The driving licenses of the US are one of the toughest to replicate. Most websites that provides Services of Scannable Fake ID Cards are in a race to lead the rest and serve as a first priority for customers. But, the task of collecting elements from the templates of each state ID is not as easy as one might think so. In the last couple of years, The identification cards in the US have gone through revamp processes in compliance with the “Real ID Act 2005” and now they are not-so-easy to clone these elements. So, if any maker like “” makes the claim of making  counterfeit ID cards for over forty US State IDs then, it is one disputable claim & has to be investigated.


AllStateFakes Overview

1. The Fishy Smell Of Fraud

By viewing the domain details of this website you can find out that they host their servers on an offshore location yet the registration is upon the name of a person that lives in Florida. It is evident, that any “Fake ID Maker” with legitimate business will never operate under a US based hosting or registrar. Because, the “US Law Enforcement” is very stern and have closed down many legitimate vendors that operated domestically within the jurisdiction of the US. So, a company with a magnitude of making “Over 40 state Fake IDs” within the United States is literally impossible.


2. No Identity or Popularity (Unknown Provider)

Investigating whether a company is legitimate or not is an easy task for a beginner. The Psychology of a Buyer depends on direct-to-direct communication with the seller. Our team dedicates time and knows how to find and calculate factors that enhances the positive & negative factors of a business towards legitimacy and fraud. By comparing the dates of their registration & ranking in “Search Engines” you can easily find that the Fake ID Website “All State Fakes” was not even a website an year ago let alone being a “Top Fake ID Provider” which they claim to be. Overall, we have not found a singular pattern that contributes to the legitimacy of this blog.

Technical Web Analysis

1. Negative or No Reviews

Moving on, if you read the reviews that are already published about them then, one can easily find that they do not have any positive reviews at all. Most buying experiences with them have been on the downside. Even for the sake of argument, if you believe that we are maligning websites for no reason then, you can easily find more relevant complaints which will contribute to the scamming nature of this provider. The only positive reviews that you would see are the ones that they have posted in their favor on their website. But, how can you trust a positive buying experience advertised by a company as a slogan? That is not possible.


2.  No Proof or Photo Samples

A physical fake ID with their domain credentials in the background is missing on their whole website. You will not find a “Single Fake ID” whose starting and last name would match the “All State Fakes” company.

There is not even the section of “License Photo,” “Cardholder Signature,” or “Full Middle Last” name visible on their ID cards. They are blurred out or hidden and that is for the reason that they belong to other websites yet they have hidden these sensitive areas so customers can be fooled.

The only conclusion that you can get from this is that you cannot trust a website of forgeries which cannot even make a forgery to back their on-site proof.


Do We Recommend As a Provider Of Fake ID?

No, we do not recommend businesses that do not provide on-site proof. To back our claim, we sent an order using our member and, did not receive any ID. They make you pay with “Bitcoin” but they do not respond once you place your ordered. The only response that you will get is that they allegedly sent you an ID but it got confiscated or seized by the Custom. If you ask them for a replacement they will tell you that they can not do so. It is evident that these guys are one of the “Top Ranked Fake ID Scammers” at the moment because of their Search Engine Results and, hence they will never send you an ID at all. If you want to order from them then you will be sending them free money and you can be our guests. Once you get scammed by them then you can get back to us and let us know. So, please stay away from this website, do your research or buy only from our verified and “Top Rated Vendors” here on the right side.

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