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Why Fake ID?

Fake or false ids have been in the game as long as the real one. As you know, having a proper identification allows you to enjoy some privileges.

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We have been reviewing fake ID services since 2015. Fakeid.top differentiates authentic vendors and lists the top 10 fake id websites out of them.

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Our blog helps in determining the most convenient fake id states & singles out vendors on a scam spree. Our team has reviewed over 600 makers so far and counting.

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Scannable Fake ID Analysis

Fake IDs are used for various types of activities, such as bank fraud, check fraud, immigration fraud, social security fraud. FakeID.top is not an advocate for breaking the law. We believe that using a novelty ID for fun isn't a serious offense as used for the purchase of cigarettes and alcohol. For this very reason we have prepared a list of the best fake ID makers.    


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A fake ID is any form of identification that is altered, forged, or purposed to establish a false identity of a person. For example, one can create a false identification by taking a photo of themselves and printing a fake state driver’s license on their computers with editing software and others.

This driver’s license is a fraud and not a legal ID since it has to be issued by a government agency. On the other hand, one can also have a false ID by stealing someone else’s legitimate identification document and using as their own.  

The number of fake ID services false advertising and selling inferior products are increasing with time. 

Why Us

Independent Comparison

Fakeid.top reviews every fake id vendor based on real customer experience and market trend. We take into account every aspect of a vendor which includes scan-ability, pricing, features, shipping and customer support of a fake id website. Our team verifies every complaint with order numbers and lists scammers on our "Fake ID Websites Hall of Scam" list for duping customers.

Types of Fake ID Reviews

For many people, they think that the concept of a fake ID is buying an identification document made in a backroom somewhere, which is definitely illegal. In fact, there is more than just one type of fake IDs. The id cards you see in many movies are made without proper authorities. ID scanners have robust software designed to detect fraudulent ids by reading different features. FakeID.top reviews not just ids but driving licenses, social security cards and other documents. We help security firms and advocate against using fake ids because they will always have flaws.

Drinking is Normal

Besides totally forged identification cards, a number of false IDs are made from the real ones. A lot of underage drinkers are caught for altering their IDs in some way so that they look older. Some others simply use other people’s identification cards. Those who attempt to use a fake id for fraudulent actions other than for drinking or having a little fun, need to face serious potential consequences.

College Fun

First of all, turning 18 is exciting. Turning 18 means you are able to hang out with your friends enjoying a glass of beer. There are many privileges that you can enjoy when you are finally 18 years old. On the other hand, those who are under 18 are often as excited to enjoy those privileges as well, such as drinking alcoholic drinks or smoking cigarettes. In some cases, this can lead to purchasing or creating a false ID.

FakeID.Top Fake ID Features

We Check Every Fake ID Feature

No matter where you live, most of today’s ID cards are equipped with a hologram or foil as a security action. Make sure that you can see these features aka visible.  In some states, using someone else’s ID card is not a joke, it is a serious crime. For people underage, it is best to wait until you turn 18. For bar and pub owners, make sure your business is protected with the presence of an ID scanner to catch fake IDs as soon as you see them. This will keep you away from legal consequences.

Will Your Fake ID Scan?

Fake ID makers have become quite experts, but most of them do not have the money to actually encode a magnet strip. Using an ID scanner will be extremely helpful for you to quickly tell if the ID card is legitimate or fake. Scanning the ID card into a networked ID scanner makes it possible for you to effortlessly spot a fake ID. Such a tool can quickly perform a series of authenticity checks and even record the date to your system. Many ID scanners also give you prompts if they suspect a false ID. This way, the security staff or bartenders can ask the ID owner some questions, such as the birth year or even zodiac sign. There are only a few authentic makers and they do not compromise the customer trust. We list makers based on a fake ID review criteria as suggested by the fake ID fraternity from the popular Reddit /R/fakeID channel and experts.

Fake ID Penalties

As it is said before, some people use real identification cards that belong to someone else. So, you should take time to examine and compare the photo in the ID card with the cardholder. Fines are a common punishment for false ID crimes. But the amounts of the fines significantly vary. A first-time false ID offender may be punished with a fine of up to $1,000 or more. For minor offenses, a smaller fine of $500 is more common. Felony offenses can face a penalty of as much as $100,000.

Our Advise

Probation is also a common penalty for a false ID offense. When someone is punished with a probation, a judge orders them to comply with certain conditions for a period of time. For example, 12 months or more. Probation sentences include maintaining employment, notifying the office if you want to leave the town, reporting regularly to a probation officer, not associating with known criminals, and paying all required fines.


Why get a fake ID?
States have various laws that give penalties to those charged with fake ID crimes. Note that different actions can result in different crimes, leading to different punishments. For instance, a state probably makes it illegal to use any ID in an attempt to establish a fake identity, while it perhaps also makes it illegal to falsely use an ID issued by the state, for example, a driver’s license or birth certificate. Fake identification laws also punish those who use a real ID, but it is not their own.
Can you get jailed for using a fake ID?
Laws of fake IDs cover a broad range of activities. These laws forbid anyone from creating or selling fake identification documents, altering legitimate documents, using them, buying them, or owning them. Possession crimes are perhaps the most common. And people with these crimes can be charged with a false ID crime even if you never attempt to use it to, for instance, illegally purchase alcoholic beverages.

For example, a college student borrows their friend’s identification card in order to buy alcoholic drinks or get into a bar. Using a borrowed or stolen ID is included as a fake ID crime. Even though some states have certain laws stating that using a borrowed identification card less severe crime than using a falsified document, for example.
How To get a fake ID?
You can simply make your own fake ID if you have the skills by using editing software and other equipment. Or you can also look for an agency that can do the job for you. You can easily find one on the internet. For example, Top Fake ID. Top Fake ID is a fake ID maker that provides counterfeit identification cards and documents. They claim that they have 2 teams, one for fake IDs making and another one for quality controlling.

For the payment, Top Fake ID provides a variety of payment methods, such as credit cards, PayPal, gift cards, and even bitcoin. They will send your fake ID through discreet shipping and your payment will be anonymous. However, keep in mind that it is never totally safe to use a false identification card, no matter how professional the agency is.
How to spot a fake ID?
If you run a pub, bar, or other businesses that sells alcohol and cigarettes, it is important for you to be able to spot a fake ID. It is because if you serve an underage customer, you will face legal consequences even if they show a false ID. Make sure the hologram of the ID card fades in and fades out when you turn the ID card. The ID card is likely fake if the hologram is constantly bright.