5 Reasons Fake IDs are a Threat


In recent years, fake identity cards IDs have become more common. People are not only finding new ways to make use of these fake identification cards. Notorious identity card equipment & modern-day security features are also allowing these bogus ids to slip under the scrutiny of scanning devices. Fake identities are a burning concern around the world, even more so here, in the United States.

In 2021, digital fake IDs became the cause of a serious political crisis, where they are being used to sway the results of elections. For years, people, young adults in particular, have been known to adopt the underage-drinking culture. Using bogus ids buy alcohol, a pack of cigarettes, movie tickets, enter bars & nightclubs. But there is no harm in buying a bit of beer for a highschool party, right? Wrong.

1. Fake IDs: A Must-have For Music Concerts

While police attempt to crack down on those using fake identities on concert grounds, they continue to flood concert crowds. These ids are being used to purchase alcohol at music concerts everyday.

While a fake ID might help you get away with purchasing some alcohol, cigarettes or marijuana, the consequences that could follow if you get busted are not as known. Everyone knows that using fake ids is illegal, many people do not know the danger of using them.

In fact, using a bogus id with the intent of purchasing something that would not normally be available to you can lead to a prison sentence of up to 10 years. Young adults in America bypass the minimum drinking-age almost every night at music concerts across the country, but only a few get caught.

Counterfeit document-industry is a huge threat to our population, since people are more easily accessing alcohol, and drinking it, even in public, without meeting the required age. While the consequences of using false identities are severe, many people continue getting away with this.

2. Fake IDs are a New Norm in American Politics

Little did you know, underage drinking is only a small fraction of an enormous problem. The identity cards are equally playing a role in politics, a bad one, to be precise.

While counterfeit IDs have been used for decades during elections, the effect of these IDs was even more apparent than ever during the recent American election. Thousands of people using IDs, both democrats and republican, were busted.

One case involved seizing 19,888 identification cards in Chicago used to create fake votes. Knowing there were so many licenses being used just in Chicago, this leaves us Americans wondering what impact fakes had on the last presidential election.

While it’s great that the cards were seized and the people involved were held responsible for it, it is safe to assume that the number of bogus ids being used that were caught are only a small percentage of all the spotted ones used during the election.

A democracy is no longer a democracy when one person has dozens, or even hundreds of votes, while those using the system as it is intended use their one right to vote.

Fake licenses are being more commonly used to influence the results of elections, and are playing an immense role in politics as a whole. Each American has the right to one vote, so fake licenses are under the scrutiny and governments around the world are vowing to continue pushing law enforcement to crack down on this crisis.

3. Social Media Platforms Working on Avoiding Fake Identities

Counterfeit documents are not only being used for buying alcohol, or voting twice, or 19,888 times, but are currently flooding the internet. Take Facebook as an example.

Facebook, a reputable social media platform, that has been around for ages and has millions of users is filled with 5% fake profiles. That’s right, 5% of people you find on Facebook are not who they claim to be! Of course, Facebook does not require ID verification, but this statistic goes to show how many people are using fake identities online, whether it requires proper verification or not.

In fact, creating a fake Facebook profile is extremely easy in most cases, as no verification is required most of the time.

On the other hand, registering on websites that allow you to make money, such as eBay, Amazon or Fiverr, these sites often require a bit more information than your name and profile picture, whether they are real or not.

These platforms often have strict verification procedures that involve providing a photo of your ID, a selfie, and in some cases, even a copy of your utility bill to prove that you reside in the country you claim you do. As helpful as these verification procedures are to ensuring their platform and community are being used by primarily real sellers, there are a few flaws in the system.


Many people are taking advantage of these platforms by opening dozens of accounts, helping their service rank higher in the listings, and attracting a larger audience, resulting in more profit coming their way. So, it’s a genius marketing strategy, right? Not quite.

4. Counterfeit IDs & Product Marketing

Unfortunately, many sellers on such service and product selling platforms make so much off these sites, that there is little to no opportunity for new, or less experienced sellers.

These platforms often have a strict “one account per person” policy, therefore, those who feel the need to open multiple accounts rely on fake identities to continue selling and offering their services/products from multiple sites.

The problem with this is that people from foreign countries are able to claim to be selling from countries that are, in most cases, more trustworthy, such as the United States.

This leads to serious trust problems when making online purchases, since even with strict verification procedures, thousands of people are managing to avoid the system using a fake identity, completely ruining the purpose of such verifications.

5. Implications of Fraudulent IDs on National Security

If you still aren’t convinced that IDs are causing an extensive crisis in our world, specifically in our country, you need to hear what else IDs are being used for. Sixty percent Americans believe bogus identity documents are causing a threat to national security. How?

Criminals are taking advantage of fake IDs to enter the country illegally & bypass immigration laws. If that sounds extreme, it’s a reality that society is currently facing. Thanks to fake ID services online, people are finding it easier to enter the United States without completing the require immigration forms and being accepted into the country.

Each day the border faces foreigners attempting to cross into the country. While some get caught, those who prepare themselves with the correct fake identification can trick the system and be permitted to enter the country, claiming to be an American resident. Because of bogus identities, illegal immigration is a real problem that we have been facing for quite some time, but now, in particular.


The crisis caused by fake identities is immense and will soon blow out of control. Governments around the world are working on higher levels of security. The Cyberworld pushes for better technology that will fight against digital identity fraud.

Chris Morrison

Chris Morrison is a Bartender, Social Media Marketing Analyst. He serves as a Contributor & Editor for the daily posts section of fakeID.top.

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