A Complete Guide To Buying a Fake ID


What is a Fake or Novelty ID?

[A] false ID is an identification document which is dubious and not issued by the state authority. There are two types of these documents.

1. Altered Fake ID

This is a modified document. An ID, whose safeguards of a real license are modified, altered or tampered to present a bogus specification of an entity such as Age, Person or number. This method was widely used in the past.

Dopplegangers: Where did the term originate from?

The Doppelganger term gets its roots from an altered fake ID as well. People from 50’s to the late 90’s used documents of their relatives, friends or lookalikes and modified them with their personal information.

2. Novelty ID or Fake ID

In the current modernized world, it is almost impossible to use an altered or tampered license. The global identification organizations are issuing identity cards to their citizens with computerized programming and hi-tech security enhancements.

These features cannot be copied from one ID card to another. With the decline of the Doppelganger and tampering methods to forge identity cards, emerges the term novelty ID or fake ID.

A fake ID in the current world means an exact copy of a state issued Driver’s license or identification card. Every country issues their licenses with different designs and safeguards.

The counterfeit industry has made it possible to make ID cards that look exactly like a real license. In the United States alone, each state Transportation Authority (DMV) issues driving licenses and identity cards along with commercial and motorcycle licenses to their respective citizens.

That means each state license will have its own particular design and graphical features.

What are fake IDs used for?

Forged identity documents are widely used throughout the world. The business comprises billions of dollars and leading world economies such as the US, China & Europe bear hefty financial losses due to the identity fraud industry. Alcohol & wine businesses are the worst sufferers.

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America has 21 as a minimum age-restriction rule for people wanting to drink beverages influenced by alcohol. More than 65% of the teenagers in the US will use a fake ID to drink binge drinks or beer. Bars & Beer pubs are the victims of this habit. Any businesses found guilty of serving these drinks to minors will lose their license.

As a result, under-age drinking is one of the first purposes in the US to buy a fake id for. In short, we will classify the uses of fake IDs in a list below.

  • Underage Drinking
  • Booking a room in a Hotel
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Renting a Car
  • Renting or Buying property
  • Online Verification
  • Opening a Facebook or Instagram Account
  • Hacking
  • Financial Fraud
  • Identity Theft
  • Stealing vital information
  • Immigration
  • Buying Air Tickets
  • Movie Tickets
  • Booze Parties

In the US, almost 80% of the fake IDs are used to enter age-restricted places like Music concerts, Festivals, restaurants or Beer serving clubs. Kids want their freedom to dance and get wasted. They want to buy that first pack of binge drinks. Hence a fake ID is a vital tool for them to win this moment.

How and Where to Get a fake ID?

In the 80’s, it was easy to look outside a pub and you’d find that shady guy in the parking lot. They would get you some weed or a fake ID for a cheaper price.

Those days are over in the US if not everywhere. The Law Enforcement Agencies in United States have eliminated most domestically located fake ID facilities.

Some were raided with the help of undercover agents buying fake IDs and others were stupid enough to tell people that they fake identity cards. So, now a day you have to look online whether on internet or the dark market; getting a fake ID online is a ritual too easy now.

China became a haven for the counterfeit industry. Most websites operate from there. It is also easy to buy elements needed to make fake IDs in there.

Legal in China

Since, it is not illegal so the makers enjoy the freedom. You could also get cheap labor in that part of the world. So, for a fake ID maker company it is more profitable to manufacture and send bogus identity cards from China instead of doing them under the scrutiny of US authorities.

When you search online; you will find several websites selling forged licenses for different prices. You can view our list of Top Fake ID Websites and select one. They offer you to upload your photo and their Photoshop workers will alter the photo to fit inside a customer-requested state ID.

Before you submit information with a fake ID company, selecting a state for your ID is a must. Most people select the state that they live in.

This may work if you are using a premium ID maker. It may not work if the company provides you with a non Scannable fake ID. You can use our Best Fake ID State Guide to help you choose the most suitable license depending upon the state you live in.

You will be allowed to make up your license credentials. These include the following.

  • License Number
  • Expiry Date
  • Issue Date
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Endorsements
  • Weight
  • Signature
  • Date of Birth
  • Veteran or any other designation
  • Donor

After you submit your form then, they will ask you to pay with a convenient payment method for fake ID purchase. Most forgery makers process their customer orders in the following manner.

How Do Fake ID Websites Collect Data for Making them?

  • Collection of customer Information (This includes all your fake ID data): In the first process, your information is validated and checked for any possible mistakes. If there are no mistakes, then your data is processed to the next step or after corrections.
  • Processing Payments: Customer payments are validated in the second step. They will check if your payment is received on their end.
  • Dispatching Fake ID Forms to the Printing: Once the customer payment is verified, the next step is to send the digital fake ID forms of a person or group to the printing department. They will then make the necessary enhancements to the primary portrait of a cardholder.
  • Some IDs require specific color in the background such as Blue or transparent. The Photoshop workers utilize customer provided images to the required manner.
  • Machine Printing: The fourth step is to apply the template of an ID card with customer-provided information to a cardstock using Teslin, Polycarbonate, or PVC. Then these cards go through various steps such as laminating or overlay.
  • Shipping: The last step is to send the finely crafted fake IDs to their respective addresses as provided by customer in the forms.
  • The fake IDs are wrapped in different manners to avoid detecting by the authorities. Some vendors will wrap their packages twice for fully secure transfer to their customers.

Purchasing a fraudulent ID online is never a safer experience. It carries risks that are unwanted on both sides as a buyer and seller.

If you are planning to get your hands on a United States ID; then you should be ready and take necessary precautions.

Be always prepared for a consequence which starts from a minor lecture or a fine and may end up getting you jailed for a period up to 5 years. Make sure that ID you are buying is something worth relying on.

Korey Thomas Anderson

Korey Thomas Anderson was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has worked as a Bouncer & has valuable experience in spotting invalid identification cards. His work has been widely appreciated by Bar Owners & currently writes for our Blog.

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  • Taking your advise to get a fake ID from Iowa state has helped me i'd rather look for a ssn card as well might as well help if caught ^_^

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  • Paying for the ids is a huge problem. i've used Paypal in the past but that isn't secure. if you pay with Western Union or Moneygram there's a 100% risk of getting scammed & most fake id services will not accept credit or debit cards directly. i also have no knowledge of how to use cryptocurrency services such as bitcoin or ethereum. please advise if there is a cash on mail service available by any fake id website. in the past there used to be a China-based fake id service and they used to accept payments by cash on mail.

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