10 Reasons Why Fake IDs are Prevalent in College Campuses in the U.S.


An example of a mock fake ID card in the U.S. that minor college students are getting

[W]hat’s the one thing every college student needs to have a good time? If your first guess isn’t a fake ID in the U.S then it’s obvious that you’re not a college student. In fact, you might have graduated and gotten a job and simply forgotten about that old ID card.

The small plastic card that allowed you to enjoy hedonic college days when having a fake ID almost made you the king of the campus. Surely, today’s college students don’t opt for these—or do they? Have times changed since then?

To answer that question, it can be said that times have changed. Unfortunately, this change means that fake IDs are of better quality today. It’s gotten very difficult for bouncers, liquor stores and even law officials to spot the fakes from the originals. While it is against the law to carry a fake ID in the U.S, this trend isn’t dying down anytime soon.

So, why are fake IDs still afflicting college campuses in the U.S. like an epidemic? The following are the top reasons:

1. It’s like a Ritual

Almost every student gets a fake ID in the U.S. as a prerequisite before heading to college. Most kids get it when they turn 18 or 19 whereas others choose to wait until they finish high school. In the U.S., they’ve also seen or heard stories of their aunts, uncles and even parents using fake IDs so it’s natural for them to get it as well.

2. Good for Emergencies

Many consider getting a fake ID to be part and parcel of the college experience. If you don’t have one, can you really call yourself a high school or college student? This kind of mindset has made fake IDs in the U.S. extremely prevalent. Even if a student isn’t using it, they will still have a fake ID on them, just in case.

3. Access to Liquor and Cigarettes

The minimum age limit to buy and consume cigarettes and liquor in the U.S. is 21. Even though at 18, kids are considered as adults by law. At 18, a kid can move out, buy a house and even become a taxpayer. However, they can’t buy liquor or cigarettes.

In other countries, the minimum age starts at 16 so most students end up getting a fake ID in the U.S. Given this factor, many consider it that getting the fake ID is better since they’re already considered as an adult in other areas of their lives.

4. Fight the Power!

To get around the little hiccup in the law relating to minimum age limits for liquor and cigarettes, most kids get fake IDs. The main aim here is so that they can have parties with liquor and cigarettes. Sure, they can ask someone older but that person can get in legal trouble for providing alcohol to a minor.

In this case, it is better for them to get cigarettes and liquor for themselves. Plus this turns into another rite of passage – fooling the “man” to buy liquor and cigarettes.

5. Get Into Clubs and Bars

Many clubs and bars restrict access strictly based on the age of a person especially if they serve alcoholic beverages. However, many underage college students use a fake ID in the U.S to get into these clubs. That’s where much of the problem arises because, for students, this is a fun way to blow off steam.

For many, doing this is just a matter of curiosity. They want to see what these clubs and bars have to offer and why they’re age-restricted.

6. Better Places to Go With Friends

Getting into these clubs can be a fun way for them to hang out with friends. Advancements in printing technology also mean that most bouncers and bartenders have been unable to differentiate fake IDs from real ones. So, students today have more luck getting into exclusive bars than they did previously.

Certain concerts and even games are age-restricted. So many minors get a fake ID in the U.S. to see live performances by their idols or play their favorite games. Many consider it to be a risk worth taking.

7. Tattoos and Piercings

Apart from cigarettes and liquors, other things are restricted by age, including getting tattoos and piercings. Since they do modify your body permanently, many tattoo parlors and piercers require that the person be an adult.

This is a requirement in almost all states and it is rare to find tattoo places that don’t ask for ID. If that’s the case, you should look for another place. They could also be pretty lax about their hygiene requirements too and tattoo infections are not pleasant.

8. Getting Permission on Their Own

As previously stated, minors who want to get tattoos need to get the consent of their parents before they get one. Given that not every parent approves off tattoos and piercings, minors can use their fake IDs to show that they’re adults.

Again, much like with bouncers and bartenders, not all tattoo artists or piercers can catch a fake ID in the U.S. The only give away for your age here might be the design of your tattoo here. Butterflies and flowers aren’t the most mature tattoo themes.

9. It’s a Source of Income for Some

Most underage college students don’t have many options when it comes to earning money. That’s why some kids will start making fake IDs. These are also easy to get, You can even browse our list of top fake id websites and get one from $100 to $500. With low investment and a higher profit margin, this is one of the best ways for students to earn well.

Even if they’re selling 100 per week, they can earn a lot of money. It’s another matter that producing and selling fake IDs in the U.S is illegal but college students aren’t known for their foresight.

10. It’s Popular in the Media

In almost every coming-of-age, teen movie, you’ll see one or two characters that have a fake ID. They’re the ones tasked with buying liquor for the memorable graduation party before everyone goes to college. Shenanigans usually follow but these they’re the underdogs who turn into heroes by the end of the night. We’re looking at you, McLovin.

With so many movies depicting the use of fake IDs in the U.S, it’s becoming more commonplace. Most minors want to have one last hurrah before moving to college and in a bid to follow in the footsteps of their heroes, they take the same route.

As fun as it can be to get a fake ID, it’s better to be patient. Waiting a few years will ensure that you’re able to get a real ID without any repercussions.

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