5 Perks of Adulthood That You Crave as a Teenager


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When you’re young, you can’t wait to be old, and when you’re old, you wish you were young again. When you’re in your teenage years, you still get to dream carelessly and form your uniqueness, individuality, and style via learning continuously about yourself and the world.

What makes these teenage years so thrilling is that the experiences and excitement become more intense, the support from our parents and caregivers become more important and irreplaceable, and the inspiration to grow and perform as an admirable adult is very stimulating.

You don’t have to define yourself in your teenage years, but you need to keep trying out new ideas until you find something that you’re comfortable with. After that, you can aspire to be the greatest version of yourself.

So, what do teenagers crave for the most as future adults? What attracts them the most in their current adulthood? What would you, as a beaming adult and creator, like to change in the world today?

Below are some of the very essential benefits of adulthood that every teenager should look to embody and achieve:

  1. Success and recognition

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Sometimes, when we find our self-esteem collapsing, we tend to look up to role models. It happens when our thoughts do not propel us towards something that we dream of and believe in, so we start seeing our future selves in other people’s representations of the world. We see the success in their self-image, exemplary self-treatment, life-path, and career, and cast a spell to have all of these ourselves one day.

It’s what we usually call or deem as luck, the reason for their success. But to the achievers, they identify it as devotion, dedication, and hard work. This is an incentive filled with hope and imagination, which pushes teenagers to become fantastic adults that can overcome any obstacle.

Knowing we are all born successful and whole, our only job is to slowly and flawlessly paint that mark in the physical and material world, and gradually reach what we always dreamed of.

  1. Overall independence and emancipation

As we simply depend more on our surroundings in the younger years, it’s true that adult life gives us the independence we naturally yearn for when we are younger. We enjoy being dependent and carefree earlier in life, until what we strive for conflicts with our views.

Adult life comes from recognizing and establishing our own values, prioritizing what is meaningful and important to us individually, making our own choices, from decorating the house to eating “less healthy” food, or more reasonably, stretching for financial freedom and career choices. Adulthood definitely provides overall independence, including more responsibility, and therefore, power.

To opt for what soothes you personally, while confidently objecting anything that contradicts your needs is very fulfilling and gives birth to authenticity beyond recognition. That’s what makes adulthood so great and what is lacking while being younger. However, your time will soon come when you get to practice all of this and prove your worth to the world.

  1. To bear and bring-up children like our parents did

Girls usually dream of families and taking care of people, as most women are naturally caring and nurturing. Depending on the quality of the role model our parents were to us, it might be a desire to give our future children what we didn’t receive in our own family or to be the exact same empowering model our parents were to us.

However, to be responsible for another human being is challenging, as you’re essentially raising the next generation.

Since children perceive and understand the authority, love, and guidance that parents have, they would love to implement the same on their own human legacy one day. However, carrying out this wish has different, respectable implications.

Therefore, being an individual with their own path, property, needs, and desires is usually the priority for most responsible future parents. Securing your future before making any important life decisions should always be a priority.

  1. Alcohol

Free access to alcohol, everybody! Even though it’s funny to mention this, what teenagers look for in adulthood is the unrestrained access to alcohol and everything that used to be age-restricted. Most teenagers won’t even shy away from getting their hands on an “Entry pass.” You can read our guide on how to get a fake id & it now becomes yours to indulge in whenever you want to! Who wouldn’t glorify adulthood for that?

Constraints don’t play well in a teenager’s mind, so as rebellious as they are, they would love to indulge their needs without hiding their true self for once! However, adulthood does not equate to maturity.

So, given its presumed that you know the consequences of most choices that you make, the liberty to access quantities that you would appreciate, but not overuse, becomes a burden that you have to bear.

Nevertheless, it’s a great joy to be able to do what you were frequently reproached for in your younger years. So, enjoy your freedom and regularly measure what is good, and what might not be as beneficial as you think for you and your future.

  1. Smart and uncompromising

While our parents tried and usually succeeded in outsmarting us, we are now our own judges that get to speak and feel for themselves finally! Teenagers love to be as smart as their caregivers and teachers and look up to be capable of guiding other loved ones. What makes a person smart anyway? What makes someone smarter than someone else?

We concluded that the conscience and recognizing the cause and effect in a situation is what makes someone smart. It’s their highly sensible choices, the words they use to convey their thoughts, describe their stances, and it’s their acts and wise conducts that make us applaud them.

Sorry to tell you, but this predominantly comes with adulthood and plenty of experience that we, unfortunately, cannot have or pile up until we let ourselves grow. People tend to learn from their mistakes, and with that, they can master this reality.

So, not only will you be as smart as you always wanted to be in the future, but you will also gain more than any of your authority figures had, because as the saying goes, “the pupil now becomes the master.” There’s no exception, especially if you set this goal of yours in stone.


Every age has its advantages and disadvantages. There are marvelous things to appreciate, and there are many aspects to confront. Adulthood is really very attractive to teenagers whose age, culture, and capacities are sometimes not as seen or heard as every teenager would like to or deserve.

However, the barriers that life erects before us are always manageable, whether they appear as our parent’s strict actions, different perspectives, or any experience that we find unpleasant. Our parents raised us to question the value of life and to live in the moment instead of worrying about the future so much.

It doesn’t matter what your age and experience are, you carry everything that you dream of having or being with you.

Everything that you want to effectuate and accomplish needs some encouragement in order for you to aspire for the best things in life, especially when it comes to embracing the present moment. All the promising goals that were envisioned in the past can finally be a part of your daily routine.

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