to manufacture these since the price to obtain UV printing inks makes an ID expensive and less profitable for its makers.

Moreover, the PDF417 format of these QR codes on the back of Main IDs come generated by an ordinary software. It is printed using Teslin which is cheaper than the newer driving licenses of some states that require vendors to print them on Polycarbonate or PVC which are expensive substances.

The passing and success of Maine counterfeit ID are leading as compared to the rest.

According to one fake ID website:

We have never received any complaints regarding Maine IDs. There has rarely been a complaint reported to us by any of our customers about the quality. We deem it as one of the best options in the market with an easy printing job.

2. Indiana

The gradient pink color of this license makes it a challenging job for any forgery maker. It is one of the most popular licenses used widely by alcohol lovers. The template hasn’t changed for years which also makes it an easy task to print it. Whether it be the quality or the unchanged design of this card; it remains a top choice among fake ID buyers.

The stats suggest that this particular fake license will work eight out of ten times if used to enter a Bar or a gas station in Indiana. As easy as it sounds, there are also some obstacles in making Indiana licenses.

The hidden ghost portrait of the license owner is one of the daunting elements to replicate. Indiana comes with a UV printed duplicate photo of the cardholder on the front. It becomes visible when the license is examined under a source of ultraviolet light. The state bird chickadee holograms & some other appearances are easy to handle for most makers.

Bars have declared this as one of the tougher ones to spot. In fact, one Bouncer suggests that he inspects this particular license multiple times because he has been fooled many times by kids carrying counterfeit Indiana licenses.

3. Iowa (Older Version)

Iowa licenses were once heavily ordered when they came in the simple design. In 2018, the shape and texture of these licenses have changed due to meeting the requirements with Federal real ID act. At the same time, the outdated licenses of Iowa are still valid.

If you are nervous as to which state ID would be the best for you? Then, this one should be on your list. As long as you provide a decent signature & photo of yourself to a reputable fake ID provider then, you shouldn’t worry about getting caught with it.

It is difficult to spot Iowa licenses with flaws. They do not have complex safeguards. Hence, most Bouncers will only validate the barcodes on the back or most likely scan it for UV. If you are good with those, then it will work in and out of state both.

4. Georgia

The fake ID of Georgia is fourth on our list. Not naming it as “The Most Demanded Fake ID Online” would be an understatement. ID providers are usually flooded with orders of this novelty ID on weekends. The message is clear & that means that this ID actually works.

The “Peachtree” state ID has high scanning chance. It comes with features that are not too troublesome for forgery industry to keep up with. The shiny holograms are usually available in open markets of China. The design for “GA” IDs has remained the same for almost six years.

Although, a recent update of the “Real ID Star” on the top has somewhat updated the look for it. However, the overall theme of the template has remained the same.

5. Florida

With the release of the “Golden Window” feature in the Florida driving license; it became apparent that the printing company for this state & New York licenses is same. In fact, the recent revamp of Arkansas license also has the ‘OVD’ feature which means that the hidden photo of the person’s actual photo would serve as a hologram of the ID. The Florida DMV uses Polycarbonate as a rigid substance to make this license.

It comes with elements that the counterfeit industry hasn’t seen before. Hence, we wouldn’t call the “2019 Florida License” the best option for you. However, the outdated “FL” IDs are still available and easy to use. They will remain valid for the next 2 years mainly till 2020.


We know that picking up the state for your first fake ID purchase is not-so-easy. But our guide will help you pick the best option available considering many factors that we have structured throughout. From scanning to pricing; we have enlisted all the possible reasons that you as a customer can possibly think of before buying a fake driver’s license online. To trust a company, you have to do a little research and to take a risk of this magnitude such as buying and using a fraudulent ID in person; one has to be vigilant.

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